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Rick Starr

RAW Got "Dwayn'ed" and Top 5 Wrestlers Who Need to Stay out of the Ring.

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Howdy Splashers. I know a lot of my readers, might not be too happy with this next Splash. I just want to say now; my intention is not to insult anyone, certainly any of my fellow bloggers. With that, in mind, let’s splashin’!

Last night’s RAW was supposed to be a 3 hour event where “RAW get’s Rock’ED” . However if you ask me RAW got “Dwayn’ed” . Dwayne returned to the WWE a little over a year ago, and since then he has done nothing more but weak promos, and a few Rock Bottoms…Wow! He should really make “The Very Best of Rock: The Return” DVD, for all he’s done this year…NOT! I have read several blogs, where they have been happy to see Dwayne back. Now I love nostalgia just as much as anybody, but to a point. In The past year has he wrestled a match? No! Has he done anything recently significant aside from hosting WrestleMania 27? No! The sad thing is, what John Cena said last night, was 100% truth: The only thing “Team Bring It” has brought in the Last 7 years were lousy satellite promos.
I wrote a splash back in February, regarding Dwayne’s return and I got some heat on that one as well. My blog was basically talked about Dwayne’s return, and how I didn’t think he would do much of anything. Here we are almost nine months later and he has, only made a handful of live appearances, and his first match is next Sunday.

Now I know a lot of people are going to be hating on me for writing this, but facts are facts. Some people need to wake up, and smell what Dwayne is really cookin’ (it’s called a load of BS). If Dwayne came back for a 6 month run, and was on RAW every week, and wrestled every couple of weeks or so, THEN he would have my respect. Since Dwayne has returned to the WWE, he has been milking this WrestleMania return tour, and as a wrestling fan it simply makes me sick! Most people look for WrestleMania because it’s the biggest event of the year. Me? I’m looking for it, just so Dwayne will get his big paycheck, and hopefully be gone. I’m sorry, but the man needs to go back to Hollywood! At this point, Kermit the Frog could lay the Smackdown better than he could!

A friend of mine, who is a fan of Dwayne, made a valid point. Other wrestlers from Rock’s era don’t wrestle every night, such as Undertaker, HHH, and Kevin Nash. As far as HHH goes he has moved up in the WWE, and is one step under Vince McMahon. His days of “wrestling every Monday” are basically over. With The Undertaker, I’ve discussed this many times, yet for this case I feel this is his last WrestleMania. Lastly, with Nash; He was wrestling in TNA almost every week, about a year ago.

Since we are on the subject on who should stay out of wrestling, let’s do a top 5…

Top 5 wrestlers who should stay out of wrestling:

5. Edge:
As much as I miss him I think Edge should stay out of the ring for his own good. Is it good to see him come back to make vintage appearances? Sure! But why risk his health, let alone his life just for a match.

4. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin: Austin had a great career as a wrestler, and he knows how to apices the fans without getting back in the ring. His season of Tough Enough was excellent, and he has not yet teased the crowd that he was coming back for “one more match”. In my mind Austin has kept things real, and that’s all I really want.

3. Ric Flair: If you look at Ric Flair’s career, he is without a doubt the best in the business! He has worked the longest, and has not taken a step back in the 3 decades I have watched wrestling. However I think Flair has nothing left to prove, and although I fear he could return to the ring I wish he would just stay out as a side character.

2. Hulk Hogan:
While Hogan has taken breaks here and there, he has remained true to the wrestling industry. Just like Flair, I have the utmost respect for Hogan; however I feel his last match was unneeded.

As much as I wanted to put Dwayne in this next spot, I’ll put someone who shouldn’t wrestle anymore because of their health.

1. The Undertaker: A lot of people want him to come back just so he will be 20-0 at WrestleMania. But is that really going to settle anything. I’m sorry but his last match with Triple H, should have been just that..his last. He was dragging his ass for most of that match, there’s a good reason why he’s hardly around anymore, and it has nothing to do with his “dead man” character. The Undertaker is getting tired, and it’s time for him to hang up the boots, it’s simple as that.

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  1. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice blog mate I think WWE are relying on the Rock'e name to solely build that WM match with Cena. Yes it's Rock vs Cena but for god's sake run with a storyline. I mean creative can do so much with this but they just seem to be on a break. If you are building a match for a year you have to get people more invested, use the Rock's popularity to bring in more viewers with compelling storylines.

    The Rock also doesn't need to be back full time he has done that already, he has accomplished his goals. However I would love if he would make spontaneous/unannounced appearances from time to time. This would add to the unpredictability, further build the story and justify to the fans The Rock is really Back.

    Also I believe SCSA still has one more match in him let's say Punk vs Austin.
  2. el gabo's Avatar
    Yes. Taker does not belong in the ring anymore. He's a lot more banged up for his age than he should and compared to others. Simply put, he's at risk to get injured. There's a reason he has had such a light schedule these past years. This years WM vs Triple H was a brawl and I don't want to see him flying over the top rope again. He can break his neck easily like this.

    I agree with each one on your list. Would like to add Nash to the list, as well as Michael Cole. He doesn't belong anywhere near inside the ring(doesn't bother me as a commentator).
  3. Erroneous Fool's Avatar
    Michael Cole would be great, if he for once actually called the match. He called like one thing on RAW this week, and it was a roll up.
  4. PRETENDER's Avatar
    I'd like to know why is Rock such a hater. I mean it makes no sense from WWE's part. Here you have your biggest Face in Cena and all the Rock does is insults. Honestly as much as like the Rock's promos I'm kinda sick of the ''Cena mangina and fruity pebbles'' references. I actualy smile when Cena replies with better one-liners (and trust me I'm not a Cena mark).
    I would have liked the Rock to accept Cena's request to be his partner and step down from his Cena hating for 2-3 weeks (to cater to a bigger fan base)
  5. Amerinaine's Avatar
    Never been a big Rock fan myself. And don't like Cena any more than him. But the Cena promos are spot on. The Via satellite thing is dumb. Either show up live each week at the location they are at, or just don't do the darn promo. It has been a mistake to announce a main event so far ahead of time.
  6. KSTornado's Avatar
    Your blog about "Dwayne" is spot on. If the guy is going to come back then do it. He said he was back for good but, as you stated, has only done few live appearances and runs his mouth in which Cena has better come backs. I know many think he does not have to be around and wrestle much but if you say you are back for good then come back and be back and don't lie to the fans. Be here or get the f*ck out. I will say though the best part of RAW anymore is when he is there live because the man is THE MAN when on the mic live.
  7. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    Honestly, you are right about the rock coming back and milking the whole thing. That is what the WWE does, it is not about making the fans happy anymore or entertaining the fans. Each and every week, its a big marketing festival. They are selling shirts, music, movies then they get celebrity hosts that have nothing to do with wrestling to get more non wrestling viewers to watch their advertisements. If i was a fan of the current WWE, i would consider my self a sucker. What does it matter to them? They are making the little kids happy with the cena shit and the adults are now buying the lauranitus shirts and the punk shirts and the ryder shirts lmao vince thinks wrestling fans are so stupid, basically if you enjoy the current WWE show and you are an adult, vince mcmahon laughs at you because it is not even intended for the "Hardcore" wrestling crowd
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