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Wrestling Free Agents

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It's been awhile since I've posted a blog, but given how there is a few blogs/forum posts about the term “Left over” I feel like I have to chime in, but given my habit of typing long messages I figured blog form would be best.

First for purposes of full disclosure, I have an admitted bias to the WWE, as my older blogs have indicated. However, I'm not here to argue that WWE is better, or that TNA sucks. My argument lies with the idea of “Wrestling Free Agents” and the idea of “What is a Leftover?”

Moving on... some definitions (in relation to this blog)

Free Agent: This is referring to a performer who is not under contract with the WWE, TNA or ROH.
Left-Over: A Free Agent who is past his or her prime and sometimes is released under negative circumstances.

Timfeyenoord's blog “The Leftover Stars of WWE & TNA” made an argument that TNA has a lot of former WWE stars and thus, are weaker than the WWE.

This is a rehash of an old IWC argument that the TNA will never be better so long as they use washed-up stars. There is some truth to this, and this argument has been used in both a correct manner, and incorrect manner.

I believe the argument that Timfeyenoord made, is an incorrect one, because it makes no distinction between a good “Free Agent Pick Up” and a bad one.

To pause for a second, let's move over to the NFL and NBA worlds.

Drew Brees was just hitting his strides in San Diego, when he was traded to New Orleans. Upon his trade he was already putting up respectable stats, and was considered a great pick up for New Orleans. He since has gone on to even greater things.

Lebron James was considered Cleveland's hero and was arguably one of the bigger stars in the league, upon his contract expiring before going to Miami. While I'm not going to argue about “why”, it was considered a huge positive move for Miami in the skill sense.

On the flip side, Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys was/is a legend in Dallas. He went to Arizona and spent his final time there as a washed up Running back. Chad Ochocinco to the New England Patriots is another example.

I could make another example of Michael Jordan going to the Washington Wizards, and I'm sure any sports fan can think of others.

When you think of WWE, TNA and ROH in the idea of competitive teams, you have to think about what is considered a good “Free Agent Pick Up” for the WWE, TNA, and ROH.

TNA is the #2 Federation in the English Speaking World, it's only natural that they are going to get some of WWE's "scraps", after all, the main goal of a wrestler (most of the time) is to be in the WWE. However, the WWE only has so many spots on it's main roster who are worth TV time. Eventually many stars will quit/be "future endeavored" etc. from the WWE for a variety of reasons.

However, who should be considered a good “pick up” for TNA and who is a bad one.

Kurt Angle is an example of a great pick up. He quit the WWE on his own accord, had plenty left in the tank and has done great things for himself and TNA. Anyone arguing against that is just delusional.

D'Angelo is an example of someone who under-achieved in the WWE (his fault or not, is a different discussion), but actually improved and built his stardom in TNA. He is a decent pick up.

Mr. Anderson feels like he is being force fed to us, that's probably why many get the "left over" vibe from him. He is a “not-bad” pick up.

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair we're great pickups in the short term because of their name recognition and experience, but poor in the long term because they are draining too much money and TV time. This is simply mismanagement by TNA's execs.

Matt Hardy – The Prime Example of a Bad “Free Agent” for TNA.

However what about the WWE?

Sure, I'll just make a quick list:
Good Pickups:
Chris Jericho, Big Show, Eddie Guerrero, Triple H, Daniel Bryan
Bad Pickups:
DDP, Goldberg, Scott Steiner, Kaval, Chris Masters

The point in all this?

Simply the argument that TNA is bad because all they have is Free Agents from the WWE is just dumb, because then you could say that the Miami Heat we're stupid because Lebron James and Chris Bosh we're leftovers from other teams, when they are making a boat load of money from the “Big 3” now. Or how the New York Yankees suck because all they do is buy their players, while their huge amount of trophies over the decades obviously proves you wrong.

However, if you are arguing that they make more poor Free Agent Decisions than good ones, then you have a better and more understandable argument. If you are going to argue about “Left-Overs” then, make better points and better examples. Because if you need a example of someone stupid in pick ups, Look at the Oakland Raiders for most of last decade.

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  1. caper18's Avatar
    Kurt Angle quit wwe because they wanted him to go to rehab for pain killers. He quit and went to tna where he could still do drugs, because tna does not care about their talent as long as they show up for tapings.
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Matt Hardy was a short term mistake. I don't think it was Dixie's idea but Eric has said he did not want him there which is why he left so fast. Anderson should have been a little higher up. He was going to be a future champion(money in the bank) but the Orton incident hurt him and got him released. Flair should have only been a short term thing. But Hogan's name recognition is good. If it were me I'd hire Hogan to promote my company and help get some guys over by being their manager or working to get them talk shows.
  3. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Once again I've never said that TNA is wekaer, I just said TNA has more leftovers
  4. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by caper18
    Kurt Angle quit wwe because they wanted him to go to rehab for pain killers. He quit and went to tna where he could still do drugs, because tna does not care about their talent as long as they show up for tapings.
    Kurt Angle actually gave an interview on this subject;

    On leaving WWE and getting off a full-time schedule:
    "I chose to quit WWE. Vince McMahon wanted me to go full time, and we were butting heads. I felt I put in enough time and all the effort I could to wrestle 250 or 300 days per year, and I felt like I couldn't do that any longer. Vince, on the other hand, with the amount of money (I was the highest paid individual last year) said I should go full-time. He needed me for all the house shows, TV -- everything."

    On his jump to TNA and a smaller schedule:
    "I just did not have enough in me to continue to go 300 days per year. I felt it would have gotten to the point where I would have gotten exhausted, and I probably wouldn't be alive today. I decided to go with TNA, and they monitor me with doctors and keep me in 10 or less matches per month. So, they are keeping me alive and well and wrestling, and I appreciate that."

    On how grueling a wrestling schedule can be:
    "There is no sport more brutal. It is a year-round sport, and not even MMA is like that. Heck, those guys fight two or three times per year, and they get their downtime. There is nothing more grueling, and it comes to a point, for me it took six and a half years before I said, 'Okay, I'm done.' I felt like I wanted to be a part of a program where someone actually cared about my health."

    Read more: Source:
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    I have seen the video of Kurt leaving WWE and Eddie...he left WWE because of the hectic schedule...which was too much for him n his health....he did not left because he can have drugs...
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    He was going to be a future champion(money in the bank) but the Orton incident hurt him and got him released.
    What was that incident?? can anyone tell me...
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    I felt like Kurt's entry and even Christian's entry into TNA were two gr8 moves...

    I mean..Kurt Vs Joe was an awesome storyline..n Kurt even jobbed to Jay Lethal (I suppose for X-Div championship)..

    Christian's segment with Rhino when Xtian turned heel was THE BEST SKIT EVER happened in TNA..Xtian was used better in TNA than in WWE..n when he returned to WWE..all his peeps believed that he can be a main event...
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