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Rick Starr

Could Cena Turn Heel?, Triple H botches Injury, & A John Morrison Comeback?

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Hi Splashers I thought I’d catch up with you and give you some of my thoughts of what’s been happening in the wrestling world.

Could John Cena Be WWE’s Next Big Heel?
I was reading the news bit, when I came across one news bit that caught my attention. Apparently certain sites are anticipating John Cena turning “heel” at Survivor Series. The reason for this is so the Rock/Cena match will have more heat between them, as WrestleMania draws close. While I do not doubt one man needs to be a “heel”, and another needs to be a “face” at the biggest PPV event of the year. I have my doubts that Cena will play the role of heel. While many fans are behind the Rock, he can easily get the crowd to turn against him in the same night, and IF any man plays the heel in this feud I’m betting on The Rock.

Many people think Cena is too over to ever play a heel again, and that’s where I disagree with them. The WWE has tested the waters of sorts with his storyline with Nexus and his feud with CM Punk where he dropped the title in front of Vince McMahon. They weren’t heel turns on any levels, but they clearly showed that the WWE and Cena have taken a peak into his possible future. A lot of hard-core Cena fans don’t believe that John Cena could ever turn heel again or at least any time in the conceivable future as it would be a bad move for him and the WWE. I disagree. I think if it was done the right way, it would be some captivating television. Look at Hulk Hogan when he made his legendary heel turn, to join the NWO in WCW. Fans were so livid, they were throwing stuff at him, and in the ring for weeks.

If they ever wanted Cena to go heel, a big way to get him over as a heel, is to stop have him come to the ring with marketable clothing…for a few weeks anyway. Now it’s common knowledge that Cena’s merchandise is one of the largest selling products in WWE since Stone Cold Steve Austin. For Cena to come to the ring, with no hat, no bands, no colorful shirt for several weeks it would make a bold statement. Furthermore, his previous merchandise would get new revenues, as hard-core fans would be screaming for his merchandise.

However, right now I don’t see Cena going heel in the immediate future, after all he is a huge fan favorite at the moment, and why screw up a good thing? If his career started getting dry, or the fans in general began to lose interest, I could see a heel turn, but that’s just not the case here. The Rock has played heel before and I don’t think he will have a problem being a heel again in this feud.

Triple H Botching his Injury
Two weeks ago we saw Triple H got violently attacked from Kevin Nash from behind with Triple H’s traditional sledge hammer. Then after Triple H was out-cold and strapped to a stretcher, and being loaded into an ambulance, Nash chases away the EMT’s, stands Triple H up, and slams him in the face with the hammer again. Of course this was all “kayfabed”, and the story went that Triple H suffered a cracked vertebrae. However just two weeks later, Triple H and Shawn Michaels were on CBS to promote WrestleMania 28, and for someone who has a cracked vertebrae Triple H looked pretty good. Triple H was not showing any signs of injury, and he wasn’t even wearing a neck brace. In my mind they totally botched the “injury”, and for someone on Triple H’s level it’s a foolish move in my book.

The WWE used to be very harsh on WWE superstars, for keeping in character after the lights go down. If you recall back in 2009-2010, CM Punk ran the Straight Edge Society. Back then Serena (aka Serena Deeb) was reportedly released from the company because she was not “Straight Edge” outside the WWE. This was because she was being seen going to clubs on her own time. Despite the fact that she never failed a wellness tests, she was released because it made the company look bad, by going against her character. Triple H didn’t go against his character, but he clearly messed up the story line. He could have showed up with some crutches and a neck brace, but he was sitting there with all smiles, turning his head this way and that, as if there was nothing wrong with his neck. I wonder if Triple H is going to be reprimanded?…..NAH!

Is there a Comeback for John Morrison? recently posted an article on John Morrison and the series of losses he has suffered. Morrison acknowledged his recent losing streak, and said that it could have a lot to due with his early comeback, from his injuries this past spring. Other sources indicated that the losing streak was a result of his relationship of his former girlfriend, former WWE Diva Melina, and there was even talks that Morrison was even on his way out the door once his contract was up.

But for the WWE to clearly talk about Morrison’s losing streak, does put a new spin on the story if you ask me. Perhaps this stroke of bad luck for Morrison could be a test to see if he is willing to do whatever the WWE will ask of him. I think Morrison is a phenomenal wrestler, and I would like to see him get back into a title hunt where he belongs.

Well Splashers that’s it for now, Until next time…See you when I See You!
-Rick Starr

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  1. abarasch523's Avatar
    Morrison needs a heel turn, new gimmick, new theme, just a total overhaul and he'll be alright
  2. The Sneakiness's Avatar
    "If his career started getting dry"

    Isn't it already at this stage now?
  3. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Cena as a heel may happen. Look at this new black "Rise Above Hate" shirt. While carrying the same message his character generally has, it drops the bright flashy colors that are associated with faces for colors associated with heels. If it's going to happen any time soon, it'll happen at Survivor Series... Though I honestly don't foresee it coming over The Rock's temporary pseduo-return. Rock isn't actually there for it to be worth Cena turning heel over as it can't be pushed well enough.

    Face it, Trips is above the law because he's one of the players at the head of the beast. Though I would expect that to make it mean more to him. I mean hell, look at what McMahon has done in the past to make the storylines he was in work.

    Morrison needs some type of consistency to his character that gives it decent depth. As it stands he's the generic douchebag with some flashy moves and a finisher that he botches damn near every time. (Glad their having him focus on a new finisher ala WWE '12.) Thank god he's seemingly chosen his career over that [insert several expletive statements] Melina.
  4. Tall's Avatar
    There doesn't need to be a heel in the feud. Originally Michaels/Hogan was going to be face vs face. At Survivor Series I'm guessing that Cena/The Rock will win and at the end Cena will give an AA to The Rock as a little revenge for WM.

    Morrison seems to be in the same group as Daniel Bryan, although he's atleast got the MITB. 4 years ago he was competing for the Intercontinental Title and now he's not even at that level.
  5. Theicon's Avatar
    Great blog well said
  6. toobeastly33's Avatar
    Great Blog. I agreed with pretty much everything you said. Especially the HHH injury. The WWE want to preach continuity all day, but their biggest player does what he wants. And really he broke the storyline for no real reason. Your right he could have at least been on crutches. But instead hed rather lose even more credibility for the storylines...
  7. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Nice blog, good read!
    All I'll say is, you have it the wrong way round, if they do go down the route of face v heel, Rock will be the heel, not Cena!
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