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Should Wrestlemania have a Money In The Bank Match?

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The first money in the bank match occurred at Wrestlemania 21. Since then a further 5 more matches were held at Wrestlemania, the last being at Wrestlemania 26.

The success of this stipulation led to MITB having its own ppv in July 2010. The most recent edition of this ppv was arguably the best ppv of 2011. However this years Wrestlemania 27 was the first Wrestlemania not to have a MITB match.

People will say that with MITB having its own successful ppv, there is no need for a match at Wrestlemania and if such a match was to occur, then there would be no need for its own ppv.

However please do hear me out;

1. The match at Wrestlemania would be for the lower/mid card talent and the title shot would be for the Intercontinental or United States Championships. For example the match could be filled with Alex Riley, Evan Bourne, Ted Dibiase, Drew McIntyre, Zack Ryder, Mason Ryan etc.....

2. This would give these lower wrestlers a chance to shine on the grandest stage of them all in an exciting match.

3. It could push wrestlers who have fallen down by the wayside (looking at you Drew) to start appearing more regularly on TV and ppvs and challenging for Championships.

Now here is the catch, the winner of this MITB match does not get the same rights as the winner of the Main Smackdown and Raw matches. They cannot cash in their contract whenever they like. Instead they choose the Championship they want to go after. For example Evan Bourne on Raw the night after Wrestlemania chooses that he will go after the Intercontinental belt. This match is therefore scheduled at the MITB ppv itself against the title holder whenever the ppv rolls around.

Now I believe this would be beneficial because as I said, this is for the lower wrestlers. By having 3/4 months the time after Wrestlemania till MITB, the wrestler is able to appear on TV more often, work on his mic skills and in ring ability and further broaden his character to the extent where if they lose at MITB, the WWE now has a solid wrestler who is built up and over with the fans and therefore able to engage in a series of other feuds, which is what the WWE wants with its wrestlers, for them to get over and be built up.

Hit me with your thoughts below

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  1. kingcave89's Avatar
    i like the idea. gives the mid titles more prestige too
  2. Daffy Duck's Finest's Avatar
    Great Idea. Any WWE jobs going?
  3. Danny92's Avatar
    good idea especially at a time where the mid card hardly exists due to the "supershow" idea
  4. knox's Avatar
    great idea, i'm all for it.
  5. Zekic's Avatar
    The idea itself is good but its 3 MITBS per year... 2 makes it look repititive 3 would be to much.. i think they should create some new sort of tournament,with 8 ppl.Somthing like 8 man tables match with/without elemination .
  6. nrb6304's Avatar
    I'm pretty positive that both the IC title and the US title are getting PLENTY of prestige right now. Dolph Ziggler has been TEARING IT UP this year and so has Cody Rhodes. Now granted Rhodes hasn't defended his title very much yet BUT Ziggler has defended his title like at the past what 3 or 4 PPV's? Not to mention pulling double duty at Vengeance which is something we haven't seen in a LONG LONG LONG time
  7. poshboy's Avatar
    I do agree that the belts are garnering more prestige, in fact all the belts are now with the revival of the tag team belts, and hopefully Henry and ADR having long reigns. MY point however was to not make it look like the belts were undervalued, more so in giving the WWE a more solid mid card because Ziggler and Rhodes are the only two at the moment bar maybe Kingston who could go on a uphill bus
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