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The truth about The Rock's return

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Hello wrestling geeks, how are you all today? If you don't know me, I've been writing the odd blog for a few months. It's great fun but something that I have tended to do is write a two parter that may receive some decent feedback when half way done but is sadly enough to not spur me on. I work 10 hour days 5 times a week and do a lot of travel to and from the hell hole itself on top of that, so my enthusiasm tends to wane. So what I'm trying to say guys, sorry for rambling on and on about something that grabs your attention only to stop half way through. Nobodys ever commented on it but it's something I've noticed, so I'll try improve in that respect.

I've already used up a decent allocation on this personal subject, so on with what I'm talking about today.

There is a lot of ill will towards The Rock these days, and honestly for the majority of the last decade.

I will always be one of the people, nothing that he can do will ever make me turn against him. He's The Rock.

People on the net though are generally peeved however that he "turned his back" on wrestling. BULLSHIT!! In an era where everybody has a textual voice the most vocal are usually the negative, which is a wierd way of reverse confidence. " I H8 THA ROCK HE'S A GAY SELL OUT BOOOO BOOO FUK U ROCK". We've all seen comments like these, thankfully the majority of us can smell retardation right away on the net that we will just blank these comments. But it annoys me at the frequency of the subject of Rock:Sell Out. I Think the vast vast majority of WWE fans bear no grudge against him.

The Rock had every right to retire and instead of bitching we should all be grateful he's back. He is not technically "home" but he's infinitely closer than he has in recent years. There are two types of people who have a problem with The Rock as of now - Wrestlers and the fans.

The wrestlers in WWE at the moment seem to have a big problom with The Rock. Swooping in and dominating two WrestleMania's, albeit one has not yet happened and he was only really a feature of the last Mania. Still, this has rubbed some guys the wrong way. For wrestler's to come out and say that Rock doesn't deserve to headline Mania is completely missing the point, and here's why.

CM Punk has mentioned a couple of times in his promo's about Rocky headlining Mania, projecting a downward view on the whole scenario. Whether this is a true feeling of CM Punk or he was instructed to give his opinions as a work, is irrelevant. Punk is basically himself, in and out of the ring, so we will go with the former scenarion that he is opinionated and speaks for the whole wrestling industry.

The way wrestling works is that in theory everybody is to help each other out. That is the whole mantra of the business. If you are told you are going to lose, you lose. If you are given a gimmick, this is the one aspect where you can get creative. Due to time constraints and misguided priorites a lot of talent doesn't get the best chances to get themselves over. Wins and losses will do one thing for your career, but how you run with your gimmick is something else more crucial. Look at Zack Ryder, he thought outside of the box and got himself on Youtuve. He also showed he was a team player,a nd he has had various superstars make guest appearances. What I'm rambling on about is that The Rock also had to run with his gimmick. All the wins and losses can do so much for your career but when listening to Triple H and messrs presumably BSing about how its up to the other superstars to make things happen, maybe its not such BS. The point here is that not enough guys have made themselves a draw.

Back to Punk. I believe his statements are entertaining but misguided and somewhat childish. The whole Rock headlining Mania making me angry vibe speaks of the worst thing that anybody, wrestlers included, can poseess, and that's a sense of entitlement.

Punk's gripe (shared by generally all modern stars and internet forum members) is that Mr Hollywood can't just decide to appear and take top spot as he pleases. You are entitled to your entitlement but only up to a point. WrestleMania 1 was headlined by several big names. It involved Hogan (bigger than current golden boy John Cena), Roddy Piper (Big time heel), Mr T (universally famous, a big coup) and another selling point, The great Muhammed Ali as special ref. To get an indicator of Vince's overall mantra, look no further than this main event. If he can, first spot goes to celebrities. That has always been the way that he has geared his organisation and one he's not going to change.

There is one thing that Vince McMahon has always wanted from his personnel more than anything, and after all the years he has tried he has finally seen one of them achieve it indefinitely. That is your superstars becoming movie stars. That is all Vince wants at the end of the day. He has tried it with various big names in the past, but never once did it work nearly as good with The Rock. He tries even more wholeheartedly today with WWE movie studio's at his disposal. The Rock is his biggest success though. He has been welcomed back with open arms and the door will always be open. What Vince McMahon wants is for every one on the roster to be movie stars, because this will draw people to the show. He had Mr T at the forefront of the first WrestleMania because of his fame.

Where wrestlers have the entitlement comes in this. Last year, Vince incorporated that Snooki girl into mania. I don't watch Jersey Shore, but alot of people do and I somehow even knew she was the big star of that show before she was mentioned on WWE or South Park ripped into her. Not a movie star, but more well known than alot of current talent. The backlash of this appearance is still being felt today. She took Melina's spot. Instead of working on her charisma and on her own attitude, she destroyed the WWE career of not only herself but seemingly too her boyfriend. Officially in the media, Trish took her spot, but she was just the easy target. Nobody would have had the proverbial balls to put hassle on Snooki because Vince went above and beyond and acquired her specially. Mania openings are reserved for two people, stars and legends. Trish, like the rock, is a legend and deserves her spot.

With The Rock it's a combination of two. He's a movie star and a legend. Vince sees big bucks, and he has been more than vindicated.
A general IWC summing of the man mirrors a wrestler's opinion too. That he turned his back on wrestling. He didn't, he just took a new career option. It says a lot about people if they hold it against Dwayne if he wants to go in another direction. Everybody does this, or should do it, unless you want to stay in your comfort zone. Shane McMahon did the same thing, and I've heard nothing but best wishes for him.

Much like Snooki's appearance last year, this gives a chance for anybody else on the card to either feel that their entitlement rights have been violated or to suck it up and see it as an opportunity. With many more people likely watching the next installment of WrestleMania, if say, Dolph Ziggler decides to give the performance of his life and gee up the person he is working with to reach his standards, the casual fan will be talking to their friends "Yeah Rock was great but there was some other guy called Dolph Ziggler".

For the stars that are only interested in wrestling, deal with a hectic travel and work schedule and the politics on top, you can understand their aggravation. But don't bum down what is going on around them. They should learn from it, use the opportunity to learn off the great one as well while he is around. If the aformentioned reasons of being interested in only wrestling, bummed out by the travel and less than passive interests in politics gets you down, you probably shouldn't be in WWE. Media work is encouraged and give's a lot of weight to standing in the company.

WWE has always and will always be about entertainment first and foremost. The talent needs to learn that.

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  1. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    Agree with your blog man. The talent now a days SUCKS compared to the talent back in the day, it's almost like they don't understand that they are nothing compared to older wrestlers like the rock
  2. nafeesgreat1's Avatar
    Excellent blog m8,I hope all Rock haters understand what uve said in details in this blog,,
  3. mnmccaslin's Avatar
    The sad thing is that they HAVE to bring The Rock back in because their heavyweight roster is so weak and they can't sell out shows anymore
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    @mnmccaslin: They still sell out most shows, and The Rock doesn't even wrestle full time, so I doubt they got him back for that. They got him "back" because Dwayne was keen to "return" for a while and entertain the fans, taking a short break from making movies.

    @The Next Big Thing: Very good points made in your blog, and I agree with most of them. However, your argument about Shane McMahon is what gets me. Shane wasn't anywhere as over with fans as The Rock, so with him gone, no one was really that upset. Sure he was awesome, but hes no Rock. The Rock was arguably the biggest name in wrestling history, so when he left, it was shocking for fans, and some took it harder than others. I'm neutral towards this, and I'm just glad that The Rock does some live segments and cuts some great promos.
  5. steveorton's Avatar
    Some great points in your blog bro people don't understand Vince needs to run a business. He is always thinking about getting more into the mainstream media so he can get his product out there (for the sole purpose of gaining more viewers and making more money). On The Rock deserving his main event spot at WM 28 hell yeah the guy was one of the best, I mean Rock vs Cena is literally a dream come true. Don't get me wrong I love CM Punk but CM Punk vs Anyone on the current roster wouldn't draw as Cena vs Rock. Cena vs Rock is what is good for business and any fan who doesn't want to see this match is just kidding their self. Battle of Two Generations. Now on who should win is a different story but imo it should be John Cena. The Rock winning will do nothing for the WWE but I guess thats for a next blog Great work @The Next Big thing
  6. Sage's Avatar
    I've never thought the rock "turned his back on wrestling" personally. I just don't like how his so called 'return' is being handled, he's not back just getting an extended plug.
  7. StonecoldRabbit's Avatar
    Im sorry the only reason The Rock is Coming Back is to Plug Crap I sorry i mean GI Joe 2 that will be getting released around WM time...oh that and the fact that without a "big" name there was no WM main event as there simply isnt anyone big enough to carry it off......I wonder who will be the lamb to the slaughter against Taker...if hes even fit.

    Fact is wrestling has "lost" its appeal....Hell ive followed wrestling since i was a kid in the 80s and studied the guys from before that time and never has there been in the History of this sport or entrtainment business (you decide which it is? I think its a athletic soap opera which is cool) a worse time than this....... its caught in no mans land theres no real big stars that get people buzzing, theres no good story tellers left out there. Punks ok but for me hes in the wrong era, and then i wonder if he truly would have made it "big" in the right era (that era being the mid to late 90s)

    The best thing that could happen to that somewhere (maybe TNA,stop laughing but its established and im simply using it as an example) suddenly gets a massive surge in ratings and can challenge the WWE, wrestling as a hole to really up its game......otherwise i fear it wont be long before someone is doing a blog saying "RIP wrestling, thanks for the memories"
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