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Who should face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28?

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Who is The Phenom going to face in perhaps his final Wrestlemania? Will it be:

Brock Lesnar: After all the talk that was going on just a while ago, where Brock signed to a deal for the WWE 12 game, people have been asking if he wants to return. This is what he said "would i consider it? Definetly now his UFC career is coming to an end but with Wrestlemania not too far away i doubt that it will be lesnar.

Sting: Now don't bash me for adding him, many people actually want this match (not me in particular), but since when do the legends of two rival companies compete in the biggest wrestling event of the year? Never, too much of a dream match for some people and i personally don't want to see it either.

Goldberg: This in my opinion is quiet interesting, but to just come out of nowhere and say "hey im back, remember me? That beast who was spearing the heck out of everyone back in the old times" i mean what boat did he jump of from? 10 years ago it would have been great, but today. Not so much.

Triple H: For the third time? Really? What does the WWE want to prove? That HHH can lose the most times to The Undertaker at Mania?

If i think of it from a long term perspective and a match that can actually happen, then i would have to say a superstar that the WWE want to push. Someone who can pull of a great match with Taker but at the same time isn't involved in anything big at the moment. This, i want to leave to you. Leave your opinion on which superstar the WWE can push to face The Deadman at Wrestlemania.

Now here is my dream match that can happen, never happened before and if it happened would most likely be one of the greats. The Phenom Vs The Ayatollah of rock n rolla, Yea Taker Vs Y2J. They been in this company for so long, both where in the Invasion storyline and yet, never have we seen Chris Jericho vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The lying, cheating and ever so good Jericho to have a go at The Phenom for the last time.

Thanks for reading my blog and R.I.P >

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  1. WrestlingNerd's Avatar
    In my opinion, the Undertaker's last match should be against the biggest star in the business today. Like him or hate him, it's John Cena. It would feel so special because they've never faced each other one on one before and Cena is THE guy in WWE and in pro wrestling right now. He's the modern day Hulk Hogan. To see Taker put Cena away in his last match to finish off the streak would be a truly special moment. If this year truly is Taker's last match, then WWE missed a huge opportunity to put Cena against him. I realize the Rock vs. Cena is a big match as well.. I guess we can't always have exactly what we want. Another guy I think would be an interesting match for Taker since he's back in WWE now is Mick Foley. Mick and Taker have a long history and to see them go at it one more time at Mania would feel pretty special I believe. Anyone else wouldn't fit in this position. Oh, and to the people saying that WWE should have a rising star DEFEAT Taker at WM in his last match... No, I just can't see that happening. I wouldn't be able to take somebody like Cody Rhodes, Sheamus or Del Rio beating Taker seriously.
  2. stolen_art's Avatar
    Undertaker beat Cena at Vengeance in 2003
  3. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    The possibilities for something not done before if he isn't retiring? John Cena, CM Punk, Del Rio... Though I like the idea of Jericho. There's just something right about the idea.

    IF it was Taker's last match, it would've been worth their while to get Sting and promote/burn the ever loving crap out of the match. The only problem is that Vince probably wouldn't allow it due to concerns about Sting being in TNA. Which I believe if they decided to go forth with something like this, Sting would probably have to sign for 90 days to build the match properly and another 90 for the standard no-compete clause.

    Who knows? Maybe they'll shock the world and actually not have him at this year's WM at all...
  4. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    The rising star idea and how to break the streak with a *: Give taker the WHC for WM and have him successfully defend it. Have Daniel Bryan cash in on Taker after the match and win.
  5. Abs's Avatar
    lol that would be nice @TheLegendaryIcon yea the thing with john cena is, im basing this on the rumours that the undertaker might retire, so if he does then this should happen you know what i mean? Nevertheless Cena vs Taker could have excited the fans back in 2006 or 7, but now im not so sure anymore
  6. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendaryIcon
    The rising star idea and how to break the streak with a *: Give taker the WHC for WM and have him successfully defend it. Have Daniel Bryan cash in on Taker after the match and win.
    If DB cashed in on Taker after his match and won, then that would be HUGE heat for him. It would cement him as a heel for the rest of his career in the WWE.
  7. HCollins-TNA1's Avatar
    I really think Jericho and Taker wouldn't work today as well as it could 10 years ago.... Say 2002 after the WCW Invasion angle and Jericho beated the Rock and Austin same night...
    Sting is as doubtful as most likely he staying in TNA for 2012...
    Goldberg would actually be a good choice if they build it up, another Goldberg streak say 50 or 70 or 80 wins.... But it would take a little longer then a year to build it...
    Triple please not again unless something is added to the match, namely HBK.. Having Shawn screw his best friend rather it be a triple threat or or Shawn as Special referee..
    IMO it should be someone the Undertaker could make or break.... Wade Barrett for one give him that one big Wrestlemania match.... or Alberto Del Rio, he already won the WWE title, only thing really left now that real big Wrestlemanina moment.. Even CM Punk but it looks like WWE don't know what to do with Punk half the time..
    Maybe even someone young like Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBease Jr or Mike McGuillicuty who's careers could get that boost with that one spotlight match at Wrestlemania!!
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