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Stars that should cross from TNA to WWE and vice versa

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First blog.. well, I had to leave the trenches one day. This one is sparked by something that Chris Jericho says on the Rise and Fall of WCW dvd. He said that when WCW went bust, the biggest loss for the wrestlers was the lack of ability to move around. When sidetracked in one organisation, a wrestler could always try the other organisation. Sometimes time and place just aren't right, whilst another place fits well.

I'd made me think about the current TNA and WWE rosters. Though they aren't real competitors (sorry TNA guys, TNA just isn't on the same scale as the WWE), both have their good and bad sides, and some guys in TNA would – at this place and time – do better in WWE, and some in WWE should go to TNA.

Though I personally prefer WWE, I like TNA and am glad they are there. And I would like to see more movement between both promotions, because it could be better for both organisations. That's why I compiled a list of 3 TNA, and 3 WWE guys that should cross over because the other company fits better. Mr Anderson, The Pope and Kid Kash for instance are guys that for their style and demeanor fit better in TNA.

The rules I kept in mind are these: they should add something to the other product. Matt Hardy didn't do anything for TNA. Rule 2: they should be better off themselves: like Jericho said, sometimes it doesn't work out in one company. I'll explain this further on. And rule 3: they should be able to cross back. Should Christian go to TNA again, he won't return to WWE as a wrestler, but retire in TNA.

3: From TNA to WWE: Matt Morgan should go to WWE. He's got the look WWE likes, and is too clean for TNA. He's got that American nice guy athlete thing going, which does nothing for him in TNA but would fit WWE. Morgan is the kind of guy that would do well with the big fireworks entrance, three minute mediocre match, and could be a good tag team / legitimate midcard champ.

3: From WWE to TNA: Tyson Kidd. Great worker, would light up the already bright X-division. Is going nowhere in WWE at the moment, which is a shame but won't change anytime soon. McIntyre, Curtis, Swagger are also going nowhere, but I don't see them fit in TNA. Kidd on the other hand would blend in within a week, and be a legitimate contender.

2: From TNA to WWE: Samoa Joe, for a 1 or 2 year stint. Joe could make a great impact as a monster heel, have great matches with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, smash some other guys. I don't think Joe fits the WWE product so he'll reach the ceiling within a few years, but he could make an awesome impact, make money, and he's going nowhere in TNA for over a year now.

2: From WWE to TNA: Jinder Mahal. Mahal is a technically very sound wrestler with an arrogant demeanor, could be a great anti-American heel, which would contrast great with the real American attitude of guys like James Storm and American sports hero Kurt Angle. Corporate PG WWE can't do that angle. Angle versus Mahal could be effing great, and he could also do well in the X-division against Aries for instance.

1: From TNA to WWE: AJ Styles. I'll get some crap for this and I know he doesn't want to go on the road, but he should. AJ Styles did all that can be done in TNA and needs to go away a few years. He can return afterwards. That said: you'll never be an all time great if you never did WWE (yes, Sting is an exception), and AJ can be an all time great. I really want to see him walk out on Wrestlemania wearing the IC belt. AJ Styles versus Cody Rhodes, vs. D Bryan, vs diBiase, vs. Jericho could steal the show Macho/Steamboat style.

1 From WWE to TNA: John Morrison. No brainer. Sidetracked, not happy, burned out. He should go to TNA, set the ring on fire, win the heavyweight title, be less held back in the ring and just have fun when he goes out, rock some ladder and cage matches, and think about his future. If he then decides he really wants it, he could and should go back to WWE. With what he learns in TNA and with the fresh start, he could fulfill his promise.

Your thoughts?

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  1. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    samoa joe (he's like 6ft) wouldn't be able to play the monster heel in wwe he would be one of the shortest guys there and he would look out of shape compared to the likes of sheamus barrett and he isnt good enough on the mic for a push, AJ is too small he would never get a push, i agree with the tyson kidd one he would be a perfect fit for the x division, morgan's spot is taken by sheamus atm they are too similar for me size and moveset,mahal isnt a big enough draw to be put with angle, and morrision should be in roh with the rest of the spot monkeys
  2. Bralon23's Avatar
    I think a lot of people forget about guys like the Radicalz. They were undersized wrestlers that crossed over to WWE and had success. Look at Benoit, look at Eddie. This could be done with AJ and Samoa Joe. It's not impossible to make it in the WWE, having been established in another company before. It doesn't happen often, but it is possible.
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