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True Underutilized Talent in: The WWE

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The way I'm determining Underutilized talent in this post, is if I believe the superstar isn't being used properly, and to their full potential.

5.Drew Mcintyre
Drew is an extremely underutilized talent. Drew was brought in as the chosen one and almost immediately won the Intercontinental Championship in a good match against John Morrison. Drew held the title for 5 months before dropping it to Kofi Kingston and a good outing. His reign was fairly entertaining but he didn't have many fueds. Drew was okay for a while but after being drafted to RAW he's been jobbing every match. Even when not jobbing he only gets in small bits of offense.

4.Kofi Kingston
Kofi is doing okay at the moment, but he could be a bigger star than he is. Kofi is "the Ultimate Midcarder" When the WWE needs to freshen things up with a Midcard Title reign, he's their guy. Kofi almost always gives an exciting match, even though he isn't the most compelling on the microphone.

3.Jack Swagger
Swagger's career shortly after losing the World Heavyweight Championship was horrid. Swagger lost nearly every match, and was just continually falling down the ladder. Then, near Wrestlemania 27 he began coaching Michael Cole, Swagger should've been used properly then, either getting huge heat with Cole as a manager, or by turning face by beating down Cole. Swagger then had a mini-feud with Evan Bourne and lost almost every match, since ZigSwag has started, he's getting his shine back, but he still has enormous star potential and is a great technical wrestler.

2.John Morrison
Do I need to explain?

1.Wade Barrett
My god WWE are you really as stupid as you try to be? Barrett was RED hot when he joined the RAW roster, he had great mic skills, and put him some really good matches even though he was a rookie, Barrett proved he could main event PPV's by wrestling John Cena, and Randy Orton in the main events of two consecutive PPV's. Barrett lost the leadership of Nexus to CM Punk and basically his career died. He had an IC title run, he lost it to Big Zeke, lost some more, beat Daniel Bryan repetitively and then gained wins on other Superstars and he looks to be making a comeback, I hope Wade becomes a Main Eventer very soon, because he's the most Underutilized talent in the WWE.

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  1. Marx's Avatar
    I think it's actually an initiation process. Give them a push when they come in, watch how they handle it, dropped them, and then see how they handle that.

    If Morrison goes, he'll probably won't be anything in WWE ever again. If he stays and tries to make the best of it, he'll be world champ within a few years.
  2. Krow132's Avatar
    I agree honestly, but my point was people who are currently being underused and have been for a period of time. I completely agree with you though.
  3. Rilla's Avatar
    I disagree with #1 and 4, since they are finally starting to push them. If anything #1 is Drew, and should be DBD
  4. The Hit Man's Avatar
    The most underutilized talent in WWE is Tyson Kidd.
  5. mywine5's Avatar
    IMO Kofi is over rated
  6. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Daniel Bryan doesn't even make the list? Granted I feel it to fit in with his overall storyline, but he's still not getting the exposure to make him matter. It fits with his storyline as he's not making waves until WrestleMania, when he'll cash in the briefcase.

    Drew is definitely #1 on the most underutilized, he's basically been stuck in Superstars hell for like the last 6 months. Hell, about a month ago I actually even wondered if he was even still with the company... Barely even remembered his name.

    Kofi will only break mid-card when his character finally makes sense. I'd rather see Big Zeke get a push over Kofi. Swagger's push comes and goes and I think the storyline these two are in currently works, but I absolutely hate Air Boom.

    Morrison knows why he is where he is and needs to man the hell up.
  7. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    YEah I'm just gonna add, Trent Barreta and Tyler Reks to this list, definately two guys underutilized there
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