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WWE and TNA: An Overview: Part 1

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Wrestling Matters:

So, the WWE is just the WWE. It isn't World Wrestling Entertainment. It hasn't been the World Wrestling Federation since 2002. Funny world huh. We go from wrestling, to just entertainment. Than as Knox so kindly demonstrated in his blog, TNA did Wrestling Matters in response to this. Well, I don't know about you, but I get the feeling that has been scrapped as quickly as it was introduced.

The main problem is, there are too many promos. Both shows are guilty. I want to watch wrestling. Look, I know that promos are needed. However, they could be more limited than they are. In 2 hrs of wrestling programming on RAW, Smackdown, and TNA I might get a total of 45 minutes of wrestling on each show. (That is IF I watch Smackdown.) 1hr and 15min is spent listening to wrestlers talk.

If they gave us 45 minutes of promos and 1 hour and 15 minutes to wrestle, what would be the harm. The point is I go to see wrestling. I watch to see wrestling. I pay to see wrestling. Either way, I'm not getting my bang for my buck. Adding the extra wrestling could do many things.

It could make titles more meaningful. At least indirectly. Face it, they are championship belts for wrestling. The best wrestler has the belt. The extra time wrestling, would make the matches more entertaining and give you a better idea of who is the better wrestler.

I personally think it could help the promos. With the added wrestling, the promos would have to be more concise. Definitely would have to be more accurate.

The announcing would have to change back to a style where the announcer might have to name a maneuver or two. TNA actually is fine here as they have one of the best in Mike Tenay to do this work and color from Taz.

In all. I want a little less talk and a lot more action. Be respectful in your comments. I try to respond to anything directed at me.

CM Punk

From the comments here on the EWN Forums, people really love him. Or loathe him. I for one am a fan. Have been since he debuted in the WWE for ECW.

The guy knows how to wrestle. He is very technically savvy. He can mix it up hold for hold. There aren't that many right now who can say that in the WWE. He can hit you with a barrage of different strikes and has very educated feet.

The only move I see him botch often is the GTS. This is a problem in the fact that it is one of his finishers. When done right, it looks fantastic. Reference this past Mondays RAW. When it is done wrong, watch out. If you will go back to RAW 2 weeks ago. There are a few problems that cause this. CM Punk isn't a big guy. So the bigger the guy having this done to them, the worse it gets. The second problem is, the guys having this done to them, don't know how to sell it. Sometimes it is a combination of the two.

That really is his only major flaw in ring. If that is where his flaw is, his promos are nearly flawless. No one does a worked shoot like Punk. Even his mediocre promos are better than most anyone else. Some of the folks on here will say, his promos are starting to get stale. Yes they are, but his stale is still better than Cena, The Rock, Christian and others right now.

So, that is my take on Punk. And yes, I did mark out a bit on him, but for now, he is one of the best WWE has to offer.

A Most Impressive Streak

Few streaks have been as memorable as Goldbergs winning streak of 174 victories in WCW. While memorable, it is in my opinion that it was also very boring. We tend to gripe about Cena being a 5 MoD wrestler. Well, here was a guy who had 2 moves. A spear and a jackhammer. Ooooh!!! Ahhhhh!!! Yet he is revered for being great in the ring. And I don't get it. Samoa Joe had a streak of his own, but he did it to quietly, and I wasn't really watching TNA at that time either, so I can't speak to that. But there is someone better than Goldberg during a similar streak. Crimson.

That's right folks. Crimson has a winning streak of his own going 9 months plus. (Couldn't find how many wins he actually has.) Not to mention it has been far less boring. The main reason is, even though Crimson is a big dude, he does more than just spear you. He uses holds and grapples more often than Goldberg ever did. He makes those he is in the ring with better as well as he gets better when he is in the ring with veteran talent.

He also does better promos. All Goldberg did was Who's next. When he was talking about "They", I payed attention. He has a grasp on what to say, and when he says it, he doesn't mess it up. I definitely think when he says he is gonna hurt someone, he will hurt them. You can't really buy that in a big man.

Crimson is definitely an up and comer and deserves to be watched. However, he is injury prone, so who knows how long he lasts in TNA.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Godsmack78's Avatar
    good blog
    ok first crimson is good... but not better than the man.. goldberg developed an array of moves.. suplexes. armbars. kicks. he could even do a flip handstand.(check out his first loss against nash at starrcade 98.) that dude was 296 pounds.. crimson is maybe 255.. plus goldberg had a following crimson will never have.. i dont care if he goes 200-0.

    i like cm punk and its ok to mark out for him... i do too sometimes.. but i do agree that he either botches the GTS or the opponent cant sell it right..when he first came to wwe he was waylaying ppl with it..i dont know whether they dont want their jaw broken or he dont want his knee broken. he is one of the best right now and i want them to push him to the moon.

    finally you are dead on about the wrestling matters segment.. i fucking hate that we have to weed out and hour and a half almost of promos and my personal favorite the raw ans smackdown rewinds..DAMMIT I DONT CARE WHAT HAPPENED LAST WEEK TWO WEEKS AGO OR ANYTIME.. STOP WASTING OUR TIME WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. uh ok breathe. i like tenay and taz but i hate tenays voice.. always have. but the man is the professor of wrestling that dude knows every damn hold there is and calls a decent match.. damn i wish jim ross would come to tna.
  2. dub's Avatar
    I've always liked Punk and I like Crimson as well he has a bright future in the wrestling business. As far as Goldberg goes... He does only have a few moves but the thing is he was just the right guy at the right time. I can't explain it.... Goldberg was the man and he WAS WCW.
    On to the whole "wrestling matters" deal... YEAH RIGHT! More like wrestling "doesn't" matter. Whatcha think about the muppets making their debut on Raw (LOL)???? WHAAAA?!?!? Cole vs Lawler, Robbie E vs Ronnie, Divas segment with Kelly Kelly's big Maxim reveal WHO CARES!!!!!!! THESE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WRESTLING SHOWS!! I'm just thankfull I can watch ROH now to balance it out.

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