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10 Soon to be Released WWE Stars & Next Breakout Stars

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Hey guys, we're gearing rather close to the Royal Rumble which kicks off the road to Wrestlemania. Usually between this time to after Wrestlemania we begin to see a good number of stars get released from their contracts. I wanted to blog on who I think will and will not get released anytime between now & May 2012.

Soon To Be Released WWE Stars:

10. Hunico
I love this guy but without the mask the WWE will fail with him. He could be booked as a vicious heel like Homicide which I would soak up. Dude is amazing in the ring.

9. Curt Hawkins
Sucks to see a guy like him struggle as a jobber. He's always reminded me of HBK and with a push I feel he could be that guy. HBK wouldn't have been HBK without a push. So I might get heat for comparing him to HBK but we don't know what he's capable of if the WWE lets him rot on Superstars and house shows.

8. Tamina
She hasn't been given much of a chance. I love her.

7. Yoshi Tatsu
I respect this guys heart and willingness to learn. He's one of the more successful WWE stars as far as making a name around the world but always looks like a student to the game which is good. He has a new gimmick that I love but sadly I don't see the WWE investing much into him.

6. Trent Baretta
He's pretty over with the fans, they love this guy. He was the mouthpiece when Caylen Croft was around. He's put on classic matches that went unnoticed against guys like Tyson Kid, Daniel Bryan & Ted Dibiase Jr. Very good talent, Wake up WWE.

5. Johnny Curtis
He actually looks like he could be brothers with Mason Ryan. If I were the WWE I would utilize Johnny's great mic skills and send him back to FCW for more in ring training for a couple months and bring him back to the Raw roster and give him a Chris Master's like heel push. But the WWE won't listen to me.

4. Tyler Reks
Just pure talent. He's far from green and was given a small chance but with no build. I think they gave up on him which really sucks.

3. Michael McGuillicutty
I feel like he has a bland look and its the hair. Look at how Orton looked when he debuted in 2002. He needs a cool haircut like maybe an Alex Riley cut. I like his in ring skill and his mic skills but I'm afraid he's rubbed some top WWE executives the wrong way with his negative attitude backstage

2. Jinder Mahal
I think he was booked to be the next Muhammad Hassan but he failed with connecting with the fans. Hassan was super over as a heel and that's why he was booked in high profile feuds with guys such as The Undertaker & MickFoley. Its a shame they had to drop his gimmick because of the nature of his content. Anyway, Jinder doesn't have the look, charisma or skill.

1. Rosa Mendes
She just doesn't have it. She's beautiful but she's hard to take serious.

Guys who won't be released:

10. John Cena
lol this is just a little joke for the Cena haters that always say "Why won't the WWE just fire Cena". Just had to add a bit of humor. I've been apart of Cena's ChainGang for a while. I soo hope the WWE books him to beat Rocky

9. Alicia Fox
It looked like the WWE were losing interest in her but out of nowhere they let her pin Natalya twice and gave her new music and a fresh face turn. I think she's in good terms as of now and hopefully her work will continue.

8. Heath Slater
The drug suspension will not hurt him. I'm one of his only fans and I love the guys's work and his unique look. Keep in mind before his suspension he was consistently on Smackdown every week more than guys like Tyson Kid and Ted Dibiase Jr.

7. David Otunga
I think he'll be an asset to WWE in some form. His new Lawyer gimmick is pretty cool. I still think he's needs about a year's worth of training in FCW.

6. The Uso's
Yeah one of them got a DUI. But the concern is Triple H trying to rebuild the tag team division. They're a key part to strengthening that division so I think their job security is safe for the most part.

5. Tyson Kid
I'd say only Daniel Bryan, John Morrison & Dolph Ziggler have better match quality than Tyson. Dude is awesome and isn't as boring as before.

4. Drew McCintyre
Yeah he's hit rock bottom. But the way the internet fans rally behind him on a daily basis is just a beautiful site. We love this guy and the WWE execs know how much we loved this guy. They'll wake up one day.

3. Primo
They have the other Colon on the FCW roster and supposedly he's coming to the main roster so he and Primo can form a team. Great idea and great way to build the division. Job security is pretty high. Also I have a weird feeling Carlito might come back one of these days.

2. JTG
People question every day why he still has a job and the answer is because he's a hell of a wrestler and whether he's a babyface or a heel, he's gets a great reaction from the crowd. He's a good worker.

1. John Morrison
Yeah he might quit but I don't think the WWE would release him. Jomo will have his day guys trust me. The WWE would be fools to let him go.

Next Breakout Stars

5. Brodus Clay
Now here me out. Dude is far from green and actually a better worker than the late Umaga, Mark Henry, Ezekiel Jackson and Khali. He's more than just a huge frame, he can talk as well. The guy has a great look and I can see him having a huge role in the WWE for years to come. Not a World Title run but a huge Kane like role for atleast the next 10 years.

4. Daniel Bryan
Its so obvious that the WWE are going to screw his push that I think they might pull a wild card and give him a huge run. I can see him as a future 2 Time World Champ.

3. Cody Rhodes
They made a huge mistake by letting him job to Orton for the past few weeks and them not making their matches for the Intercontinental Title made the newly rehashed belt look weak. They brought the belt back to add prestige to the title but they don't let Randy challenge for it because he's too established to wrestler for that belt so in result, they made the title look weak because Cody is in this high profiled feud with the top guy Orton and his IC belt is barely even mentioned. Rhodes slipped a couple steps back but I can still see im as a 5-Time World Champ.

2. Kofi Kingston
2009 and early 2010 we thought his time was coming until the politician Orton ended that. Kofi has remained level headed and continued to keep his spot and get his huge pop from the fans and carry the I.C. & U.S. belt with pride.

They put him in a team with Bourne but it was Bourne that screwed up and got suspended. Kofi needs to be rewarded with his well deserved World Title push. I see him as a future 7-Time World Champ.

1. Dolph Ziggler
I am the only one not surprised about how impressive he's been. Since his first match as Dolph Ziggler in 2008 versus Batista on Raw I was an instant fan and really followed him. I seen him taken off television, I've seen Mysterio refuse to drop the I.C. belt to him when Mysterio got suspended and Dolph hung around waiting his turn.

I'm not saying he's the best wrestler in the WWE but he has the best match quality and I mean that. Put him in a match with anybody and he'll make them look good. I'm looking forward to a Dolph & Cm Punk feud. I deem Dolph as a future 10-Time World Champ. He's one of the only young guys that actually have it. You never undermine that and the WWE won't.

Thanks guys for reading. I had so much fun writing this so I hope you all agree with my lists. Keep in mind by released I mean fired and not quit. Be safe guys.

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  1. dmt4life's Avatar
    I immediately agree with Dolph being #1 on that list, if you look under the surface of what the WWE is doing with him, you can see that they are intentionally trying to hold him back for the moment, call it seasoning him up for super stardom, because the moment Dolph goes fulltime Mainevent, he's gonna be there for a long long time, is ability to sell just about any move in any match is a rare gift that hasn't truly been seen since Shawn Micheals, yes, thats right, I believe Dolph has all the talent and tools to be as huge and have a career as big as HBK, and in the end, I think WWE has already realized this, 2012 will be the year of Dolph, and soon he is going to be the center piece of many Wrestlemania's to come
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I think when Ziggler drops the US title is when he will go for the World or WWE title.
  3. KJ522's Avatar
    You're aware that the WWE doesn't give a damn about your opinions, right?
  4. KJ522's Avatar
    "I think WWE has already realized this, 2012 will be the year of Dolph, and soon he is going to be the center piece of many Wrestlemania's to come"

    How do you know what the WWE is planning? Are you working behind the scenes?
  5. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Hey KJ522, you're aware we don't give a damn about childish trolls' opinions, right?
  6. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KJ522
    How do you know what the WWE is planning? Are you working behind the scenes?
    It's called having thoughts and opinions! He can express his opinions! You realise this isn't Nazi Germany, right?
  7. EricChampion's Avatar
    Ziggler has been extremely impressive but i was impressed with him when he was with the Spirit squad so im not surprised at all. But what i am surprised at is how good he has made Swagger look in promos. If you watch right before he started this teaming with Zig, Swagger was absolutely atrocious on the mic and very hard to listen. However; after joining Ziggler he has rapidly improved on his skills even in the ring he has gotten better. So as a supporter of Ziggler for a long time im glad he is finally getting some attention. As long as they don't turn him into a face and change his character he will be a very popular star. To me he is very Shawn Michaels like.

    You can see how WWE took CM Punks character and made him into a Face instead of using him as a heel that was extremely popular they did the exact opposite that they did with Stone Cold who was a major heel that people absolutely love and didnt change his character till about 4 or 5 years ago so now he is very dry when he comes back every now and then. Orton is another example of changing the character when they feel he is getting popular they killed him even though he is a Main Event guy he should have always been a heel no matter how much people cheered him.
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