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The Next WWE Breakout Stars

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WWE is looking for new and up-in-coming stars to replace the veterans when they retire. They have some superstars that are capable of doing this. In fact, any one of them have the chance to breakout and become the superstar WWE is looking for. Here is who I think is most capable/deserving of this:

Dolph Ziggler- I think “Mr. Ziggles” is one of the best wrestlers the company has at this moment. I can see him go all the way. There isn't much i can say about him except that he's a genuis in the ring and his mic skills are top notch. In my opinion he can be the best heel the WWE have seen in a long time (if that isn't the case already).

Daniel Bryan- I personally think this guy can pull it of. He is a great technical wrestler and the crowd has got his back. He has already put on some great matches (bryan vs jericho on NXT season 1,) and has got a nice move set. I can feel a little push already but by Wrestlemania Bryan could be SmackDowns main attraction. He's got a sense of humour (if you listen carefully) and he has "it", so if i were to put my money on one of these three it would have to be Ziggler (big lol), yea he will get there though!

Wade Barret- I personally loved the whole Nexus thing, and Barret is one of the better wrestlers and he's got a lot of charisma too. He was really the only one who got a reaction when he talks on the mic out of everyone in Nexus. He is good on the mic and has a great heel look (even though his hair is combed like a kindergartener on his first day of school). His finisher is really lame and unbelievable but other than that he does fairly well in the ring. Even when he was associated with 4 talent less losers (besides Sheffield and Gabriel), he was the shining star of the group. Like it or not he and his theme rule.

Cody Rhodes- if you didn't know already, he came up with his new gimmick by himself. Talk about grabbing opportunities. Right now he has a good thing going, losing agains Randy Orton isn't neccesarily a bad thing if your a mid carder to be quiet honest. But it wouldn't hurt for him to beat Orton on a paper view with the IC belt on the line. That would elevate him and the title, plus a loss to super Orton wouldn't make much of a difference anyways, he's had enough spotlight!!

Im not going to talk about Jomo because-hold on "you already know that (del rio laugh)".

So who do you think will be the next big thing? Be sure to post your opinion on this, and thanks for reading my blog.

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  1. Abs's Avatar
    Excuse my bad spelling, im just a bit fed up with this punk.
  2. KJ522's Avatar
    Im sorry my dear abs, i will not enter your blogs anymore
    Updated 11-08-2011 at 12:25 PM by Abs
  3. The Hit Man's Avatar
    Great blog Abs. I don't see why KJ522 came on this site when we're all here to express our own opinions and thoughts.

    For me Dolph Ziggler has the most potential to be a star. I've been a fan of Ziggler since his fued with Mysterio over the IC Title back in 2009. It wasn't till his series of matches with Bryan this time last year that I thought with an improvement on his mic skills, he would be the real deal. A year on and he has sharpened up his mic skills and can deliver great promos. If WWE allow him to, he can be as good as the great Shawn Michaels.
  4. DR.X313's Avatar
    what the wwe needs to do is who ever they decide to bring up give them a sweet finisher...please. i think thats what holding my pick for brake out star is jack swagger back. his move is ok ,but if he did a proper powerbomb he would be over right now. if wade barret had a better finisher he would be in that wc picture insted of mark henrey. also why take the time to post a comment just to call someone dumb? its' more of a waste of your time more that anything else.
  5. Godsmack78's Avatar

    i agree with everything but the mark henry comment.. that boy paid his dues.. for 5 years so ya he damn sure deserves the gold til at least the rumble if not mania.. legit tell me who can beat him without him helping? besides the big show and he caught problems at vengeance.
  6. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    is the ziggler-micheals comparison due to that superkick he killed ryder with :P, but for me its cody rhodes i think he has developed well i hated the crossrhodes when he 1st started using it because it always looked awkward, but i think he'll get a face turn soon because people are starting to cheer for him which is gonna kill his character and bryan isn't good enough on the mic, ziggler :/ maybe but it would get boring fast i think barrett is ready for a major push though
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