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Raw Thoughts: 11/14/2011

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What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again with his thoughts on this weeks Raw. Apologies for the lateness, as I said in my previous blog this was late due to me working on Monday and I had to catch the episode on Wednesday. So without further ado...

We open up with the Michael Cole Challenge. Hmm. All I can really say here is Punk hit the nail directly on the head...this was a colossal waste of time. Two things came out of this: (1.) A tag match was made; (2.) We saw Cole go through the Anaconda Vice. I think a far better opener would have been ADR coming out, bragging about beating up Punk, Punk comes out, they promo duel for a bit, then John Laryngitis comes out and makes the tag match for later on. The MCC was uninteresting, served no purpose, furthered no ones career, and really just furthered my opinion (and probably everyone elses) that announcers need to stay behind the booth and leave the entertainment to the wrestlers.

We see Foley pull up and honestly I'm a bit happy to see him back. I hope they go along with him being the new Raw GM and keep him OUT of the ring.

Match #1 - Sin Cara/Kofi vs Cody Rhodes/Hunico
I wish they would've given a reason for Bourne's absence, a simple injury would've worked. Maybe I missed it or something but it's kind of random that they just took him off with no means of explanation. New theme for Cody, and not that I hate it, it's kind of nice actually, but I was really big on his old one. I'm honestly kind of glad they took him out of the demented gimmick, just let him be him and he'll get over without a problem in my book. Great action at the start from Sin Cara and Hunico, it seems that Cara is starting to get the hang of it, and putting him in a tag is a great way to mask his botches. I don't know about Kofi, I just can't get into him. He's too "Yeah! Let's do it!" I wish he had more of an attitude or character for that matter, but that's just me, and I do enjoy his in ring work. Overall this was an exciting match and it furthers my opinion that we need a crusierweight title. 3/5

Santino makes me jealous playing WWE 12 and this was all just a plug for the game. (Which I WILL be buying the day it comes out, Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!)

Short promo to announce Ziggler will be taking Christian's place on Team Barrett, and no complaints here, other than Christian is on the injured list and hopefully he heals up soon and comes back with a better character. Also good god Vickie has heat and Ziggler is a GOD. Can you say future of WWE?

Match #2 - Ziggles/That Green Guy No One Cares About
Well some more time wasted with a silly DQ that did nothing for anyone. All I can say is please WWE don't give Ryan the push with the title. Dud rating.

This is your life. Ok. Umm. *Sigh* Shit like this is why people have problems with WWE. Yeah it was funny to see B-2 back (BOOYA!) but this was just another colossal waste of time. I hope this is an indication of a possible Cena heel turn, but I don't see that happening so if not then this whole segment was just worthless.

Match #3 - Sheamus vs Swagger
great match by these two actual wrestlers. Definitely could've went with more from these guys and I wouldn't complain if they were a main event at a ppv some day. I would've went with a Swagger victory seeing as he needs it more but I'm a big fan of Sheamus so no big complaints. 3/5

Match #4 Kelly vs Natalya
Kelly wins. No rating. Next match/segment....

Boring segment with ADR and Johnny Ace. Next Up....

Match #5 - ADR/Henry vs. ShowPunk
You can make any team name with Big Show. ShowGunn, Jeri-Show, ShowMiz...the possibilities are endless! But in all seriousness I wasn't too into this match, idk I guess we've just seen this scenario so many times in the past and this was no different. It's also a pretty lackluster way of bringing Raw into Survivor Series, but they did do a decent job at selling the arm injury for Punk. No interest in Henry/Show whatsoever, I'm just hopeful for them to get the belt off Henry as I do not care for him whatsoever. 2.5/5

Santino and Nash segment that was basically just to keep Nash relevant and the feud with him and HHH going. Bleh.

Match #6 Orton vs Barrett
Shit they had a lot of matches tonight. Yet only 34 minutes of in ring action. Hmm. Decent action, nothing spectacular, I don't like how they demolished Hunico and made him look like a joke at the end, but they set up the match for this Sunday in an ok way I guess, doesn't make me want to see it anymore than I did before this match but eh there's not much they could do for me on that part.

Ok, the reason Raw got "Rock'd." In my honest opinion, this segment DID NOT make me want to see the tag match for Survivor Series anymore than I did before. I was just as happy to see Rock return at the beginning of the year as anyone else. But I have to agree with what Rick Splasher said in his most recent blog: this isn't The Rock, it's Dwayne and he's not really "back." Idk why people go nuts for a man that's literally been promoted like it was no ones business all year, only to have made MAYBE 10 appearances, half of which were via satellite. Say what you want but it's kind of tiring. An appearance every now and then is nice, and if he's gonna come back for a more long term role then yeah I'd love to see him back, but this show was called "Raw Gets Rock'd" and in 3 hours of tv time we see Rock for all of about 20 minutes. It's tiring and I for one don't care. I'd rather people who need tv time get the time Rock has been given to further their careers. I'll talk more about my opinion on this match itself in my Survivor Series preview, which will be up sometime this weekend. (cheep plug)

So there you have it. Raw didn't get Rock'd and thank the wrestling gods it didn't get Cole'd. This show was painful to watch and I mean PAINFUL. It had flashes of brilliance in a few good matches, but those were in no way a saving grace. This definitely didn't need to be 3 hours, and if they took out the Michael Cole Challenge and Cena: This Is Your Life we would've had a regular program and it would have actually been less painful to watch. My biggest complaint here is nothing made me want to order Survivor Series. I know the matches will be good, but storyline wise, with the exception of Punk/ADR, I just don't care. Overall I'd give it a 4/10 and if you missed it then you didn't miss much. Until next time, it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces.

Random tidbits-
-As I said I'll have a Survivor Series predictions/preview blog up this weekend, mainly due to the fact that I don't want to spoil anything for people who don't read SD spoilers, and there's always the possibility of last minute match additions.
-I will do a Survivor Series review but it wont be until next Monday because I work until 10 that night so I'll have to catch it on Dailymotion.

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