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Examining the WWE Divas Division

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Recently WWE Diva Maryse was asked to be released from her contract. She had been the host of Nxt but had been off the TV since summer with an injury and the horrible business of the stalker case. With Maryse and also Gail Kim gone, (arguably two of the most popular Divas) I will now examine each Diva on the roster and what state the Divas division is now in.

AJ Lee
She finished third on the third season of Nxt. Now I like the look of AJ, she isn't the normal looking model Diva, she has a bit of a nerdy girl next door sort of look which I like and I think many of the male fans do too. Her best friend is Nxt winner Kaitlyn and they formed a group known as the Chickbusters. Now although it is early in her career, from the few appearances she has had on TV so far, it looks as though she can actually wrestle and I can see her being built up as the perennial underdog should a title chance come her way.
Should she stay?= yes definitely, however needs to appear and wrestle more on TV in order for us to learn more about her.

Another Diva from Nxt season 3. In Fcw she won both the Divas championships, however since she came to Smackdown we have yet to see her actually wrestle. Instead she has been used in often corny segments with Teddy Long which are not funny and in my view waste TV time.
Should she stay?=Until she wrestles then no, she should go.

Alicia Fox
She is a former Divas Champion and the first of the model wrestlers (Aksana doesn't count seeing as though she doesn't wrestle) Although she looks attractive, she is liable to botches as seen with her recent match against Natalya, she looks to be the next Diva to be given a push against Beth which should be a 5 minute squash match.
Should she stay?=Maybe, if given a bit more training, she could put on a good match, but she needs to work on her botches. However she is one of the better Model wrestlers.

Bella Twins
Both are models, and both are absolutely terrible. In my eyes they have no charisma and no place on the roster. When Brie was champion, she lost more times then she won and it was arguably a low point for the belt. Their use of twin magic to win matches just shows how they have to cheat in order to stay relevant.
Should they stay?=No, the roster would be better without them and would open 2 spots up to more deserving wrestlers

Another model who is very attractive, but unlike the Bella twins, she can actually put on good matches as seen with her recent match with Beth Phoenix which was probably the best Divas match since the glory days of the division. A two time champion too, she has the charisma to be one of the upper stalwarts of the Divas. I would like to see her turn heel though and join Natalya and Beth as that could serve to be an unstoppable Divas faction till the return of Kharma.
Should she stay?=Of course, an extremly talented good looking Diva who can actually Wrestle

The winner of Nxt season 3 and another model. As mentioned above, formed a group with AJ. However she did win the worst match of 2010 for her match against Maxine which doesn't rank well if that was only Nxt.
Should she stay?=In my view, as mentioned with AJ, needs more TV exposure and wrestling in order to broaden her Character, so yes she should stay.

Kelly Kelly
A very attractive women and the highest profile model in the WWE now Maryse has been released. Being built up as the next biggest Diva of the company, she can work good matches if she is carried. However a couple of more years and she will be fine although a heel turn to deepen her character would be nice.
Should she stay?= Definitely, the most popular Diva with male fans and top merchandise seller who can wrestle okay for a model.

One of the few real women wrestlers on the roster, this woman is a beast and her path of destruction before she got pregnant was amazing and a sign of things to come. Should be back in time for Wrestlemania to fight one of the Divas of Doom and carry the division for the foreseeable future. However I would rather her side with the Divas of Doom. Can you imagine how powerful that faction would be?
Should she stay?=100 PERCENT YES.

2006 Diva search contestant. Very attractive woman who has a load of experience with the company. A one time champion, she can put on a good match and could be the leader of the model wrestlers fighting the divas of doom.
Should she stay?=Yes a valuable asset to the Divas division

Divas of DOOM
The hope of the division, they are the best women wrestlers the WWE have and they are right to fight against the models who have dragged the division a long way down since the likes of Trish. A match between these two has the potential (if given 15 minutes) to be one of the best Diva matches ever.

Rosa Mendes and Tamina
If i am to be honest, i have no idea who these are and I cannot remember the last time i saw these on TV.
Should they stay?=wish them well in their future endeavors and bring in better wrestlers

Things I want to see happen.

Introduce a tag team belt= This can be defended on Nxt or on Superstars and would allow Women wrestlers chance to work together and wrestle more, thus improving the quality of matches. It also gives us a chance for liable teams to form, so the Chickbusters can fight Divas of Doom and if they do stay, the Bella Twins.

Sign more female Wrestlers= This is a must, if WWE is serious in restoring the credibility of the division, then women who can actually wrestle must be brought in.

lose the models= Let go of Tamina, Rosa Mendes, Bella twins. Build up Alicia Fox, KK, AJ, Kaitylin, Layla and for the love of god bring back Michelle.

Hit me with any of your thoughts and ideas

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    I accept with most of ur blog...but I guess Tamina can wrestle...she's bigger than all the wrestlers probably second to Beth..n she can be a gr8 wrestler...

    pls get rid off Rosa n Bella twins...

    Aj is awesome in ring...Alicia can be gud if given right training...kaitlyn can be an eye candy...

    Eve can wrestle better than many of other Model wrestlers..but she has to change her in-ring attire..she luks attractive in other costumes but luks awkward in her wrestling suit..

    Layla..I'm waiting for her Return..she can cut gr8 promos...

    KK..I'm not at all impressed by her..when she screams in anger..I feel she's similar to my 3yrs old nephew...her expressions r that childish n awful...but i have to digest the fact that she is going to stay long...

    Aksana..we need to see more of her...
  2. lewism173's Avatar
    great blog agreed with all I think they should sign some lower card people from indie scene but kaytlin,aj and maxine could be bulit up and tamina is ok and isint exactly a model but rosa needs to fuck off
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