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Another Attitude Era Blog....

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I have been reading this website for over a year but have never posted, but I was watching an old episode of Raw I had earlier today and felt like I needed to add to the staunch defence of the Attitude Era. I know a lot of people refer to us as Attitude Marks but quite frankly why wouldn't we be? If you grew up in that era of wrestling you understand, every week you were glued to your TV. Everyone always posts saying of suggestions on how WWE can bring back the success of that era. My answer to it? They can't.

It was a different time, things were a lot more edgy, and I'm not just talking about wrestling. Music and all other forms of Pop Culture, we simply now live in more politically correct times, hence the PG rating, and that will not change anytime soon. The stars of that era, The Rock, Stone Cold, HHH, Undertaker, Kane, Big Show, HBK, they all fed off each other. Each made the other perform to a higher standard. Apart from HBK, probably HHH, they weren't great technical wrestlers. What they were is great performers. The Rock could talk fans into the building with his promos, NO ONE on the current roster can do that, and I include CM Punk in that. I loved his MITB stuff, but he was half shooting because he was in a power position, and to be fair it would be pretty boring if he came out every week shooting on the same things.

The episode of Raw I watched earlier was when Austin was CEO and there were skits from him being at HQ. All amusing. But the mid card matches of Shamrock v Jeff Jarrett, Road Dogg v Billy Gunn, X Pac v Big Show, Edge and Christian v The Hardy Boyz felt more exciting and had more crowd excitement than the current main events. I know I have been rambling on a bit of nostalgia, but hey, it was a great time to be a wrestling fan. My point is there is no point comparing todays product to then, because it will never happen. There are talented guys like Punk, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan and my personal favourite Dolph Ziggler who are doing well at building their characters and will hopefully take the torch sooner rather than later, but the IWC, myself included, have to accept those good ol days just aren't coming back.

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  1. LM_StraightEdge's Avatar
    Completely agree with you re Angle, Jericho, Benoit etc but I was sort of referring to the 1997 - 1999 (which in my opinion were the best years of the attitude era). The shock value of wrestling has gone because of sites like these. Even the not so great ideas (HHH "drugging" Stephanie and marrying her) who saw that coming?! Nobody!! I actually had a drink with Road Dogg after a show in England last year and he said the same thing, had no problems admitting he wasn't skilled in the ring but said that all the guys knew how to cut a promo. All knew how to get crowd heat or going on the mic. That is what is badly lacking from todays product, you have guys like Ziggler, Bryan, Morrison all unique in the ring but how interested can you get in them when they don't know how to talk to a crowd?
  2. Tall's Avatar
    I see 2000 as the peak but each to their own. Angles haven't changed that much. Storylines weren't much better back then but they knew how to finish a show and people were over so it didn't matter. I remember a tag team match with the McMahon/Helmsley faction beating down The Rock at the end of the match and then Kane returns, the crowd goes crazy and he destroys the heel group. Classic ending but now they always bring the returning wrestlers back at the beginning of the shows. Another example of pathetic booking.

    Everyone loves a good faction they can get behind e.g. NWO, DX (both versions), Nation so why not create a faction of ex-ROH guys. CM Punk as the charismatic leader, Daniel Bryan as the mid carder and, if the rumours are true, the Kings of Wrestling as the tag team. Classic faction and with Punk as leader he covers up for Bryan's lack of mic skills. Book them to win titles and then book them against a new McMahon faction with a Corporate champ such as The Miz. Just an idea, but it's better than what they're producing.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    I remember a tag team match with the McMahon/Helmsley faction beating down The Rock at the end of the match and then Kane returns, the crowd goes crazy and he destroys the heel group.
    hmm I still remember it..I suppose DX, Mcmahons n Benoit r beating the hell outta Rock n kane comes n destroy them..Even I went mad before my TV Set at that moment..
  4. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I like the Attitude Era because anyone could lose on any given night and that people actually wanted any title they could get. Angle as the Eurocontinental Champion was a highlight in the midcard division in my opinion. We had great competitors main eventing and mid carders ready to move up when someone left. Today we don't have as many main eventers and only a few mid card guys ready to move up when it is there time.
  5. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wrestlingfan66513
    Angle as the Eurocontinental Champion was a highlight in the midcard division in my opinion.
    If this happened nowadays the more vocal negative "expert" members of the iwc would be up in arms that wwe made a big deal about angle being eurocontinental champion and not d'lo brown
  6. mika009's Avatar
    I know people knock the Attitude Era but just remember, back then WWF and WCW were getting ratings between 6.5 to 8.5 at thier peak. Now adays Raw, the biggest show out of them all is getting between 3.1 to 3.7. Tell you anything?

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