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Bring Back 4 on 4

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I wish WWE would drop the 5 on 5 and go back to 4 on 4. Each team should consist of a main eventer (captain), mid-carder and a tag team. Or even have two tag teams together against another opposing two tag teams.

Survivor Series is like the Royal Rumble, it can lead to new feuds simply because of an elimination. I would have the suvivor matches lead up to the following PPV.

I would set the card up for 6 matches.

MAIN EVENT: War Games (no teams) - 45 minutes
Winner gets shot at their brands world title.
John Cena, Miz, R-Truth, Randy Orton, Christian & Sheamus

Match 2: Cruiserweight Title Qualifier aka spot fest (survivors compete for returning title at next PPV, if one survivor - new champ). - 30 minutes
Justin Gabriel, Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara & Trent Barreta Vs. JTG, Tyson Kidd, Hunico & Epico.

Match 3: Divas (survivors getting title shots on weekly shows) - 20 minutes
Beth Phoenix. Natalya & Bella Twins Vs. Kelly Kelly, Eve, Alicia Fox & AJ

Match 5: CM Punk Vs. Alberto Del Rio (WWE Title) - 30 minutes

Match 6: Big Show Vs. Mark Henry (World Heavyweight Title) - 20 minutes

Match 7: Champions Vs. Challengers aka Strange Bed Fellas - 30 minutes
Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler & Air Boom Vs. Wade Barrett, Zack Ryder, John Morrison & Alex Riley.
Whomever you eliminate, you get a championship match at next PPV.

Survivor Series needs a 5 week build up with teams facing the other team in singles and tag matches.

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  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    Great idea, I love the idea of survivor series actually being about SURVIVNG.
  2. NaterD4's Avatar
    As much I love the idea of a War Games main event, WWE won't use because Vince would have to pay the person who came up with it. Also, WWE has the Elimination Chamber which has some similarities to War Games with the timed intervals and it being in a cage.

    I also love the four on four Survivor Series better than the five on five.
  3. jonod's Avatar
    nice ideas. I dont even care how many people are in the team as long as there's some reason for it, where the hell did team orton v team barrett come from? Don't get me wrong I'm happy for barrett's push but it was barely even mentioned in show. i know this has been the way for some time...
  4. AJ1981's Avatar
    Survivor Series matches were always traditionally 5 on 5 hence the tag line "Teams of 5 striving to survive" for the early Survivor Series and I prefer it that way. Also, as other people have said we will never see a War Games in WWE. There are two reasons for that, the first being Vince McMahon does not like to feature gimmicks or creations of other organisations (wrestlers are either renamed or given new gimmicks, and on another note Triple H pushed for War Games in the run up to Survivor Series 2002 but Vince refused and we got the Elimination Chamber instead) and the second reason is TNA have Lethal Lockdown at the Lockdown PPV and thats basically War Games and Vince wouldn't want to seem to be copying TNA who he believes in far beneath WWE

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