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How "Wrestling Matters" Backfired on TNA & Impact Going Live

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Hey guys Knox here. I blog all the time about issues and problems within WWE & TNA. I know I'm viewed as a TNA hater but I generally watch the product but I have a hard time enjoying it. I know TNA has the most loyal fans so don't take this blog as bashing TNA. Point blank, they screwed up the "Wrestling Matters" gimmick and I'll tell you why.

Wrestling Matters was in response to WWE banning the word "Wrestling":
Ok Vince banning the world Wrestling was the dumbest idea ever seeing as their not fighting, boxing or performing karate in the ring. Their wrestling in that damn ring and cutting the word is spitting in the face of the greats of this business.

TNA attempted to feed off this and come up with "Wrestling Matters" in response to WWE cutting the word "Wrestling". Its clearly obvious that this was the case as TNA is known as a company that pays close attention to their competition and just loves to bring up their name.

So where did "Wrestling Matters" & TNA screw up?

How in the hell do you make that mistake? TNA's Reaction had more wrestling than Impact currently does (that was a joke).

Bad Business Bad Business Bad Business:
Who's really pulling the strings in TNA? This company has some of the worst execs and I can bet not too many in people have a degree in Business Management, Finance or Marketing.

Who's the guy cutting the wrestling time to showcase Bischoff & his son's stupid ass angle?

Who's the guy pulling the strings that decides to treat the TNA World Title as a TV Title since Roode & James picked up the belt. Back when 87 year old Sting & Kurt Angle were champ, the belt was the treated like an actual title.

TNA not having the "Finances" to go LIVE:
This is because they pay Hogan $2 million a year and pays these wrestlers over 40 huge money so of course they won't have the funds to go live. But does it ruin ratings? Hell yeah

Knockouts Salaries:
So the beautiful and talent Knockouts are anonymously the highest rated segments on Impact. How do TNA execs reward them? Easy, they pay both Mickie James and a chick that doesn't even wrestle by the name of Christy Hemme over $100,000.

But Knockouts like Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are getting around $400 an appearance. That's a big issue.

The Best Era of TNA: The Jim Cornette Era
TNA was at an all time high with the six sided ring and Jim Cornette in control. This was around the time when Angle made his debut and had one of the greatest feuds in wrestling history with Samoa Joe. It was a very well booked feud.

The way AJ Styles was put on as the top guy was just phenomenal (no pun intended). Now that isn't the case any longer.

Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo & Hulk Hogan = Cancer to Wrestling
They took this company and literally ruined it with bad business decisions, bad booking and just an overall lack of knowledge of the business. I think these guys are so obsessed with competing with the WWE that they let the product die.

They're afraid to take risk which is unbelievable. Bischoff was a huge risk taker back in those WCW days and that's what made them a huge force. Hogan is just an egomaniac.

Russo still books every match with the same nWo style ending that he did every freakin night in WCW. The guy is a cancer to this business. I won't even mention Dixie.

TNA's Biggest Mistake: Not Bringing in Paul Heyman
Biggest mistake ever. They were close to a deal but Dixie disliked Heyman's idea of cutting the old guys loose like Scott Steiner and the others. Heyman wanted the company to be put in the hands of the homegrown and younger talent. This was an awesome idea but not in Dixie's mind.

They missed out on a huge opportunity. We can pretty much assume that Brock Lesnar will return to the WWE in some form of fashion even if its as a special referee. The WWE & Brock Lesnar recently broke bread with the WWE 12 game which was setup by Heyman.

Couldn't Heyman have easily booked an angle in which Brock showed up on Impact for a month or two. Hell, the history that Brock & Kurt Angle have is enough right there to start something big. I think Brock could've gave TNA a huge ratings boost.

TNA Enabling James Storm to Perform with a Concussion:
Jesus Christ TNA DOES SOMEBODY HAVE TO DIE BEFORE YOU GUYS WAKE UP? Is risking a man's life worth selling an angle? James Storm should not be wrestling, one botch and a shot to the head could knock him unconscious or even kill him.

TNA has enabled guys for years including Jeff Hardy. Hell read Goldust's book. These guys don't give a damn about the health of their wrestlers. People come to TNA just because they know the rules are not enforced.

Hell guys like RVD can smoke as much pot as he wants. Something he was busted for damn near every month when he was in the WWE. These people wanna sell an angle and that's it.

But it's the WWE that gets all the negative views by society. The WWE funds rehab for former employees but they still are under grief. Would someone send the FBI to investigate TNA?

I love TNA & I want them to do good. The wrestling business needs competition. But when you have the dumbest execs and the worst business people running a company then this will not be achieved. They have to wake up and push the X-Division and do whatever it takes.

Thanks guys for reading and any feedback is welcome. If you wanna bash me its cool, we're through a computer so my feelings shouldn't be hurt too bad. This is opinionated but any real wrestling fan can agree if they look at the situation unbiased.

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  1. saint_nick's Avatar
    I was going to write alonger response, but their is only 1 sentence for this Blog. TNA bashing plain and simple!

    Dont get me wrong some of the points are good and very true, but some are just plain bashing. A couple of them really got me wondering why you needed to say that?

    1. "Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo & Hulk Hogan = Cancer to Wrestling." A cancer? really? Granted alot of peaple have a very low opinion of Russo and rightly so. Carter doesnt seem to know alot about the wrestling 'business' and yes she has made some mistakes, but who hasnt? Bischoff & Hogan has done some good and some bad things.

    2. "Back when 87 year old Sting & Kurt Angle were champ" Did you make a mistake? because last time I knew Sting was 52 years old. For me Sting can still put on a good match against the right opponent, and he has some of the best mic skills from either TNA or WWE.

    I could go on but Im alittle bored of pointing things out.

  2. Theicon's Avatar
    Your nothing but a blind E mark what a joke of a blog & a completeb waste of my time reading it!
  3. ejaspy's Avatar
    Couldn't agree more with what you wrote. I LOVED TNA back in the '05-07 era and spent many hours bickering with WWE fans on forums about why TNA's product was leaps and bounds above WWE's, but sadly things have changed. I'll never understand why, in the wrestling business, people who had a few good ideas 10-15 years ago are still held in such high regard and given such prominent positions in the business. Meanwhile ratings are in the gutter (compared to the heyday), arenas are half empty, and people like myself watch for no reason other than habit. Hogan, Bischoff, Russo and Dixie Carter are slowly killing their product and will continue to do so until it needs to be put down.
  4. The Doorman's Avatar
    Damn man. . . Great f'n blog. Hit the nail right on the head.
  5. Sondreg's Avatar
    Impact will be out of business within 2 years. The sad thing is that all the oldies there still carry the show. I dont care for Roode,Styles or any other "younger" wrestler. They dont have IT. Same goes for WWE there are only a hand full of wrestlers that have IT. The only thing impact has going for them is Storm. Lets face it wrestling as a whole is going down the drain.
  6. saint_nick's Avatar

    Your an idiot. "Out of business within 2 years" I will take that bet, name the price?

    Wrestlers like AJ and Joe are far better than 90% of any WWE guys.

    Wrestling as a whole is going down the drain, but WWE as the biggest company must be mostly to blame for that?
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