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Celebrating The Life of The Late Eddie Guerrero

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I wanted to focus on the Life of one of the all time Greats Eddie Guerrero.

I'm Writting this Novermeber 13th, 6 years ago today we not only lost a Great Wrestler but the World Lost a Great man, A wonderful Father, A inspirational Man, A caring Person and so much more on November 13th.

I was preparing for my sons first Birthday and I read the news about Eddie Guerrero on a Wrestling site at 1am on nov 14th, . I seen Eddie Guerrero was found dead, I thought it was a practiacl joke and I searched somewhere else to see if it was true and as I was searching I was hoping it was a cruel joke from a hacker. But it wasnt and the Sad realization is that the man I was hoping was next in line to win the World Title from Dave Batistia was not only not gonna win the World title but I would never see him wrestle again.

Eddie was so inspirational, Everything you could overcome in this world he has. You look at Eddie Guerrero, his size and style of Wrestling doesnt Scream WWE main eventer, and not only did he over come all the obsticals and Glass Ceiling but he became one of the most over superstars on the roster. Eddie Guerrero has overcome so many speed bumps and pit Falls in his personal Life, In his Wrestling Career and in his Spiritual life also....
Im a Christain and I know alot of you arent, but I will get personal here for a minute. Everytime I say a Prayer, I always ask that I would not be defined by my mistakes and my sins but I be Defined by God and Gods word. When I thought of that sentace today, Eddie Guerrero popped in my head.... Eddie was a Drug Addict, a alcoholic and a lot of other things, anything you could do Eddie was doing, he hurt his Family and Children so much. But What is Eddie Guerrero remembered as? A incredible and Loving Father, A great person, a Talented Person, A Loving Husband and Friend and a Great man of God. Cause Eddie Guerrero refused to be defined by his mistakes. Eddie wanted to be remebered and Defined by What God wanted him to be and what he wanted to be... Even though Eddie did all these Horrible and self destructive things. Even though Eddie had huge addictation problems, he didnt let it define him and the person he wanted to be and he overcame all of them..... People dont speak Highly of Eddie cause he is Gone, Cause years before he was Gone people spoke the same way about him. If he was still here today I say the same things about him and so would everyone. Even on his DVD a year or two before his passing, They were people talking about how Great of a person and How loving Eddie was and how he was always there to lend a helping hand.

so as I prepare for my sons 7th Birthday, I remember one Half of Los Gringos Locos, Latino Heat, The Mexican Warrior, The Late Great Eddie Guerrero.

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  1. Shaz11's Avatar
    R.I.P Eddie Guerrero
  2. Beast's Avatar
    After reading this and reading Batista tweet on this very subject, I thought I would share my thoughts!

    A few things I need to point out before I say what I need to say!

    1. Very upset about a human being losing his life!
    2. Would never down his skills in and out of the ring
    3. Not trying to start an argument

    Now on to MY OPINION!!!!!

    People know how to jump on the band wagon. How come while he was here nobody except a few even cared for this guy, he was a filler in the company. Had skills but nobody appreciated those skills until his death. I don't exactly call that an entertaining person. Now that he is dead everybody is like OMG I loved him he was the best and I cant believe he is gone. I call this the Owen Hart syndrome. Again nobody could have cared less about Owen and Eddie, until they died. Like I said before losing your life must really suck, but if you didnt like me while I was alive please dont all the sudden be up my ass after I pass. Thank you

    People might not like this but I have always called it like I see it. Maybe I should start a blog... The way I see thing...
  3. Godsmack78's Avatar
    maybe you never cared about eddie but i loved eddie in wcw before he came to wwe.. the man was pound for pound one of the best in that ring.. say what you will but he did win a world championship and the fact that he was so over with the fans meant he was waaaaay more popular than owen hart.. you do have a right to your opinions but again like assholes everyone has one..RIP Eddie Guerrero
  4. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Great read. Eddie was one of the best, and he will be sorely missed!
  5. knox's Avatar
    I'm a Christian too Crippler. Methodist denomination. Good to see you reflect on that and how God will judge us. Great words and if every were to read this he would shed tears of joy. Thanks Crippler.

    I remember back when I was at a house show in Baltimore back when Eddie & Rey were tag champs. After their match Eddie got on the mic and said these exact words....."Ladies & Gentleman I'm been clean for four years. And four years ago was when I found Jesus Christ. I literally cheated death and stole life and I shouldn't be here. I love you all and God Bless you from the bottom of my heart".

    Never thought that man would ever be taken away from us.
  6. WWF-Hates-LittleJimmy's Avatar
    Beast how about i give you a can of shut the hell up instead of bashing someone who is paying respects to a wrestling legend, why don't you pay some respects yourself you no good ingrate.

    R.I.P eddie guerrero gone but never forgotten
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    I'm a Radicalz man...I hated them as a kid (they were heels after all)..but I luvd each n every member in that group for their wrestling abilities... I also liked Filthy animals...they gave us the mos exciting matches...

    I was highly dis-appointed with Eddie's initial days in WWF, he was portrayed as a small guy n winning against Val Venis itself is a big deal for him..come ON..he was a United States Champion..he was feuding with some one like DDP n Booker T in WCW..n jobbing to Val Venis in WWF..

    But, he never got dis-heartened..he grew in ranks al by himself..he grew so big...that at one point he became World Champion n feuded with Kurt...even his matches with Bigshow were also believable...That's why I respect Eddie a lot (same reason I respect Benoit)...

    His run fm World Cruiser Championship to World Heavyweight championship is incredible n is more believable than Rey(I have nothing against Rey..but, I cud'nt imagine him as a World heavyweight champion)..

    Eddie has won over his demons...came out of addiction n he had woven his career all by himself...popularity never made him go over the board like others...

    I can't forget his match against Brock..where Brock was shoutig die Eddie Die!!

    Eddie is a one of his a Face..he used to do all what a heel does (lie, cheat n Steal) n yet..he's cheered by teh fans..

    RIP Eddie..u r one of teh finest of all time!!!
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