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Jump Start for the Tag Team Division

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What's up guys, this is my first blog. I may have gotten a bit carried away... The current trend among WWE fans is bantering about how to get back to the Attitude era. The reality is however that we will never have another Attitude era. Times have changed, fans have changed, talent has changed, and this unfortunately means more than what life-long fans would love to see.

That being said there's no reason the WWE can't bring back a similar level of excitement. Taking extreme violence and swearing off TV shouldn't mean that the entire product should be watered down. The first thing I'd like to look at (though I'm far from the first to do so) is the tag-team division. After DX lost the unified titles a couple years ago, the WWE has made the division into a seemingly midcarders-only division. But that's never the feeling I got growing up, and even as a teenager. Viable main-eventers used to be contenders, making the belts far more prestigious. Being held by McGillicuty and Otunga, it just seems to mean nothing compared to when they were held by, say, Big Show and Kane.

With the insertion of Air Boom, the WWE is trying to faze back to the glory days. But it needs a lot more. It needs somewhat of a jump start. Remember years ago when they did a lottery/tournament for the tag titles? Let's bring something like that back. Here's how it could look:

With Evan Bourne's suspension, Air Boom has to give up the titles. A 16 team tournament will be held to determine the new champs. All teams (8 from raw, 8 from smackdown) will be randomly selected. The size of the tournament gives it great appeal, though less than half of the participants need to be legitimate tag teams after the tournament, and you still have a great division.

First Round
Monday Night Raw:

Kofi Kingston/John Morrison vs. CM Punk/R-Truth

Controversy right off the bat. Kofi gets a replacement partner in JoMO, while Punk and Truth are forced to work together. Great match on paper, but Truth walks out on Punk, refusing to work with him. Then after the match comes out and attacks Punk.
Winners: Kingston/Morrison

Drew McIntyre/Tyler Reks vs. Santino Marella/Alex Riley
Alex Riley makes his return from injury to team with Santino. But McIntyre and Reks get a big push (finally). They crush Santino for the easy win. This allows Riley back into the US title picture, and gives McIntyre and Reks credibility as solid heels.
Winners: McIntyre/Reks

JTG/Goldust vs. Jack Swagger/Skip Sheffield
Goldust and Sheffield both making returns. JTG and Goldust forming a new lovable odd couple, like Goldust and Booker T or Santino and Kozlov. At first JTG is skeptical, but Goldust hits shattered dreams on Swagger after interference from JTG. Goldust covers for the pin.
Winners: JTG/Goldust

John Cena/Mason Ryan vs. Alberto Del Rio/Dolph Ziggler
Two champs teaming up in Del Rio/Ziggler. This could be a potential long-term alliance (like JBL and Orlando Jordan back in the day). Add to that the Del Rio/Cena rivalry...and of course Mason Ryan's awesome new theme music. Vicki is at ringside and helps Del Rio pin Cena.
Winners: Del Rio/Ziggler

Friday Night Smackdown:

Big Show/Sin Cara vs. Wade Barrett/Johnny Curtis
David and Goliath unite to form a must-see tag team. Match starts to break down a ways in. Sin Cara nails like 3 finishers on Barrett while Big Show and Curtis are the legal men in the ring. Big Show goes for the choke slam and Curtis pees himself.
Winners: Big Show/Sin Cara

Kane/Brodus Clay vs. Daniel Bryan/Hornswoggle
"We did say any superstar is eligible!" Brodus Clay and Kane form a super-team while Daniel Bryan wonders if this match is a joke. It's not and the bell rings. Daniel Bryan tries his best to fend off the two monsters by himself, but makes a desperation tag to Hornswoggle, who is slammed by both Clay and Kane before he's rolled up for the 1-2-3.
Winners: Kane/Brodus Clay

Christian/Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus/Yoshi Tatsu
The crowd is convinced they can will the face team to win, but once Yoshi is tagged in, the end is near. Christian hits a spear followed by Rhodes tagging in and hitting cross-rhodes. After the match Sheamus and Christian brawl, but Rhodes makes the save.
Winners: Christian/Rhodes

Randy Orton/Justin Gabriel vs. Ezekiel Jackson/Jinder Mahal
This one is fairly short. Begins with Mahal coming to the ring and saying something weird. Randy Orton hits RKOs on both an interfering Mahal, and the legal Jackson. Gabriel is tagged in for the 450 splash and the win.
Winners: Orton/Gabriel


Monday Night Raw:

Kofi Kingston/John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre/Tyler Reks
This is the start of a big push for McIntyre and Reks. A great match, but ends in a clean win for the heels.
Winners: McIntyre/Reks

JTG/Goldust vs. Del Rio/Ziggler
Vicki gets kicked out for interfering. But Del Rio and Ziggler are still on their way to what looks like an easy win, until John Cena comes and interferes. After the match Zach Ryder attacks Ziggler and demands a match for the US title at the Rumble.
Winners: JTG/Goldust

Friday Night Smackdown:

Big Show/Sin Cara vs. Kane/Brodus Clay
Three big men and Sin Cara. Great match-up to open the show. Mark Henry interferes but is chokeslamed by Show while Sin Cara somehow pins Brodus Clay.
Winners: Big Show/Sin Cara

Christian/Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton/Justin Gabriel
Playing on the Rhodes/Orton rivalry. Those two begin to brawl. Meanwhile Christian avoids the 450 splash and hits a spear on Gabriel
Winners: Christian/Cody Rhodes


Monday Night Raw:

Drew McIntyre/Tyler Reks vs. JTG/Goldust
JTG and Goldust start to get small pops at this point. Two hilarious super stars cutting outrageous promos. Surprisingly this one is very highly contested. The heels continue their string of clean wins. (I feel like heels don't win clean anymore) Afterwards they cut a promo really selling themselves as a great tag team.
Winners: McIntyre/Reks

Friday Night Smackdown:

Big Show/Sin Cara vs. Christian/Cody Rhodes
Christian and Rhodes come out and cut a promo. Show and Cara come out to a major pop. Great match. Everyone hits their finisher at some point. Ultimately the match breaks down. Sin Cara and Christian are legal men. Sin Cara avoids the spear and rolls Christian up for the 3-count.
Winners: Big Show/Sin Cara

Tag-Team Championship Match (Royal Rumble)

Drew McIntyre/Tyler Reks vs. Big Show/Sin Cara
A phenomenal match selling both teams as great tag teams. Crowd is firmly behind Big Show and Sin Cara. Match goes 20+ minutes, ending in a dramatic finish with McIntyre somehow hitting the double under-hook on Big Show.
Winners, and New Champions: Drew McIntyre and Tyler Reks


We have six strong tag teams to battle in the division:
Big Show/Sin Cara
Kane/Brodus Clay
AirBoom (after Bourne returns)

A jump start to help the division become as prestigious as it once was.

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  1. Viking's Avatar
    Don't like it. A tournament i am all for, but I think the teams needs something special to bring them together. Throwing random people together doesn't work, and I think Theodore Long has proved that.
  2. 68wPayne's Avatar
    I don't have a problem with the creation of new teams like the Goldust/JTG thing but you left out teams that are already together like The Usos and once Darren Young gets back from suspension they could bring Percy Watson and him in together as the South Beach Party Boys and also Hunico and Epico. Also parings of people that could actually make it as a tag team like Curt Hawkins and Trent Barretta instead of something like Punk and Truth when you already have Awesome Truth as a tag team. Good idea but I think the participants need to be rethought.
  3. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    The tag division won't ever be like it was. Vince doesn't like paying two guys which is why most of our tag teams have been single stars paired together with nothing to do.
  4. Hardik's Avatar
    actually if we look at current roster,'e is trying to built tag team division..we have swagger and ziggler,ryder and mason,miz ane r-truth,air boom(when bourne returns),sin cara(blue) and danien bryne..also cody ane wade can be tag team
    So slowly they can make that division stronger NO NEED for tournament in my opinion....
  5. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    not added the usos but added a team with hornswoggle? this is the problem you and alot of other people seem to be missing one point chemistry ofcourse you need those smash teams but why only let one team shine while you can let all teams shine? for example usos vs justin gabriel & heath slater a couple of weeks ago.
    but come on man never forget the chemistry btw i liked the mcintyre & reks team i think they'll be really dominating
  6. Rilla's Avatar
    This seems like a lot of people just thrown together, without the need OF being thrown together.

    The Colons
    The Usos

    Three round tournament, with actual WWE teams.
  7. TheWonderKid's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback, but I think you guys miss my point a little bit. There's a reason I call it a jump start. I'm not saying that a random tournament should form the framework of the division. There are current tag-teams that do have a lot of chemistry, and they shouldn't go away. But the division isn't going to get any better if all the matches are on NXT or Superstars. This proposal creates a few tag team options, but mostly it gets big names into the division, gives it more credibility, and makes a title mean more if someone like the Usos grab them over a team of established upper-mid carders. 12 of the 16 teams i make here would never team up again after this.
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