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MY Problem with the WWE

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Hello, This is my first blog ever on this site, i figured since the WWE is at maximum annoyance level lately for me it would be a good time to complain about it. So here it is. I'm gonna talk about some of the talent of the WWE and why I think that nothing will ever come of them or/ why they annoy the hell out me.

[B]DOLPH ZIGGLER[/B] sure, this guy can wrestle. Sure, he has the look. Does he have the charisma or the mic skills? No frickken way. Ziggler is really, really bad with a mic in his hand. The promo on last weeks RAW was butchered, its hard to take him seriously with the tone of his voice, that is most likely why Vickie is with him, every time they try to do something to separate the two it never works.

[B]JACK SWAGGER[/B] Swagger is one of the better wrestlers the company has, but his character and look is what will stop him from ever getting anywhere. He comes out to ABSOLUTELY no reaction at all. Nobody cares about him which is unfortunate because they could be doing something good with this guy if they would just change that stupid gimmick.

[B]MASON RYAN[/B] This is the guy that people think looks like Batista, which I personally don't understand. He is bland, nothing new and is yet again another guy that can't use a mic. Within two months, he will be wrestling on superstars because he has no personality.

[B]ALBERTO DEL RIO[/B] there really isn't much to say besides for the obvious, this guy is incredibly boring. Everything he does, his mic work his ring work his long annoying entrance, it bores me. The guy is about as exciting as a 400 lb prostitute with herpes

[B]THE MIZ[/B] The miz has some strong suits. He can use a mic, which is amazing for the WWE now a days to have somebody who knows how to use one, and he can wrestle decent. His problem his he looks like a fashion designer or a male model. He reminds me of somebody you would see on "america's next top model" one of those cologne models, maybe a GAP model for american teen clothing. Not a tough wrestler..

Let me point out, the WWE does have some hope with guys like Sheamus and Wade Barrett Who I think are both Great, Cm Punk has always been great.

Talent wise though, the WWE needs to send 90% of their roster back to school to learn how to use a mic and how to work and crowd, how to cut a promo and while their at it they could use some training on entertaining the crowd with a good match...

PS - I understand most of you are going to be pissed about this blog, I understand.

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  1. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice blog I think Ziggler is quickly improving on the mic #HEEL and sooner rather than later he wouldn't need Vicky. Basically I will disagree with you on Ziggler imo he's a future multiple world champion. Mason Ryan, ADR (especially ADR he's so boring I really don't see what people see in him) and Swagger you points are spot on. I disagree with you on The Miz as well I think he has all the assets to be the next big thing.
  2. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    First off, It takes time to devolpe Mic Skills, Ziggler hasnt had the time to, But he has improved. I honestly like his mic skills he is pretty decent sometimes.... I been a ziggler fan way before the net jumped on his band wagon, he has a Great look and a Great wrestling style that has been improving and getting better.

    Mason Ryan has a amazing look, he just grabs your attention. He has had a handful of matches, give this guy a chance, he hasnt even got a finishing move.

    Del Rio is a great technical wrestler and brings back the classsic 80s and 90s style of wrestling.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Its true that Del Rio reminds me of old wrestlers....he's one hellofa technical guy..n i like his attitude also..
  4. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    I see most of you disagree with me on Ziggler, I like the guy and his in ring work and he also really seems to be a superstar in the making, I really don't like his mic skills though... I hope he takes a more serious approach to it
  5. B-ri's Avatar
    Personally I think Miz and Ziggler are both potentially great, they're not quite there yet but they're still fairly inexperienced in the grand scheme of wrestling, they have a LOT of potential.
    Agree with you on Mason Ryan, Jack Swagger and partially Alberto Del Rio. The only thing about Del Rio is that he has the ring skills but his gimmick is boring because JBL already had a 9 month long reign using the exact same persona.
  6. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    What they need to do is give Swagger a JBL-like persona sans-Wall Street. I could see him taking on more of a mid-west "Homeland" type character and reworking JR into swagger's manager over Vicki... Some type of OU connection, ya know?

    Del Rio needs to drop the cars. That's all he needs to do. If he drops those in favor of just having is ring announcer/goonie, that'd be fantastic.

    Miz and Ziggler? Give those two a year and they'll show you what improvement is, they've been growing by leaps and bounds. I think the look works for Miz and puts his arrogance over that much more. Though I see about as much a future for Mason Ryan as I do for Heath Slater.
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