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The Rocks Top 5 Matches

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With all the talk of the Great one comming back to Action after a almost 8 year absence. So we will look back at some of The Rocks best matches.

The Rules
We are gonna stick with one on one matches or triple threats no tag or mutli men tag matches.

5. The Rock vs Kurt Angle No Way Out 2001
This was The Rocks rematch for the WWF championship. KurtAngle was on top of his game and it was a Great mixture of Sports Entertainment, Brawling and wrestling (done by Kurt Angle)..... This was Kurt Angles comming out party and The Rock made him look like Angle look like a bonifide main eventer in this match.

4. The Rock vs HHH SummerSlam 1998 Ladder Match for the IC title.
Just like Bret Hart showed the WWF he was ready for the main event after his legendary match with the Bulldog 6 years prior, Or Savage dropping the IC title to Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3 and proving he deserves a main event spot. The WWF/WWE takes a great IC champion and gives them that last match with the IC title to go down in a blaze of glory to show they are ready for the main events and Rock Got his chance at SummeSlam and he hit a home run with his match with HHH. The Rock actually got a more positive reaction than the Ultra over Leder of DX HHH.

The Rock Shined in this match just like he shined in his IC title reign and it is a classic match, its very dated when its watch now but still is a great match.

3. The Rock vs Chris Jericho No Mercy 2002 World title match.
for 3 years Jericho could break that mid card stigma, the WWF tried very hard but it just seems Jericho couldnt break that glass ceiling. but this match moved Jericho along and he got taken seriously, this feud lead to a him winning the indisputed title and being the first undisputed champion.

Great sports entertainment match. It was the beging of the Rock Jericho feud.

2. The Rock vs HHH Iron man match Judgement Day 2000.
Now This is the Match that needs to be watched by all wrestling fans. Incredible match paced perfectly.... This match gets over looked for some reason and i dont know why. This is one of the best matches millennium.

This match shows just how great HHH was and shows that The Rock could keep up with just about anyone. These 2 men pulled out all the stops for 1 hour non stop.

1. The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin WM 17 WW Title Match.
Great Build, 2 of the biggest stars in wrestling history, The main event of the greatest PPV in wrestling history and a incredible intesnse brawl. How can this match not be number 1?.

Great match that played off both mens history with eachother and incorperated their history with past opponents. Taking parts from Steve Austins classics with Bret Hart, When The Rock escaped a Desperate Austin attempt at a Million dollar dream by kicking the buckle and putting Austin in a pinning combonation. Then The Rock slapping on the Sharpshooter on Austin while he was bleeding....

There wasnt a dull moment, in the beging it was pedal to the metal. A Great Great match, On of the best I ever seen and easily the best match these 2 had with each other.

Honerable mentions
vs HHH, Backlash 2000
vs Steve, Austin Backlash 1999
vs Foley, Royal Rumble

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  1. The Hit Man's Avatar
    Great list. Would definitely agree that The Rock vs Stone Cold at WM 17 was The Rock's best match. However was The Rock/Jericho match not at No Mercy 2001?
  2. Breakthecode13's Avatar
    true true it was no mercy 2001....I probably would also include Wrestlemania XIX...I think that match had great psychology from both men.
  3. printz1224's Avatar
    love the list. I agree with breakthecode13 though... XIX is my favorite match of all time...then again, I am a pretty big Rock mark...
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Absolutely agree with 17. great blog mate, nice to see a positive article on the rock for a change. All Great matches, but Chris Benoit v The Rock at Fully Loaded 2000 was classic. rock was superover and that feud with benoit was a personal favourite
  5. AJ1981's Avatar
    For honourable mentions I would include The Rock vs. Kurt Angle (No Mercy 2000), The Rock vs. Stone Cold (Wrestlemania XIX), The Rock vs. Rikishi (Rocky carried Rikishi to his best ever match) Survivor Series 2000, The Rock vs. Chris Jericho (Royal Rumble 2002), The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar (Summerslam 2002), The Rock vs. Chris Benoit (Fully Loaded 2000),
  6. AJ1981's Avatar
    Until I thought about it I never realised how many of The Rock's greatest matches were multi-man matches for example the six way HIAC at Armageddon 2000 or Undertaker vs. The Rock vs. Kurt Angle at Vengeance 2002
  7. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    The Rock v Mankind I Quit royal rumble 99
    v Triple H v Kurt Angle sslam 2000
    The Alliance v WWF at sseries 2001.
    Would have loved to see rock v orton back in the day
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