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WWE is too complicated

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Wrestling has become too complicated. Gone are the days where the build up to PPV's and big events was about the wrestlers and their feuds. Now it's all about "writers" coming up with ridiculous ideas for "storylines" that lead to nowhere. This is why WWE isn't selling many PPV's anymore. Because we aren't invested in the matches. There is no build up behind the matches anymore. Or rather it's not the correct build up.

An example of a good build up to a match would be HBK vs Bret Hart at WM12. Now the entire feud felt pretty intense. Why ? Because WWF made it intense. They made us emotionally involved and invested in the match. The entire feud was very simply and answered questions that we needed to know the answers to. Here's HBK, never before been world champion, won the Rumble for the second time, and now he will finally get his chance going up against the greatest of them all. On the other hand is Bret Hart. The older more experienced wrestler, the reigning champion, the biggest challenge HBK will ever face. They are going at it for 60 minutes at the biggest event of all time: Wrestlemania.

That was pretty simply wasn't it ? Throw in a few heated interviews and voiced over highlight footage to build up the match and your golden. This is a tried and true method, proven to be successful. This is how boxing has always been promoted, this is how wrestling USED to be promoted, and this is how MMA is currently promoted.

And what do they show on TV now instead of good wrestling or good build up to future matches ? They show us what the so called "writers" pull out of their ass. For example the Walkout angle. I agree that it was better than regular WWE programming as of late and did end prematurely, but it is a great example for me to use. Where was this angle leading to ? What match or which wrestlers was this angle building up. Who was going to wrestle who and why ? See how this angle answers none of those questions ? This is an example of an angle that is ,in reality, a waste of time because it does NOT promote anything. It does not build up any match for future PPV's which is the most important part. It was an angle that was going nowhere. This is why PPV numbers are down, because the weekly programming does not build up to the matches at these PPV's.

Now, I understand that Vince never considered his company to be a wrestling company, he always called it "sports entertainment". Apparently he came up with this term around the first WM. According to Jim Cornette he coined this term in order to fool all the advertising and PPV carrier companies that they weren't buying some cheap, redneck "rassling" but rather they were getting something new and different. Now Vince fooling others into believing that his product is "sports entertainment" is all fine and good, do whatever you have to do to succeed, but it seems as though the man himself now believes that wrestling is sports entertainment.

It's not. It's wrestling. Take out that ring in the middle of the arena and I want to see how many tickets you'll sell. Or how many PPV's. And the PPV numbers are the best indicator of WWE's drop in business. The people just won't pay to see matches that they aren't invested in. TV rating aren't the most important thing for wrestling. Attendance and PPV sales are.

Nobody is saying you can't have some gimmicky "sports entertainment" to your show. This is way I love the WWF from the late 80's early 90's even though I was born the same year RAW debuted. This is when you had great entertainment, with Booby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon making fun of each other aswell as other more gimmicky aspects of the show. But at the same time, you had matches that were actually built up and angles that didn't insult our intelligence and were given time to mature, this is why we felt invested and immersed in the product.

Please, Vince fire all these so called writers and let them go back to writing for whatever reality TV show the came from, and hire some people who actually know how to produce wrestling. Because like it or not, that's what you are. You are a wrestling company, it's even in your damn name.
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  1. Gabriel_Blaze's Avatar
    Vince is the Writer...his the creative team.. he has thee pulse on WWE and he loves it just the way it is.
  2. dub's Avatar
    Agree, It has gotten way too complicated. By the time you throw storylines & politics & who sales the most merchandise in the equation. Wrestling and solid rivalries become secondary. Remember the Jake Roberts & Macho Man rivalry? Remember the DX/Nation rivalry? You talk about being invested EMOTIONALLY!?!?!? I wanted Macho man to kill Jake the Snake (lolol) & I just flat out enjoyed every minute of the DX/Nation rivalry. I looked forward to seeing what they would do week in and week out. I just think the WWE has gotten so wrapped up into all these other things that they have lost the ability to make such memorable rivalries anymore. For cryin out loud have someone come out and talk about someones momma or something (lol), or have someone set Del Rios car on fire or something (aka Kofi/Orton segment we all remember that too), I mean goodness make something memorable on why these guys are settling their differences in the ring.
  3. Bagg's Avatar
    Awesome, I think we have a lot in common here. In the spirit of the protests going on in North America right now, its clearly what some ppl need to do. I can thankfully say, I have not attended a WWE live event since 2007 and I have watched a handful of Raw's this year. Because every time i think "hmm things arent that bad, I could do this again".......BAM! Title to Orton, Title to Cena, and im done again. I do read results and hear whats going on from my buddies. The thing now is what you wrote about above, with non-sensical angles that benefit nobody, save maybe cena/orton, NOW Punk. These angles, are roping the die-hards in and making them think something HUGE and EARTH-SHATTERING and INDUSTRY-CHANGING is going to happen and in the end.....nothing happens. Its like Dexter, where something sort of happens at the season finale, but in the end everything usually just conveniently falls back into place. But for that one week period where ppl walked out, WWE fans were clamoring thinking it was the second coming. LOL and LOOK what happened. Same thing with the CM PUnk fiasco earlier this year, "whats he going to do, is he going to leave with the belt for months? will he go to ROH? Will he bring in Colt Cabana and a new stable?" Guess what happened? EXACTLY. NOTHING! Nothing EVER happens. Even after Mania last year and they set up Cena/Rock 1 year in the making....everyone thought, "one year build-up....breathtaking!".......Have they even mentioned this main event in the last 6 months, aside from in CM punk "shoots"? Regardless, i enjoyed your blog man, simple, to the point, makes me miss the old days.
  4. Chaston80's Avatar
    Appreciated this blog and totally agree...back in 2000 when Triple H was WWE Champion and he was running the show with Stephanie McMahon the wrestlers had protested and said they wouldnt wrestle unless the H and Steph rehired Mick Foley (which they fired the previous show). Now this segment took about 10 to 15 minutes but was simple and did exactly what it was supposed to...set up a match between Foley and Triple H and even prepared us for Rock being in the Royal Rumble as that was part of the promo. All that in 15 minutes and so simple. Yet they do something similar with this walkout story and nothing comes of it except Triple H stepsdown as the guy in charge...who cares. No matches or consequences. This blog was right on.
  5. Slickman69's Avatar
    Glad you guys appreciate the blog and agree with what I had to say . Chaston80 I actually watched that segment again a couple of weeks ago and I agree that it was awesome. Wasn't rushed, got us excited, and most importantly promoted future matches. And remember how that segment was all about the actual WRESTLERS, and not some douche bag WWE official a.k.a John Laurinaitis. Why the hell is he on TV anyway ? Is he going to wrestle someone ? No. Just wasting TV time that could have been a match or mic time for the wrestlers.
  6. belleza's Avatar
  7. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Storytelling invests in the audience and then the audience invests back into the product with their wallet. You can push the sales almost any of the guys have and honestly, it doesn't matter who it is. I just think they're scared of building one guy too much and then seeing him walk or screw up in life. I honestly think Hardy and how he was screwed over a lot of guys being able to rise to full stardom. -- And they've seen it in some of the younger guys they're getting over from FCW, so the fear isn't entirely unfounded.

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