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The Next WWE Breakout Stars

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WWE is looking for new and up-in-coming stars to replace the veterans when they retire. They have some superstars that are capable of doing this. In fact, any one of them have the chance to breakout and become the superstar WWE is looking for. Here is who I think is most capable/deserving of this:

Dolph Ziggler- I think “Mr. Ziggles” is one of the best wrestlers the company has at this moment. I can see him go all the way. There isn't much i can say about him except that he's a genuis in the ring and his mic skills are top notch. In my opinion he can be the best heel the WWE have seen in a long time (if that isn't the case already).

Daniel Bryan- I personally think this guy can pull it of. He is a great technical wrestler and the crowd has got his back. He has already put on some great matches (bryan vs jericho on NXT season 1,) and has got a nice move set. I can feel a little push already but by Wrestlemania Bryan could be SmackDowns main attraction. He's got a sense of humour (if you listen carefully) and he has "it", so if i were to put my money on one of these three it would have to be Ziggler (big lol), yea he will get there though!

Wade Barret- I personally loved the whole Nexus thing, and Barret is one of the better wrestlers and he's got a lot of charisma too. He was really the only one who got a reaction when he talks on the mic out of everyone in Nexus. He is good on the mic and has a great heel look (even though his hair is combed like a kindergartener on his first day of school). His finisher is really lame and unbelievable but other than that he does fairly well in the ring. Even when he was associated with 4 talent less losers (besides Sheffield and Gabriel), he was the shining star of the group. Like it or not he and his theme rule.

Cody Rhodes- if you didn't know already, he came up with his new gimmick by himself. Talk about grabbing opportunities. Right now he has a good thing going, losing agains Randy Orton isn't neccesarily a bad thing if your a mid carder to be quiet honest. But it wouldn't hurt for him to beat Orton on a paper view with the IC belt on the line. That would elevate him and the title, plus a loss to super Orton wouldn't make much of a difference anyways, he's had enough spotlight!!

Im not going to talk about Jomo because-hold on "you already know that (del rio laugh)".

So who do you think will be the next big thing? Be sure to post your opinion on this, and thanks for reading my blog.

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  1. umar's Avatar
  2. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    What happened to normal typingg becuase I doný understand a word of what you've said.

    Good blog
  3. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Ziggles' "Mr. Perfect" is perhaps even better than the original's, which is saying quite a bit. It's really like no two see the same Ziggler, but everyone sees some resemblance to an old major player. Edge somewhat passed the torch to him (or more appropriately the Vicky) and put his name behind a push for him. Unquestionably, he is the next top-3 stars of WWE. Once he actually enters the WHC/WWE title picture without a briefcase, he'll never leave.

    Drew McIntyre -- If they ever choose to take him out of Superstars hell, I could see McIntyre being among the major players once again. Though I think it might make sense for him to be paying his dues to explode on one of the main shows again later. The "chosen one" gimmick kind of fizzled, and let's face it, was lame. I believe they'll find a way to write him back into the mix. Though god help him, he may very well become the next William Regal. Super talented and super under utilized.
  4. Renevious's Avatar
    Hey Abs, I really enjoyed this blog. It's been a really long time since I've commented anywhere, but I think this topic deserves the discussion. First of all, you're spot on when it comes to Ziggler. Anyone who doesn't see his potential is just blind. He is a complete and total package. He's super witty, confident, and all around talented both in and out of the ring. People like to compare him to Mr. Perfect because of his look and his in-ring style, but I don't think it's like that. Right now he may be a lot like Perfect because he wows us in the ring, and they don't let him display his mic skills that much just yet. I think once Vicki moves out of the picture, that will change. Then I think we'll get to see him cut more amazing promos, and in my opinion, I think he'll start to come off as more of a Ted Dibiase Sr. type character (just a 100% cocky asshole), which would be absolutely "perfect" for him.
    Also, I love Daniel Bryan, but I really do wish he would add some weight to his frame. He awesome in the ring, but being under 200 lbs. it will be difficult for him to truly be a main event guy. Seeing someone like him or Rey Mysterio beat guys like Mark Henry or Big Show to me is just silly. All the talent in the world won't grant you the ability to realistically defeat someone who is 3 times your size. That is the main reason why I (and I know I'm not alone on this) think now is the time to finally bring back the cruiserweight division.
    I think you're spot on about Rhodes and Barrett, except that I personally think that Wasteland is a killer move. I love it, but hey, opinions are like assholes, right? We've all got one.
    And finally, in response to Umar, there's no need to mention Sheamus because he's already a top guy. He's a former 2 time WWE champion, and now that he's a face, he's doing more Cena and Miz-esque charity and publicity stuff that it'll be no time before he's a world champ again. It's obvious to see that that's already in the works.
    All in all man, I really liked your blog. Thanks for writing. Keep 'em coming. WWWYKI
  5. Abs's Avatar
    Thanks for leaving your comments and The legendary Icon; i feel the same about drew and i knew i had forgotten someone, but unfortunately he isnt getting the push he deserves. Thanks Renevious and yes we do all have our opinion (great example by the way). This was my first ever blog and there are many more on their way!
  6. KJ522's Avatar
    Oh god another blog about WWE's next breakout stars. It's like you nerds make these every other fucking week. You act as if the WWE gives a damn about your meaningless opinions. At the end of the day Vince is gonna do what HE wants with HIS fucking company.


    "In my opinion he can be the best heel the WWE have seen in a long time (if that isn't the case already)."

    Wait, I thought that was Randy Orton in 07, and Jericho and Punk in 08, and Miz and Wade Barrett in 2010, and R truth Mark


    "He was really the only one who got a reaction when he talks on the mic out of everyone in Nexus."

    He was the only one in that group that got to talk lol.


    "But it wouldn't hurt for him to beat Orton on a paper view with the IC belt on the line. That would elevate him and the title,"

    It's 2011 you know. You don't need that fucking belt to get to the top.
  7. Abs's Avatar
    Listen, guys "KJ522" are absolute twats. That's all there is to it, they go to other people's posts and bash them for giving their opinion. NO ONE EXPECTS WWE TO CARE!!! Seriously dude when are you going to understand that we don't care about what you have to say. This note goes to people who want to comment "Onyl give your opinion if it is based on what i wrote, not on the fact that i am writing" so that's that and enjoy my posts.
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