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Rick Starr

Chyna Looks for a "Backdoor" to the WWE, and Jericho will never come back?

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Hey Splashers, Just watched TNA Turning point. As a TNA fan I was overall disappointed. The best match of the night in my eyes was The Three Way Dance for the X-Division Title. Well enough of that, lets get to the Splash

On Chyna wanting to go back to the WWE:
Over the past week For WWE female wrestler Chyna (She’s not exactly a Diva is she…That’s a rhetorical question for the slow ones out there. ) has been campaigning for her to get another contract with the WWE. The former I.C. Champion is just 2 weeks shy to one decade away from when she first walked away from company, due to personal reasons. Before she left, Chyna was heavily involved with now C.O.O Triple H, who according to Chyna had an affair with Stephanie McMahon, and he eventually left her.

Now for those of you who missed it, Chyna posted a recent video, holding her latest award for her movie “The Backdoor to Chyna”. Essentially it was a golden "pleasure toy", and she was talking into it, like it was a microphone! Now the sad thing is, in the interview the woman made a few solid points, but how is ANYONE supposed to take them serious while their holding a bloody golden rod?!

To make matters worse, she posted a video message, holding her infamous trophy to “Vinnie Mac” saying that revenge is a dish best served cold. These are just two of the recent videos of Chyna’s recent campaign to get back with the WWE. Nearly every recent video she is promoting her latest porno movie, and in the same breath trying to get back with the WWE. I don’t know if the woman has had one too many golden showers, but somebody needs to tell her the Attitude Era died out, about a decade ago! I don’t like bashing on legends, but in this case Chyna is just begging for it

If Chyna didn’t do that last porno movie, and just chilled out after her small run in TNA, I think there would have been a very strong chance of her returning to the WWE. I think what happened between her Hunter, and Stephanie is old news and I would even bet the WWE would have loved to make a story out of it. Everybody ate up the HBK/Bret Hart “burring of the hatchet” story, there’s no question that they could have do the same thing here.

Despite her questionable acting career, Chyna is no doubt a legend in the WWE. She helped paved the way for women in the same way male legends paved the way for wrestlers today. Before she won her first Women’s Championship, she won two Intercontinental Titles. (Technically she won 3, which she co-held with Chris Jericho, but the WWE did not give her credit for it.) Chyna also was the first woman to participate in the Royal Rumble. Those accolades alone I believe should get her inducted into the Hall of Fame one day. I just hope that when she does get inducted, she will choose to leave the golden dildo at home.

On John Morrison going to TNA:
I know this has been a redundant topic so I’ll make this one very quick. First we saw a huge losing streak from Morrison, then puts up the story about Morrison’s losing streak. Then Morison gets his first TV win in over 3 months. Now reports are coming that Morrison got taken off the Japan tour, and there are no future dates for Morrison after 2012. Now Morrison’s contract expires at the end of the year, and rumors are flying around like crazy, saying he’s heading to TNA. Now I could be dead wrong, but I would not be surprised, if WWE management is sitting down with him right now, and working on his contract. I wouldn’t put it past the WWE, if their doing all this just to create the buzz.

On Chris Jericho:
Chris Jericho recently tweeted saying that he would never “wrestle” for the WWE again. Many feel this is just a play on words, as the WWE does not use the word “wrestle” anymore. In fact Jericho conducted a recent interview, where he was asked if he would ever return to the WWE, and even then Jericho skated around the issue. Many people in the IWC think that Jericho is in fact returning to the WWE, possibly to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 28. However if that is the case both Jericho and the WWE are playing their cards close to their chests.

And that wraps it up for this edition Splashers, until next time…see you when I see you. –Rick Starr

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  1. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    As a big fan of past divas I congratulate you for being objective on the Chyna subject. Some of the comments I've read about her on this site lately make her sound no better than Sunny and while her recent actions are indeed questionable the fact is she was right about paving the way for the women in WWE and nothing she does can change all she did for the women in WWE. It angers me when I read some of these comments cause it leads me to think some of those people are crazy, incredibly forgetful, extremely biased or just plain sexist and can't accept the idea that a woman had the accomplishments she had when facing men. Anyway nice blog .
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice blog mate The title is full of win
  3. bkdlots's Avatar
    Jericho will come back after Vinnie Mac hands over a big fat check.
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    I don think Chyna will come her short stint in TNA, she couldn't body slam JJ cleanly...after seeing that, I was dis-appointed a lot....She's no longer the 9th wonder of the world of Attitude Era...

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