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Vengeance Run Down

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What's poppin everyone, RatedATB back at it. This is my 2nd official blog on the site and I thought I'd give a review of this past weeks Vengeance. I actually purchased this and it's the 1st non-Wrestlemania ppv I purchased since I believe Bound for Glory 2007...yeah. Don't really know why I bought it, I guess out of boredom and I was kind of interested in how they were going to bring us into Survivor Series. Also I know it's a little late but I have been having internet troubles up until today so, without further ado...

Air Boom/ZigSwag - ** 1/2
Good little opener here with a some decent offense from both teams. I'm not the biggest fan of Air Boom (or their name for that matter) but I will give the devil his due and say that you can count on them to give an entertaining match. I've been big on Ziggler for a while and have been off and on with Swagger but it seems like he's finally getting a rightful push. I definitely agree with Air Boom's victory for the reason that they're imo doing a decent job at reviving the tag division.

Zach Ryder/ Ziggler - * 1/4
Nothing spectacular here as they weren't really given any time but what can you ask seeing as Ziggler had just gotten out of a match. Definitely agree with Ziggler retaining here, I know guys, I'm a broski too, but Ryder's not ready for any kind of major title yet as much as I would like him to be, he's just too goofy but give him time, a more serious version of his character and with proper build he can be ready for a midcard title by Mania. Not to mention Ziggler's slowly on his way to the main event, he just needs that transitional moment and he'll be there so having him lose to a not-so-ready Ryder would possibly have damaged his momentum. Also I'm glad to see the U.S. title get a defense as it's a rare sight. Didn't think I could write so much on such a short match so let's move on shall we?

Beth Phoenix/Eve Torres - *
I'm honestly not the biggest fan of the divas, I have my favorites but I, like most fans, don't watch specifically to see them. This match was nothing special but glad to see Beth get the "w" as she deserves it. As much as it pains me to see my wife Eve lose, they need to give the "Divas of Doom" what they deserve and that's recognition as legit women's WRESTLERS. I think Eve's oding a decent job as the main face of the divas. She's not perfect, and there's more than room for improvement, but people forget that Trish Stratus was in the same boat and look what happened to her. I'd love to see this continue and maybe give Natalya more of role in the title picture than just Beth's partner, I'm hoping Beth holds the belt til Mania and Natalya get's a one on one shot as the face....but that's just me.

Christian/Sheamus - ** 1/4
I've always been a peep and I've been high on the Great White this year so I was happy to see this feud continue onto Vengeance. Nothing to ride home about but this was a decent little match and could've been a lot better if they had been given about 5 more minutes of match. Also would've prefered a win for Captain Charisma but you don't always get what you want so hey...maybe next time.

Awesome Truth/HHH & Punk - ***
I have love for all the guys in the match and I've been into this feud from the beginning, even if they had a few bumps in the road. Glad Awesome Truth got the win as they needed it more than Trips and Punker. Not too excited for the Nash/HHH feud we're about to get but if the Game can carry him to a less than shitty match then I'll be happy.

Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes - ** 1/2
Going to be honest, I was looking forward to this match more than any on the card. I've been HIGH on Rhodes since he debuted the Undashing gimmick and love that he's getting such a big push. Not to mention that Orton has had stellar ppv matches all year. One would expect this to be a show stealer. Instead it was alright. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad by any means, but it wasn't great either. Once again this might've been better pending it had more time, and maybe I was just expecting too much out of it, but I was left a bit disappointed. I hope this feud continues and we get a real star made out of Rhodes and not just use this as Orton's transition feud into his next world title reign.

Mark Henry/Big Show - ***
Contrary to the previous match, this was the one I least wanted to see. I absolutely hate Henry, always have and probably always will. Not to mention Show isn't exactly Shawn Michaels here. However we got, imo, quite a decent big man match. These two went at it and kept you into it. I honestly thought Show had it after the super chokeslam and was legitly shocked when Henry kicked out. It wasn't a 5 star classic but for what they gave us, we got a very entertaining match. I'll be honest when they went up to do the end spot I saw it coming a mile away. However, it was a sight to see even if it had already been done (that's right King, Booker, and Cole...IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE IDIOTS). I hate no contests on a ppv but it was the perfect way to end this match without taking momentum away from either guy and keep the feud going, which I'm surprised to say I look forward to what they give us at Survivor Series.

John Cena/Albero Del Rio = *** 1/2
Finally.........John Cena!....has got!...........a new...shirt! Seriously though I hate his fruity pebble shirts and this one is honestly not a bad shirt for his character. I honestly don't hate Cena...I used to, but I respect the fuck out of him and he can have a great match with anyone. Also I'm not too high on ADR yet, idk why but he just hasn't clicked with me like others. This match was definitely match of the night and they did a great job at being creative with the ring situation. I was glad to see them roam around and use stuff like the V structure and the backstage spots. Also happy that Cena's out of the title picture for a bit because maybe now I can get on the ADR train and we can see Punker get what he deserves, not to mention other deserving guys. I didn't mind the ending as much as everyone else, seeing as he took a ton of punishment throughout the match and was on like a 9 count from Awesome Truth's finisher. Not a bad match in my book.

Overall rating - 6/10
Not the best and I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it or even check the whole thing out, if anything watch the 2 world title matches but nothing is worth going out of your way seeing. However, it did what it was supposed to do and that's take us into Survivor Series and the developing feuds we will see going in. If anything they should have taken matches off of the card, preferably the U.S. title match and maybe the divas or tag titles. Imo ppvs should have no more than 6-7 to give the matches plenty of time to develop, with the exception being Wrestlemania of course. Also I feel like the commentary team really takes away from each show and they need to rethink at least their ppv team. I'd like to see Josh Matthews thrown in with King. He deserves it more than Booker seeing as he's been an announcer longer and doesn't suck at his job. I love Book, but he's awful in the booth and needs a ton more work. I'd love to see Foley and JBL return to commentary, with Cole/Foley on SD and King/JBL on Raw, but that's just wishful thinking seeing as neither want to come back as announcers. I was glad to see the ppv take up the entire 3 hours and not stop with 15 minutes left, and they also left a lot of backstage crap out, so little complaints from this guy. Until next time, it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces

Random tidbits -
-If you get the chance check out Greatest Rivalries: HBK/Bret. It's a great watch and really takes you in depth with how they felt about each other and what really happened during their entire feud.
-I don't know how often I'll be doing blogs but if I continue to get positive feedback I'll try to make it a habit, but with college and work my time for these is limited.
-Also i wont do too many TNA blogs since I don't watch TNA. Don't ask why I'm just not interested in the current product.

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Updated 10-26-2011 at 09:35 PM by RatedATB

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Lucha_Libre's Avatar
    bit harsh there, 1st match more than 2 1/2 stars and neither were orton/rhodes
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Good honest opinion. If you are a critic you have to be fair and unbiased. I will look forward to your next blogs.
  3. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    i disliked the PPV but yea...
  4. Zekic's Avatar
    I dont really like sheamus/christian match,i mean i see spear/broad kick like regular show finishers but not for PPV,i belive christian should have kicked out after broad kick,fight a bit more and then celtic cross would put then end to it
  5. Los Conquistador's Avatar
    Should drop the whole half star and quarter deal
    People are too liberal with that and its not necessary, just complicating
    Updated 10-29-2011 at 09:58 AM by Los Conquistador
  6. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    this ppv was a rushed card similar to the last one, was not a good show, at all. WWE has no ability to build a solid feud anymore. I honestly think that they don't care, they are the only wrestling company that is mainstream so why care? They are going to make millions of dollars anyway no matter what they do, they cater to the younger audience and all the families that pay for the shirts and the music.

    Thats why i like TNA more, because they are focused more on their show rather that trying to market products out to kids

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