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Who has the best mic skills in the WWE at the moment?

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We all know who the best wrestler in the WWE is at the moment (*cough*ziggler) only kidding but really he is totally awesome. Back to topic, one thing i would like to know is who has the best mic skills?

Here is a list of those who i believe (and it is only an opinion, so chill) are the best on the mic (this doesn't include the past, but i will name those who might return for good, and not The Rock).

CM Punk: Well this is probably the most obvious one, i mean for a lot of you im sure CM Punk is the best in both in ring and on mic, and i won't disagree with that. He had everyone on their toes and made this summer a hell of a lot better. "Is he going? Is he staying?" everyone was curious on what he would do. And without mic skills you can't do a shoot promo. Imagine festus up there saying "F*** Mr.McMahon" no one would take that serious, but he just knows how to talk the talk. End of.

Dolph Ziggler: This guy will make you hate him. Has any of you watched ask the heel on True Long Island Story? Yea he is that good, he can be detestable yet funny. He is in my opinion (we have opinions just like we have assholes, we all have one. At least that's what i've been told) one of the best all rounders i have seen in a long time.

The Miz: Really? Really? Do i even have to say anything? Really? RILEY! Just kidding, anyways, he is awesome on the mic we all know that, that is the only reason i believe he is even in the main event status, because he can talk the talk so well that Vince thought "forget the wrestling skills, let's give him a shot" i mean it takes a whole lot of ass kissing to get a shot.

Christian: Ok, now im probably going to get critisized for writing Christian. Yes WWE is absolutely screwing him in anyway, by making him a whining bitch. But i think if he got the chance then he would be the best smackdown has to offer. Make him gain some weight, give him a new song, attire and let him be himself. Remmember 2004-05, the time in which he had the whole "cuz thats how i roll or rule" attitude. He was hot. He owned Cena on many occasions, and he was heading the right way. Since his return all he got was shit. Im still a peep and in my opinion next to CM Punk, Christian is the best all-rounder.

These are the guys who i think, are or can be hot on the mic. Post your opinion and thanks for reading my post.

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  1. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    I agree with those listed but I would add, mah boy, Wade Barrett! He's great on the mic, he has a great voice for a heel! How he's so concise with his pronunciations and he never fumbles words! I think you'll see him grow even better on the mic!
  2. Shaz11's Avatar
    YOU FORGOT WADE BARRETT!!! He is gold on the mic!
    I do think that Cody Rhodes mic skills are brilliant as well
  3. Abs's Avatar
    Yea agree totally with Wade, i must have fallen on my head to forget him, my bad guys its my 2nd proper post so thanks for reading my blog (didn't think anyone would lol).
  4. B-ri's Avatar
    I'd say you left out Cena, I know everybody hates super-cena and his never say die persona but you have to give the guy credit, he doesn't half know how to talk and is fantastic at drawing from the crowd, I must say, minus the whole stigma with the Rock's return, Cena's promos at the start of this year were actually better. Nice blog though man and yeah I'd add Rhodes and Barrett too also maybe Kane? his promos in his feud with Edge were pretty epic.
  5. Abs's Avatar
    "Ain't No Grave" Im talkin bout Christian, he looks skinny and old so they need to freshen him up and give him his gimmick back from 2005 when he was walking around with Tomko
  6. Abs's Avatar
    @B-ri thanks, i thought of it but most people would just say Cena??? cmon dude. thats why i left him out.
  7. toobeastly33's Avatar
    I'm sorry i have to respectfully disagree about Cena. I am not saying he is bad, but i think too many people give he and batista credit on the mic. The problem is all his promos are the same and they are just over dramatized. Actually everything he does is over dramatic. lol have you ever watched him on the ropes during a tag match ughh.

    bottom line he has great mic skills when he wants them. they have been declining hardcore as the years go on. almost like he is getting lazy because he knows he has the WWE in his back pocket. Im not trying to bash him i just want to point it out... Great blog though...
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