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STATE OF THE 'E: It's Ranting Time!

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The OFTEN imitated, NEVER duplicated... STATE OF THE 'E!!!

Welcome, welcome one and all. I'm back with another blog and I'm actually kind of pissed off. You see, since the beginning of the year, I've been on a quest to "trust" THE 'E with their decisions and let my sense of (my version) of right and wrong just go to the wayside. And I know that this Monday night, The Rock will be back! And he'll be there... LIVE!... for that Monday and Survivor Series... at least.

And in all honesty, THAT is what's pissing me off. This whole year has literally been built around The Rock. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not is up to them but face it, it has been. They made a big deal about him hosting WrestleMania, they gave him a Birthday bash, now they're doing and appreciation night... why? Wh waste all of this air-time? I understand it's to get The Rock's name back out there. To get people riled up for the BIG WrestleMania match... Next. Year.

But, what about now? Simply put, the company has reported being down in profit, they've reported being down in many aspects personally and publically and VKM said it himself: "We need to build more stars." BINGO! BINGO! BINGO! And yet, we get The Rock appearing via satellite and jazz and Cthulhu only knows how much he's going to make off of all this. The Rock already said that he and VKM are working on a handshake contract that will guarantee him X% of the WrestleMania revenue.

So, why not take that money and try to find a NEW person for your company? Try to find more entertaining people? Better yet, go back to letting THEM speak. The reason why things were so prosperous in the "Attitude Era" is because of two things. 1.) Balls out material and 2.) They were themselves x11. Basically, they got cliff notes to go over, they ad-libbed the rest. That's how it should be. You get to a point with that over scripted nonsense and you can feel how bleah it is for them to do. You can see that they hate it. So, now we have two questions:

01.) Why focus so much time on The Rock in 2011?

02.) Why aren't you letting your "SuperStars" become that?

With that, I come to another point... this whole John Lauranitis stuff is becoming ridiculous. Seriously. That probably why your ratings have been tanking recently. Why not bring out Foley already? We know he's going to (hopefully) be the next at bat, what are you waiting for? What's the point of doing this WHOLE storyline? Lauranitis has been the "Puppet Master" since July. Okay, it's November. End it already. Its lost the steam and sizzle. Its fizzled.

And seriously, how many more times do we have to see Nash out there stumbling over lines and making an ass out of himself before someone stops it? I'm cool with him being there but, he's nowhere NEAR the mic driven guy he used to be. All he appears to be now is an angry old man. Maybe that's the gimmick they want for him? I don't know... but, to waste so much time on him seems stupid to me. And now I have a few more questions to add to my list:

03.) When will we be done with Lauranitis?

04.) Why haven't you put Mick Foly back on TV yet when he CLEARLY has a new contract?

05.) When will you give up the ghost on Kevin Nash?

Now, don't get me wrong. I haven't put my whole year of "faith" in the garbage in a moment of weakness or anything. But, I will say they're definitely having problems right now and in all honesty, I think VKM is the reason for it. It's been revealed recently that even though there's a team of writers, VKM is still the min guy to go through. Now, it honestly doesn't come to ANY surprise but, it just goes to show you how out of touch they are right now. I can say, I'm thankful they've started using the internet and all of its wonders. I'm proud to say that I called that a long time ago.

The next thing which ties into that is, where do you go now? How do you evolve? Just tonight UFC was broadcast on National Television... for free. And, to top it all off, a new Champion was crowned in Junior Dos Santos. Why can't THE 'E garner that appeal? Is it because Pro wrestling has really become that much more "theatrical"? It appears so. The main problem with America and everywhere else is, they're fickle. THE 'E was on National Television LONG before UFC but, the general populace doesn't care about the past anymore. They care about the here and now. What can keep their intrest for more than 20 seconds?

I honestly don't even think THE 'E knows anymore. And to put it bluntly, VKM doesn't even know what he wants anymore. There was once upon a time where VKM was stong, confident, not afraid... but, once you take a company public and begin dealing with kids... it goes down hill... right? Wrong. Just because you try to go PG doesn't mean you can't do certain things. I'm not saying go back to bleeding out, I'm saying make it a bit more realistic in nature. This Nation has become too PC. It needs to stop. Kids can see a lot of different things and NOT be traumatized.

You mean to tell me that Nickelodeon can get away with showing images of maggots, the grim reaper, tombstones, blood, things decaying and withering with screams going on in the background and horror music playing in an episode of VicTORIous but yet THE 'E can't let out a little coolness every now and again? C'Mon. Hell, iCarly has had an episode about child slavery. Hello, McFly!! And now of course, I have a few more questions to add to my list:

06.) When will VKM retire, for good?

07.) How can THE 'E evolve and use todays ADD to their advantage?

08.) When did things become so PC in America that THE 'E gets called out on SO MUCH but yet, other things keep on sliding through?

I'm honestly sick of how THE 'E gets treated. I'm going to break down my thoughts on this... see, THE 'E are the Call Of Duty of Professional Wrestling. Here's my thought process on this: Every year a new COD comes out. Its got the same engine as its had from the beginning. Now, they change things cosmetically every year, they beef up the engine, they make it leaner, add more things for you to do, give you more interaction and everything in between but, it's still the same thing techincally speaking. And now, fans are like Battlefield. They don't come out every year but, when they do, they have a whole new updated everything. They think they're better than COD because they have a more "sophisticated" game. They think that everything should be this way but, it's not. Haters gonna hate but, it's you who defines yourself.

Just because Battlefield comes out every three years doesn't make it better. It means that it takes them longer to accomplish what Call Of Duty does in one year. That same trusty engine will be there until the end. But the thing I really want to know is, When will I get my Stone Cold Steve Austin VS CM Punk match? It better be at WrestleMania XXVIII damnit.

09.) Do you still beileve in the trusty engine of THE 'E?

10.) When will I get my Stone Cold Steve Austin VS CM Punk match? It better be at WrestleMania XXVIII damnit.

I wish I had some more space to complain but alas, I do not. So, I'll end my blog on this note:

"Deep down you may still be that great kid you used to be, but it's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you."

See ya' next time space cowboy...

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Great blog. I agree with them not building stars. When they have the perfect moment to get someone over they mess it up (Alex Riley). Vince needs to build up some new mid carders and a face main eventer for the future since Ziggler and Rhodes are starting to break into the main event.v
  2. Rocky Austin's Avatar
    what about wade barret?they are making 3 stars right now,even the greatest promo cutter of all time the rock wasn't made a superstar in a night i,it takes time, btw shine this blog and STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS
  3. Synned's Avatar
    i half harted agree with this. i started watching again around the summer of punk. the raw after the "walkout" started out so strong,then BAM VKM comes back relives Trips of his Raw Gm power(but is still coo...go figure) and the whole show that night took a quicker nose dive then Jimmie Johnson in the chase this year. im hopign and praying for something to save it again,maybe it CM Punk holds the strap again. or maybe even Zack Ryder Winning the US title. but i will admit it has been slightly better then it was around the time i stop watching it after they botched the invastion angle.
  4. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    A good rant but I think you've gone a bit too in-depth.
    They don't make stars overnight, it takes time. I'm just happy The Rock is back at all.
  5. KJ522's Avatar
    Jesus fucking Christ! The Rock goes awol for months and the year is all about HIM? I thought you geeks wanted him back for years lol. Gasp! Three episodes out of dozens were centered around Rock, now Dolph Ziggler and Wade A-Ry can’t have a chance to shine! Eminem sells so many records, now other black artists can’t sell anything lol. Rock peeking his head every now and then has little to do with WWE building new stars. Ziggler has good matches…okay, WWE still hasn’t done much to give him any significance. From a mid card stand point the company’s done little to make him look decisive, and throwing him in the main event wont do much to change that (although if they did, you nerds would say “it’s too soon” lol).

    “Why focus so much time on The Rock in 2011”? Because he’s the god damn Rock, you dipshit, and he’s in a program with Cena. People have wanted this since 2005, don’t fucking act like they didn’t. It doesn’t matter if WWE had all their guys making bank, they’re still gonna take a back seat to this angle. I shouldn’t have to explain that. And don't get it twisted. I'm far from a Rock groupie.
  6. ItswrestlingIwantblood's Avatar
    I actually like Nash to be honest with you, Laurenitis is pitiful though! Foley would make a pretty cool GM I think. I think they have been building up some stars. Del Rio, Barrett, are both getting good pushes. I strongly dislike ryder but he's been getting a push as well. I do totally agree with you on overscripted crap, you can totally tell in attitude era it was more real emotion because like you said they really put themselves into it. Now it's just pathetic, some of the dialouge, a grown man would never say some of the stuff they say, way to cheesy
  7. The Brown One's Avatar
    Sure the WWE is focusing heavily on The Rock, but its a good way to get people watching the product again, in a time where PPV buys are down, like you said. But I completely agree with Johnny Ace and Kevin Nash. Ace is just boring, like Mike Adamle. And Nash can't cut a promo for shit now. I really thought they weren't going to put him back in the ring, but he must have been in Trips' ear, and now hes got his wish. The old bastard can't wrestle anymore, as we've seen in TNA, so why have him hog the spotlight over younger, more deserving guys? He can't draw as well as he used to either, so I don't see any point of keeping him around. BTW why haven't you made any blogs for a while?
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