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WWE PPVs of 2011 Review Pt 1.

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In the year 2011, WWE gave us a total of 13 ppvs, some amazing, some good, some average, some awful. Below is my review of all the ppvs of 2011. In this review, I shall only be commenting on the matches, not any backstage segments.

1. Royal Rumble= The 3 matches on the card before the rumble itself was Edge VS Ziggler in a good opening 3 and a half star bout in which Edge prevailed. The second was Randy Orton VS Miz in a solid if unspectacular 3 star bout in which the Miz won after help from CM Punk. The next match was a fatal four way for the Diva's championship in which Eve won (stupid decision considering the 3 other women in the match, Layla, Mc cool and Natalya can all wrestle better then her).
Onto the rumble itself, the first 30 minutes of this match was pure gold. We had the New Nexus dominate and we had John Morrison's insane spot, but after that things quickly went downhill when Cena and Hornswoggle formed a PG tag team. However appearances of Booker T and Kevin Nash added to the drama as well as Santino at the end, however Del Rio coming in at number 38 prevailed.
Good= First match, first 30 minutes of rumble, appearances of Kevin Nash and Booker T.
Bad=Divas match, Last 30 Minutes of Rumble.
Overall rating 7

2. Elimination Chamber=The first match of the evening was Del Rio VS Kofi Kingston in a good 3 star match. The Smackdown Chamber was up next in which Edge retained after defeating Rey Mysterio, however this was an amazing chamber match in which Edge and Rey battled for 15 minutes, overall a solid 4 stars. The corre then won the Tag team belts in a boring match against Santino and Kozlov, 2 stars. The next match was the WWE champion the Miz against Jerry Lawler which proved to be better then most expected and earned 3 and a half stars. The last match was the Raw chamber match in which Cena won but again this was a very good match and was only just lower then the Smackdown match, 4 stars again.
Good=Both chamber matches, Opening match
Bad= Jerry Lawler being in the main event, Tag match.
Overall Rating=8.

3. Wrestlemania=For some reason, the WHC match between Del Rio started us off in a good back and forth match in which Edge won but a solid opening, 3 stars. Cody Rhodes VS Rey Mysterio was next in which Cody won after using his face mask, but again a good 3 star match. The Corre were then squashed against the team of Santino, Kane, Big show and Kofi which was over in about 90 seconds, 1 star. CM Punk VS Orton was up next and was a proper ppv match with good spots and offence from both men, however one RKO later and it was over but 3 and a half stars. Lawler VS Cole got half a star but it was awful and should have no place on the grandest stage of them all. After that embarrassment the Undertaker streak match against Triple H was up next and was a match full of excitement because at times it looked like Undertaker had been defeated, however a hells gate and it was still intact. Great Wrestlemania match earning 4 and a half stars. Another stupid match up next featuring Snookie, need I say more? 1 and a half stars. The main event of the Miz VS Cena was slow resulting in a double count out until the Rock interfered and helped the Miz win.
Good= WHC match, Cody VS Rey, CM Punk VS Orton, Undertaker Matches.
Bad= 2 Tag team matches, Ending of the main event, Snookie.
Overall Rating=7

4. Extreme Rules=Punk and Orton kicked us off with a rematch from Wrestlemania and using Kendo sticks as their weapon of choice managed to place some hard hits on each other, a solid opening and about the same as their last match so 3 and a half stars. Sheamus VS Kofi was not advertised before this ppv but it did deliver with Kofi narrowing being put through a table on many occasions, and regaining but 3 stars for the focus of tables being the main part of the match. Another Lawler/Cole match, 1 star moving on....we had another rematch from Mania featuring Cody and Rey which actually was an improvement from Mania with some crazy spots such as the dive off the stage by Rey. In the end Rey won but 3 and a half stars for the match. Michelle Mc Cool then faced Layla in (GASP) a good Divas match in which Layla won resulting in Mc Cool leaving WWE, 2 stars. Christian VS Del Rio was for the WHC and this was match of the night earning 4 stars with well executed spots and big bumps. Christian finally won a big title and was congratulated by Edge afterwards. Another squash match for Kane and Big show against the corre soon followed, 1 star. The last match was a triple threat steel cage match between Morrison, Miz and Cena which was a fun match with Morrison highlighting his crazy skills in some memorable spots. Overall 3 and a half stars.
Good= Punk/Orton, Cody/Rey, Sheamus/Kofi, Christian/Del Rio, Divas. WWE champ match.
Bad=Lawler/Cole (WHY?), not advertising Kofi/Sheamus, Tag match, Cena winning.
Overall Rating=7.5

5. Over the Limit=This opened with R Truth VS Rey in a solid opening match which flowed nicely and got the crowd into things so 2 and a half stars in which Truth won. Next was Barrett VS Jackson which was basically used to continue the feud, Barrett retained after Slater and Gabriel interfered. 2 stars. Sin Cara VS Chavo was up next and was basically a squash match to try and get Cara over with Chavo getting very little offence in, Sin Cara won so another 2 stars. Another squash tag match for Kane and Big show against Punk and Ryan, 1 and a half stars. The divas match between Brie Bella and Kelly Kelly was shocking with numerous botches, half a star added to the fact Kelly is the new champ. . Orton and Christian then had one of the best matches of the year, 4 and a half stars in which the crowd was fully into and numerous uses of counters allowed both men to delve deep into their closet of wrestling manoeuvres, Orton won in a fantastic match. COLE VS LAWLER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0 stars, I mean it. The main event was The Miz and his lackey Riley against Cena beating him up for 20 minutes before Cena turned into superman, 2 stars.
Good=Orton/Christian match.
Average=The rest of the card.
Bad=Main event, COLE LAWLER!!!!!!, Divas
Overall Rating=5 (Orton and Christian saved this ppv)

6. Capitol Punishment=Kofi faced Dolph in the opening match for the US title, both feuded last year over the IC title, so both have great knowledge and chemistry with one another and this was clearly evident in a good 3 star solid match in which Dolph won. The Miz then faced Alex Riley in a very average match, 3 ppvs ago, Miz was in the main event of Mania and now he is jobbing to his sidekick, 2 stars here with nothing of note to speak off. Del Rio faced Big show who basically laid on the mat for a fifth of the match and couldn't continue meaning Del Rio won, 1 star. Jackson then faced Barrett in a rematch from over the limit in which Jackson won through the use of submission, however this was Barrett dominating for the entire match till Jackson used his torture rack, 1 and a half stars. Punk VS Rey were up next in a nice 15 minute encounter which allowed them enough time to tell a good story and as a result the match earned 3 and a half stars with Punk prevailing. Orton and Christian were up next and matched their performance from over the limit in another fantastic near fall match with Orton winning after the ref failed to realise Christian had his foot on the rope. 4 stars. The next (why is this match on ppv and not raw?) was between Swagger and Bourne in which Bourne won through a roll up. 1 and a half stars. Cena VS Truth was the main event and in probably the worst main event of the year thus far, Truth was splashed by a fan after dominating the entire match and allowed Cena to pin him. 2 stars.
Good= Punk/Rey, Orton/Christian, Dolph/Kofi
Bad= Barrett/Jackson, Del Rio/Big Show, Miz/Riley, WWE main event (pattern developing here)
Overall Rating=6 (Punk/Rey, Orton/Christian saved PPV)

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  1. nafeesgreat1's Avatar
    Good review,I think Over the Limit & Capitol Punishment deserved overall rating of 4 each.Agree with others.Waiting 4 the next part.Im interested what Rating MITB gets,,
  2. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    Cap Punishment and Over the Limit were two of the worst WWE ppvs of all time. Wrestlemania was the worst Wrestlemania of all time, Extreme Rules Was Hardly "extreme", Elimination chamber had a WWE title match between Lawler and the Miz
  3. poshboy's Avatar
    Bit harsh maybe, but i agree on capitol punishment and over the limit
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    If not for Orton / Christian matches, Over the limit and capitol punishment r worst PPVs...

    After a gr8 match (in terms of story telling n technical moves) between RKO n my favorite Xtian, what we had to see is King Vs Cole?? n the main event b/n Cena vs Miz is such a stupid match....

    They mt have kept RKO/Xtian's match for teh last..I mean after seeing cole/king n such a stupid match b/n Cena/Miz...ppl will surely give 5stars to Orton/Xtian...

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