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Great Possible Feuds in the WWE

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Wasson everyone Lucha_Libre here discussing feuds I'd like to see. Only current superstars involved.


This feud would be epic. The mic work would be amazing plus these 2 are 2 of the best in ring workers currently in the WWE. I'd have a 4 ppv feud for the IC title. CM Punk would win the title 1st in a singles match, then he would also win in their second match in a tables match, then at the next PPV Punk would go over Rhodes, DiBiase and Swagger, then the feuds end at the next PPV with Rhodes going over in a steel cage match clean. After this Rhodes would break off into a feud with Sheamus and CM Punk would feud with Christian


This feud would be intresting - with Morrison as the heel. Working with Morrison - 1 of the most versatile and athletic people in the WWE Sin Cara can start working on trying to get rid of all of his botches. During this feud I would gradually work on Sin Caras lighting leaving - possibly as the stipulation where it is hair vs lighting or something similar. Throughout its 3 ppv feud, Sin Cara would win 1st, following by Morrison then Morrison wins the decider in a ladder match. After this Morrison would feud with Zack Ryder and Sin Cara would feud with Tyson Kidd


1st of what WWE would need to do right now is to turn DB heel. I've seen him as a heel on the independent circuit and is 1 of the best heels around. This feud would happen after Wrestlemania and would turn heel the night after - leading to a feud with Kingston over the WHC. I'd have this feud built as a best of 5 series, going extreme rules (Last Man Standing) then on smackdown (No DQ), then Over the Limit (I quit) then Capital Punishment (Falls Count Anywhere) and ending at MITB. Match 1 and 2 would go to Bryan, then 3, 4 and 5 would go to Kingston (1 hour Ironman). All of the matches apart from the last would be clean, but for the last match it would be 0-0 with 2 minutes left when Evan Bourne would come out, distracting Bryan who injured him months earlier, leading Kofi to get the pinfall.


This feud is billed as the pride of Britain. Overall this is only a 2 match feud - 1st going to Regal and 2nd going to Drew in the UK TV Tapings in a kind of passing of the torch as the UKs top Wrestler.

Thats it for now, if this blog is well recieved I will do a TNA one as well, and possibly adding a 2nd WWE one. Any Feedback greatly appreciated

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  1. Dr Vries's Avatar
    Cody Rhodes vs CM PUNK = ME LIKEY

    Sin Cara Azul vs John Morrison would probably have some entertaining matches with some very nice spots, but a real feud? Morrison isn't that good on the mic. And with Sin Cara as the face in that feud a lot would depend on Morrisons micwork as a heel to keep this feud going.

    Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston for the WHC? I don't know.
    Kofi would have been a good choice for a WHC match during the time he had the short feud with RKO. He was allmost "hot" at the time.
    Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk would be my pick for a feud over the WHC title. Not only is it every indy fans dream match but Punk could cover some of Bryans inadequacies on the mic. (BTW I really like the backstage interviews with DB "I am a man, I have a Beard) What I am trying to say is, as of right now, Kofi vs DB would have a mid-card feel to it. Maybe DB vs Dolph Ziggler for the WHC, their US-Title matches were awesome. Imagine a 30 min Match with DZ & DB.

    Drew Mcintyre vs William Regal? William Regal is in it, so I will watch and enjoy it.

    Nice read, now go and make that TNA thread.
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  2. aussie09's Avatar
    Would love to see a Dolph and Orton feud because they have awesome in ring chemistry.
  3. Jags's Avatar
    I love it, I would like to see them all!
  4. The Hit Man's Avatar
    I think a Tyson Kidd vs Dolph Ziggler fued would be epic!
  5. WrestlingNerd's Avatar
    Only problem is that McIntyre isn't from Britain. He's Scottish. I love the idea of Punk vs. Rhodes, but I wouldn't have it for the IC title. I would work on making Rhodes into a main eventer first, having him beat some former World Champions and eventually having him move into the number one contender's spot to face CM Punk for the WWE Championship (after Rhodes loses the IC title of course)... I do like the idea of Kofi vs. Daniel Bryan, but I would have Daniel Bryan move into the main event after Wrestlemania. He's most likely going to win the WHC at WM, and I don't think Kofi should be a main eventer. The Morrison vs. Sin Cara one seems cool too. And I enjoy Morrison MUCH more as a heel. He's plain and boring as a face. The idea of Sin Cara losing his lighting is kinda dumb though. Who really cares if he has to give up the lighting in his matches?.. I know that I wouldn't give a rat's ass either way. Nice pairs though. I'd love to see some of these, just not in the ways that you had them go. The only one I wouldn't wanna see is McIntyre vs. Regal.
  6. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    DB needs to lie semi-low until middle of January/early February when he'll explode. Hopefully they'll work the story so Punk will have the title going into WrestleMania and we'll get a good DB v. Punk feud with their back and forth climaxing at WM over the title.

    I think Kofi is vastly overrated and really too goofy to be taken seriously enough to hold the big titles or hold a serious feud for one.
  7. pilotboy500's Avatar
    Truthfully, WWE doesn't care what you people think.

    Plus, do you really think you're going to get epic feuds in this day and age? The product moves so fast that feuds last a month.
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