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WWE Rise and Fall of John Morrison

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John Morrison has been the centerpiece of a debate in in Internet Wrestling Community for quite sometime now. Some believe Morrison has all the tools to become a main event star, while others say he is a spot monkey, who lacks mic skills and charisma. Throughout all of this, I have kept one stance; As a face, JoMo is a glorified mid-carder. However, as a heel, Morrison has all the tools to be a star.

Why do I say this?

Well, it dates back to his days as Johnny Nitro in ECW. Nitro was a classic cocky, better-than-you rockstar heel. From his “fifteen minutes of fame” matches, to his great look, this guy looked like the future of the WWE.

Then, after being renamed John Morrison and splitting up with The Miz, Morrison was turned face.

When this happened, his mic work fell from elite to horrid. His in-ring work turned from being a good storyteller, to just another spot monkey. Most importantly, John Morrison just lost the it factor that he previously possessed. Fast forward to 2011, and Morrison still has failed to get over the hump, even with the biggest JoMoSapiens marking out for a rumored United States Championship shot. Yes, the same JoMoSapiens who had their favorite superstar so close to World Championship gold they could taste it.

How can the Shaman of Sexy be fixed? This is the outline of a story that could begin next monday night raw.

John Morrison and Alex Riley are booked for a match on Raw, with the winner receiving a United States Championship match against Dolph Ziggler. In the match, Morrison wins after hitting Riley with a steel chair while the referee was down. He then grabs the microphone and says he’s finally realized he doesn’t need any fans. No, he is going to do whatever needs to be done to make money and win championships.

The following SmackDown, Morrison is seen in the lockeroom talking to Ezekiel Jackson. Later in the night, Jackson demands a trade to Raw immediately, and Theodore Long reluctantly grants his wish.

On the next edition of Raw, JoMo ducks his re-match with Alex Riley, instead placing his newly hired bodyguard Ezekiel Jackson in the match. Jackson beats Riley, and Morrison hits the Moonlight Drive (his finisher from ECW) on A-Ri after the match, to a chorus of boos.

Meanwhile, Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler have officially split, as Ziggler dumped her after Jack Swagger turned on him. At Night of Champions, John Morrison faces Dolph Ziggler for the US title.Ziggler never makes it to the ring, because he was attacked by Jack Swagger, sparking a feud between the two in the process. Afterwards, Morrison and Jackson shake hands with Swagger, and thank him for his help.

At this point Ziggler can feud a little with Swagger before moving on to get his push towards the main event.

John Morrison is the United States Champion, as a heel, with Ezekiel Jackson as his bodyguard.Morrison and Jackson dominate Raw in the coming months, taking down every challenger that comes Morrison’s way. Eventually, he will get his much deserve push also towards the main event picture.

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    malvec dubs answered on behalf of me..
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    wtf did you just say?
    the same f u just read...
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    MERCHANDISE. nuff said.
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