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Does Anyone Miss Matt Hardy?

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Hey guys Knox here, @jaeknox on twitter, sorry for the plug lol. Hope you all are doing well. First let me give thanks to those of you that commented on my last blog titled "How Wrestling Matters Backfired on TNA". I expected alot of hate comments and bashing but only received two so thanks guys for seeing it for what it was. I wasn't bashing TNA, I love the company, I just don't like the people running it.

Now lets get to the topic of this blog right here. MATT HARDY. Does anyone miss this guy? Does anyone miss the random videos? Does anyone miss the numerous posts of this site about Matt Hardy?.......Um, I do. I sure as hell miss Matt Hardy but let me explain why.

The Internet Phase:
Matt Hardy pretty much started the whole youtube social media thing. Give him credit. Matt & Jeff started utilizing youtube back in 2007 before they became huge problems in the wrestling world.

Then Matt became fed up with the E' and started making his hate videos for the WWE and then after his release went on to the even more foul videos that many of us didn't like.

But he started it. Zack Ryder, Ted Dibiase, Tommy Dreamer, Sean Waltman, Raven, Curt Hawkins, Daniel Bryan, Ultimate Warrior, MVP, Melina, The Bellas and the others all came after Matt Hardy.

WWE's twitter expansion:
Can we all agree that Matt Hardy has something to do with this? Hardy is known for his videos and tweets and all of a sudden after Hardy & Ryder, the WWE are overly pushing twitter. I may seem a bit off the wall, but I truly believe this has something to do with Matt Hardy. This trails all the way back to his "Version 1" days.

The Bad Videos:
I wouldn't call any of Matt's videos bad or inappropriate. I seen it as a guy having fun documenting his life. I think people got too caught on the fact that he's a professional wrestler as if he didn't have a personal life. Yeah the tazing video was a bit dumb and uncalled for but the others were pretty cool especially the gag about the ghost.

Matt Hardy's rehab:
This was very deep and he took matters into his own hands and got help. I don't know if he was forced or it was his choice but point blank he got help. His rehab video touched a spot in everyone's heart and hopefully he'll come out of this 100% clean which would be great for the business. This business needs more success stories like HBK.

The Internet Marks Hatred Towards Matt:
The hate some of you guys gave Hardy was beyond evil. Hardy is human just like all of us. The way the people ridiculed his name was upsetting. Matt is known as a responsive wrestler to his fans. Hell back in 09, I would talk to Matt through youtube and he would reply rarely.

The point is that Matt reads what the people says. He comes to this site and reads the comment threads on the posts about him. But bashing a man's character doesn't help. You guys were wishing death upon a man for no reason.

So I'm confused. Because Matt Hardy is a wrestler, he gets nothing but bashing comments and death wishes........But because Benoit was a wrester, he gets the majority of you guys respect even after taking the life of his wife and son? I'm confused on how hard it is to accept Hardy but how easy it is to accept a sad human being like Chris Benoit.

Check out this lowlife below

Heres my question to the IWC & Whomever is reading this blog:
Would any of you support Matt Hardy again? Would any of his former fans jump on board with Matt & Jeff? Would you all continue to bash him? I just wanna know so please leave feedback.

Matt Hardy's Wrestling School:
He's starting a wrestling school which is pretty cool. He's wiling to pass on his expertise and train the future the futures of this business. I think Hardy truly wants to fix his life. Check the video below about the wrestling school.

Possible WWE Return?
The WWE has always been a big open door for guys to leave and come depending on their success there. Just ask R-Truth, Christian, Kevin Nash and the others. I don't feel Matt has completely burned that bridge just this yet.

I feel like he can have one more amazing run with the WWE whether he's alone or brings Jeff with him. He has to believe it in himself that he can give it that one last run. Remember, he was one of the most over guys with the fans before leaving the WWE. I feel he can jump right back in that spot and only move up.

Thanks guys for reading. Please enjoy and be safe and leave feedback. Just trying to see if I'm the only Matt Hardy fan out there.

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  1. NaterD4's Avatar
    Interesting point of view on the hatred section. I would have to agree. It seems backwards to give praise to a man who killed not only himself but also his wife and child and then wish death upon someone who did drugs and getting tazered. Nobody's perfect myself included. How about showing some grace to Matt Hardy? If we were in his shoes wouldn't we want that?
  2. Renevious's Avatar
    Hey Knox, what's up. I knew this was one of your blogs before I even clicked on it, lol. I really have to tip my hat to the amount of unconditional support you have always given the Hardys. I've said this before and I'll say it again. I personally think Matt Hardy sucks. Now when I say that, I'm talking about the guy/character I see on tv. I'm not talking about Matt Hardy the human being, because I don't know that guy. I'm not judging him. Matt has just always bored me. He was the weak link in the tag team, and he was mediocre at best in the singles world. So, all in all, I really enjoyed your blog and give you mad props for supporting your guy. But my opinion of Matt Hardy as sucking is strictly based on the basis of him as an "entertainer" and has not ever been influenced by events in his personal life. Personally, I wish him the best, and I hope he gets clean. I think returning to TNA or WWE would be good for the fans, but I for one will just be like, whatever. Here's blah blah Matt Hardy again with his same leg drop off the 2nd rope, lol. Take care, Knox.
  3. toobeastly33's Avatar
    OK i love this blog and I'll tell you why. When I was a kid I loved the hardys... they were the greatest thing ever. so entertaining with the TLCs and everything. Of course i was more of a Jeff fan, but as I got older i started to have a real respect for what Matt has done. If it were not for him Jeff would not be what he is as an entertainer. You have to respect the guy. Then we had the fall out with him in the past year. It was actually really sad to see. I will continue to be on his band wagon, and i hope he pulls though. Great blog man!!
  4. Bralon23's Avatar
    Good blog man. Matt Hardy was and still is one of my favorite wrestlers. Of course everyone liked him when he was in the Hardy Boyz, but I also really enjoyed the V1 character. I personally think that he was championship material. That feud with Edge could've propelled him to become a decent champion. Maybe not the best, and maybe not the most memorable, but I've seen a lot worse guys get the belt. His character had steam then. He was fueled by hatred because of Lita and Edge. I think it would've worked and that Matt could've pulled it off. I hope he gets clean and attempts one more run with the WWE.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Good Blog!! He deserves support...come on..some yrs ago..whole world was mad when they made TLC matches immortal alongside dudleys n E&C...

    I always luvd Hardyz..I mentioned it in many places...jus like toobeastly33 even I liked Jeff as a kid ..n as i grew old I started liking Matt...I felt Matt can carry a match betterthan Jeff n he got that match psyche in him...he can deliver a twist of afte outta no where..he maintains that surprise elemnt also..Matt's V1 is real cool I was among MFers..(Mattitude followers..)...n he had a pretty gud opening to his single's career with the second longest European Champion (first longest American)...he had gr8 feuds with Edge n also with Kane...I felt at that time he'll get the ultimate push but somehow he missed it n then he brought his backward spiral all by himself...

    now giving him a chance is not bad...he deserves it..
  6. knox's Avatar
    Thanks alot for the comments guys. I was expecting a million negative comments lol.

    @NaterD4 - thanks for seeing it my way. Why people continue to praise Benoit to this day is beyond me. Benoit was one of the greatest of all time but when you take the life of your precious son & your wife, your accomplishments in wrestling sort of go out the window.

    @Renevious - whats goin on bro lol yeah you know me well enough to know I'm a Hardy supporter. Never been much of a Jeff guy but I'm a Matt fan. I truly do respect your opinion though. Lol just like I respect your opinion in hating HBK but loving Janetty. But personally I feel that Matt carried the team on a pure wrestling standpoint, I feel Jeff was pretty much the spot guy. But yea thanks again bro and you be safe too man.

    @toobeastly33 - thanks for that man. Yeah as a kid I was a Hardy's fan too. The weird thing about the Hardy's was that they brought a cool factor to the WWE back in 2001 with their rockstar high risk taking persona. They had just as much women & children fans as they did grown men. They were definitely a hot topic. I have went and stated bad things about the Hardy's because as a fan it totally threw me off especially Matt. But he's getting the help he needs and he's starting a wrestling school which is a cool thing to do. He has alot of knowledge to pass on. Thanks again bro.

    @Bralon23 - Thanks for this comments and my oh my did you bring up some good points. I think eventually Matt was suffering from depression. He falls in love with Lita and they have a 6 year relationship. Then he loses her to someone he considered a very very close friend. Not only that but Vince turned it into an angle but ended up giving Edge the push. So Matt loses his girlfriend and then watch that same person steal his push and go on to become a 10-time World Champ. He had a broken heart. I'm an Edge mark he's my favorite of all time but damn that was messed up how he did that to Hardy. Hell Christian has literally the hottest wife in the WWE, he better keep a close eye on Edge.

    @Sahu - hey bro whats up. V-1 Matt was awesome your right about that. His feud with Kane & Edge was one of the more premier feuds in his career and that should've translated to something huge. I also enjoyed his feud with MVP when they kept coming up with those competitions lol they were gold together.
  7. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    honestly, knox you are the best blogger on this site and the best commentor. You never have negative things to say, Gotta respect that.

    Anyway, I liked this blog and I think Matt Hardy will be back eventually, most likely it will be in TNA though....
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