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top 10 Greatest WWF/WWE Debuts

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This is a list of the Greatest WWF/WWE Debuts. Not much more to say here so we will get right to it.

Since EWN only lets me put so many videos and pics up only the lower portion wil have video footage.

10. John Cena Debut on SmackDown.
When Kut Angle challenged anyone in the back, No one expected that a young muscled up wrestler with generic and ring gear would take him to the limit in just 5 mins and become the biggest star of the 21st century..... John Cena with his intesity got everyones attention in his debut that wasnt really meant to be much but it end up being a stepping stone to him becoming one of the most famouse wrestlers EVER!.

9. Mankind debuts on Raw.
Mankind Destroys the Undertaker in his Debut, What more can you ask for in a Debut than to destroy the untouchable Undertaker.

8. Radicals Debut on Raw
Everyone knew it was gonna happen, but it was still a sureal moment to watch. You could hear the IWC drooling of all the potential matches with the Radicals in the WWF.

7. Brock Lesnar Debuts after Wrestlemaina 18.
Lesnar came to the ring a destroyed Everything in his sight and F-5ed The close to 400 pound Rikishi. He contunie to do this and impress all the Wrestling audience.

6. Tazz's Debuts in MSG at the Royal Rumble.
Tazz Got a Huge reaction here, when his music hit the MSG crowed became unglued. Then hewould have a match with the undefeated Kurt Angle and not only beat him but demolished Angle.

5. Wade Barrett introduces the Nexus on Raw.
I was conflicted if this was a debut or not but it techincally is... Wade Barrett became the leader of Nexus on his Debut and turned The wrestling world upside down. In one of the most talked about segments in wrestling in the last 5 years. Barrett and the Nexus made huge impact and it is one of the best Debut I ever seen.

4. Ric Flair Debuts on Primetime Wrestling.
This would of been number one if it was done better, but they just threw Ric Flair out there on prime time Wrestling like he was no big deal and gave him a bit of interview time.... This should of been done live at a PPV or had him debut on a grander stage. but sadly it didnt happen.

No matter how poorly the WWF handled it, it was a sureal moment to See WCWs biggst star with the WCW title on WWF TV, This could be easily number 1 on the list and I can understand if I get backlash for this being at number 4.

3. Kane Debuts at Badd Blood IYH.
What a Terrifying and perfectly done debut that set the tone for Kane. This Debut made Kane a main event player the first second he walked on WWF TV.

I remeber thinking the whole Kane storyline was kinda childish and fake in 1997 but when Kane Debuted at Badd Blood as i was watching live i was in awe. Incredible Debut that deserves way more respect then it gets.

2. Chris Jerichos Debut on Raw Y2J.
I think Jerichos debut promo was subpar at best, it wasnt really ground breaking and got borring really early. it was even kinda cartoony at times. but Thank God the Rock was there to save it, Jericho looks like he had a little stage frieight and wasnt on this day but The Rock made it memorable enough and the build to this Debut was just incredile with the whole Y2J clock countdown. so for the Build, The Rock saving it from being a dieaster and since it is The Great Chris Jerichos debut and it was a big deal back in 1999. I have to give the number 2 spot to Y2J.

I dont hate this debut its just recently watching it i wasnt impressed with Jerichos promo but eveything else went great and its a no brainer that this Debut is one of the best of all times.

1. The Undertaker Debuts at Survivor Series 1990.
This Debut set the Stage for the most dominate Man in wrestling history, a True Phenom "The Undertaker".

The Undertaker was such a unique character and he caught so much attention in his debut just by his walk to to ring. His look, His size, His presence and the eerie feeling he put on the entire arena.

The match it self was Dominated by the Undertaker, Who destroyed some of the top faces in the WWF at the time in one match, It seemed like no one could even hurt him let alone beat him. Not since Andre the Giant has someone been so dominate in a match.... The Undertaker looked invincible. His opponents offense didnt even phase him. This was easily the greatest Debut Ever. Survivor Series 1990 will always be remembered for the debut of the Undertaker and Undertakers debut will be remembered as one of the greatest moments in WWF/WWE.

Well I changed it up a bit and made a Top 10, Dont get use to it cause i wont do this often haha.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    great blog. your list is really fair and covers a lot of great points
  2. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    how can goldberg not be on here????
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    I just watched the whole SS 1990 Elimination match you put up. That was a brilliant moment indeed. The crowd was in awe of The Undertaker. That's also when tagteam wrestling was great.
  4. PrimusSucks's Avatar
    Jericho at 2 is ballsy but I agree!!! The Undertaker's debut is forgotten because of the rest of his brilliant career.
  5. Dubs's Avatar
    Another great blog again Crippler.

    I agree with the list but Jericho's debut should be #3 or even lower. Like you said, his debut was unexpected (That is if you knew about dirtsheet sites at the time) and the whole countdown thing was creative but his promo was pretty lackluster. The Rock even out-shined Jericho in that debut. It was still a creative debut but not as great as everyone claims it to be.
  6. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by second_city_sinner
    how can goldberg not be on here????
    Easily cause its WWF/WWE debuts and Goldbergs WWE debut was Lackluster and his WCW one was just him beating a jobber I think Jerry Lynn wasnt much to it... He made a impact but Goldbergs debut isnt really remebered.... Everyone remembers him destroying jobbers but the debut was just a debut
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    if mankind can get a mention in the list for destroying Taker..I guess Gr8 Khali also shud hv been included....
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