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Top 5 Survivor Series PPV Matches

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This top 5 list is based on quality, not historic value, Dont get me wrong Historic value means alot but im not gonna put Undertakers debut on here cause it made history but the match was medicore at best and The Bret Hart Screw job match just cause the screw job ending made history... This is the Top 5 best matches from Survivor series.

You be shocked to see that all of these matches are singles matches cause even though Elimination Survivor series matchs are interesting they are alot like the Royal Rumble, they are more of a gimmick and oftern lack in quality. Personally i love the 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 Elimination matches cause it is something different but this is best matches and quality and what I think are the Best matches and the top 5 matches are all singles matches, If I was to do Top 10 then yes they be plenty of traditional Survivor Series matches but im only doing the top 5.

No elimination chamber matches.

5. Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund WWF Champship Survivor Series 1994.
This video link above is the match in its entirety and its Good quality so please check it out if you havent seen it.... at 44 mins this match is very long winded and a slower pace than some are use too. but its still has some great wrestling and story telling and shows just how Bret Hart could work with Anybody no matter from what era they are from or what style they use. Its a Really Good match, its a little too old School for some. but a true Wrestling fan can enjoy this match, at time it is a little boring cause the lenth of the match and Backlunds older style of Wrestling.

Besides some the the pit falls of the match as a whole its one of the best Survivor Series matches and it was totally different than any other match the WWF was doing at the time.

4. Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels SS 2007. Super Kick Banned.
Orton had a terrible string matches as Champion in his 2007 regin, It was a very forgetful and dull run for Orton with medicore matches after slow paced medicore matches. But When Shawn Michaels came back from injury and wanted revenge on Orton for putting him out (storyline) and the icing on the cake was it being for the World title at Survivor Series. They actually produced a really good match with a incredible story.

Super kicked was banned from this match and it added alot to the psycology of this match, Besides the endless rear chinlocks and Randy Ortons slow motion offence, this is a exciting and well done match that could of been better if Orton would have stop going back to his lazy style of wrestling.... still a Well put together match that deserves respect especially on this list.

3. Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels Survivor Series 1992 WWF title match.
This is the better Hart and Michaels match, its a little borring to start but the match picks up nicely. Shawn wasnt ready for main events in 1992 but he still did a excellent job with a unproven champion in Bret Hart who had just won the title a short time before the match.... What can i say its Hart and Michels 2 of the best ever, it belongs on the list.

2. Diesel vs Bret Hart Survivor Series 1995 WWF Championship Match.
This to me is Diesels best match. I always put Nash and Shawn Michaels match at IYH as Nashs best but after seeing that match recently it seems dated. Since the garbage wrestling has been done to death it makes Nash and Michaels at IYH seem tamed, but at that time in 1996 WWF wasnt doing anything like those kinda matches and it seemed new and different, looking back on it now it looks very dated. Still good but not as good as it was. But Hart and Nash at Survivor Series still holds up as a Great match. Not as Good as I remember but still a intense hard hitting match up that still holds up.

This is Nashs best match and Hart had his working boots on here. Bret Really worked Nashs Legs in this match and showed a mean Streak in this "No Rules" match. It still was like a Wrestling match but they used the no rules within reason without making it a garbage match or a hardcore match which is not what this match needed to be. It was a fight and thats what it needed to be .

Like most Diesel/Kevin Nash matches in the WWF this one gets over looked for some reason. I know I might get some crap for putting it at number 2 but i liked the realistic aspects of this match, Bret really showed how to wrestle a man almost a foot taller than you and 80 pounds more than you, without looking silly or fake.

1. Bret Hart vs Steve Austin Survivor Series 1996

WOW Survivor Series is Really Bret Harts Event being in 4 of the top 5 matches.

The Build for this match was incredible, I thought it was impossible to live up to, but these men did with a incredible match, which was the last of its kind in the WWF before they style changed.

Austin was on fire in 1996, he hasnt proven himself with main event talent and was unproven at Survivor Series 1996. Austin spent most of the Year facing Curtain Jerkers like Savio Vega and midcard talent like Marc Mero and HHH and Austin was carrying these men to 4 star matches. So what could we expect when Austin gets in the ring with one of the best In ring performers of all times? a masterpiece that was at Survivor Series 1996.

Austin and Bret put on a wrestling clinic with Great Story telling, Brawling and incredible technical wrestling. For all the people who bitch about Austin cant wrestle watch this match along with all his 2001 one matches and you see Austin was a Great technical wrestler.

This match isnt Really remembered cause it is overshadowed by their amazing Wrestlemania 13 Classic. But this was the match that started it all and set up one of the greatest feuds ever in Austin and Hart.... Please look up the build for this match, Austin does a incredible job, Austin with his mic work alone made this one of the most anticpated matches at the time. This without a doubt can not be disagreed with as the Best match in the Survivor Series PPV history.

Honerable mentions in no particular order
Shawn Michales vs Sid SS 1996
Team WWF vs Alliance SS 2001
Los Guerreros vs Benoit and Angle vs Edge and Mysterio
Team Bishoff vs Team Austin
Wild Card match Survivor Series 1995

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    really happy you remembered hart-michaels at 92, people seem to forget that.
    but what about al snow v christian?????????/
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