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What I'm On - SURVIVING the WWE

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What I’m on - Surviving the WWE

On WWE Survivor Series

As I sit in my room, listening to the thunderous rain outside, and the music on my iPod Touch going, it’s the perfect foreshadow into what I want to discuss. That simply being the gray card that is known as the WWE Survivor Series Pay-Per View. Back in the day, Survivor Series was one of the greatest spectacles to watch when it happened. However, lately it’s been a rather disappointment due to the lack of emphasis on Tag Team Wrestling. It’s a WWE decision, and you can’t be 100% mad at them.

With the WWE appealing more towards kids, and families as a whole, it’s difficult to sit through an entire WWE Pay-Per -View that was always fun to watch, and look at it now, and not be that psyched about it. Sure, the whole Awesome Truth vs. Basic Rockanomics (Yep, made that one up myself) may be a good match on the card, but I’m not looking forward for the Team Barrett/Team Orton match. In the end, I think we all know how it’ll end.

And in comes the aforementioned foreshadowed “Rain”….

It’ll be a basic match to where the “Good Guys” win, either being down by a lot, or neck and neck, back and fourth eliminations. Now, if it’s a back and fourth kind of match, then sure I’ll be interested. But, if I’m watching and see that Team Orton is down to one or two people, with Team Barrett still in tact, then it’s safe to say that we all know how that one will play out. To me, the Big Show and Mark Henry have little to no chemistry when they face each other. Last month when the ring imploded, I was stunned, but it wasn’t in a good way. When it happened, I thought to myself “Really? Recycling the infamous spot with Show and Lesnar?” It’s getting to a point to where WWE is stagnant, in terms of what to do with them. I for one hope this match proves me wrong, but we’ll have to see.

On Chyna wanting back into the WWE:

The obvious stance is “Really? With her being in porn, she has no chance in a PG company”. My verdict? 100 percent true. She doesn’t. Now if she wants into wrestling that bad, I would strongly suggest waiting a while, atleast until TNA has cooled their heads, seeing as how they were pretty peeved once your little “Backdoor Adventure” was released. Then, once the storm is settled, I would put a call into Jeff Jarrett again. The odds of Chyna working for the WWE again are very slim to none. If they have any interest in the 9th Wonder of the world, it would be in a non - wrestling role, but that’s my opinon. Maybe manage a baby face to help him/her get over, but other than that, it doesn’t look good for her.

Thoughts on WWE signing Tough Enough contestants:

I just don’t get it, I really don’t. What is the point in having the contest when you’re going to sign all of these people who didn’t even win? I understand giving a contract to maybe a runner-up, like Martin, or Luke, but to give a contract to a contestant who was the first one eliminated from the show just doesn’t make much sense to me. If they didn’t show you any poise then, what makes you think that they’ll “Break from the pack”, or show you they’re “Not green?” Nothing. That’s the equivalent of Survivor saying “Whoever gets eliminated first will get the million dollars, along with the actual winner”…There’s no point in having the contest.

And, for those of you who say that Tough Enough had people who were under contract with WWE at the time, are right to an extent. They did, however WWE basically told them that if they were to compete and lose, they’re contracts would null and void. A huge risk? Yes. But for someone like Andy (Who at the time was under contract to WWE) risk it all, and win not only the money, but a new contract must’ve been surreal in many ways. As for someone like Martin, who didn’t get offered anything afterwards….It must suck for him, knowing that people who got voted out way early on are getting contracts, when someone like him, who busted his ass, only to unfortunately withdraw must be tough on him.

Is the WWE becoming dull?

I will say that WWE is catering to a younger crowd, and for that, it can become stale to the older fans who have been watching for years. Like many, I’ve been a die hard wrestling fan for as long as I can remember, but at the end of the day you just have to have faith. The WWE is doing a shift right now. They’re catering to the younger crowd so that those fans can grow, and latch onto the WWE instantly. So, if you’re a male over the age of 17, and say it’s dull and boring, there’s my guess as to why it is.

It needs to be said that WWE will never be like the Attitude Era ever again. Sure, we can watch clips of Sable taking off her shirt to reveal the handprints, or maybe Shane McMahons epic jump from the scaffold all day on YouTube, but the fact remains that they simply have no reason to do that today. Back in the 90’s, you had WWE, WCW, and ECW. Now you have WWE, TNA, and ROH. Well, TNA is small scale, compared to not only WWE, but WCW as well. I will say that if Ring of Honor was on a station like, say FX, or any other major station, we’d possibly could see Attitude Era 2.0, but it’s not a viable option for the McMahon’s to bring back the Hardcore title, or to have a newstyle DX. So therefore, it’d be pointless, and on some levels moronic for them to start an Attitude Era.

With all of this rambling for the question above, all I have to say is that It’s dull, but for a certain audience. At the same time, WWE likes to incorporate somethings into the product, so that the older fans can be satisfied, for example, Cody Rhodes bringing back the old school Intercontinental Title, or The Rock returning. There’s plenty of reasons to still watch if you’re an older fan. All the while, if you’re a younger fan, you have celebrity involvement, or Super-Cena,

What can TNA change in order to compete with WWE?

Well, I would have to say the first thing they need to change, is just what Paul Heyman said a while back, and that’s to cut the older guys, or atleast guys with decent star power. It may sound crazy to cut some of the more successful ones, but in a way he was right. This is a business where you have to constantly figure out what’s wrong with your product, or else you won’t last long, and with TNA, they have guys there that still don’t know when to give it up, or the guys who are barely holding on.

I would focus on not only the mildly successful, but also the Knockouts as much as possible. WWE cannot hold a candle in anyway to TNA’s Knockouts, and so I think that if they give their Knockouts as much time as possible, without it outshining the rest, a lot of fans might tune into iMPACT more and more. Another big part is to mention WWE as little as humanly possible. I think it’s safe to say that if you mention a company in anyway, you’re giving them free publicity, and ultimately (Granted WWE is more known than TNA) you want focus solely on your own product in order to be successful.

That’ll do it for now, be sure to read next Monday’s edition!

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  1. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    is WWE "becoming" Dull? Well, I hate to break it to you but it has been dull for about 4 years.

    And the reason why the PPV is going to suck and every PPV after will suck is because the WWE does not care about giving you a good wrestling show, they know that you will see the merchandise they are selling. Thats all they want out of you
  2. NiFe628's Avatar
    Well, regarding WWE becoming dull, (like I mentioned) it really is an opinionated answer. There's no right or wrong, IMO. You may think it's been dull, but surely there's people out there who think the opposite.

    And, Yeah, WWE cares about merchandise sales. They're a business, if they don't have any kind of Marketing or Merchandising whatsoever, I'd imagine it'd be hard for them to make extra money.

    Thanks for the feedback though. It's hard these days to find a wrestling fan who can express an opinion without jumping all over someone.

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