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The Rise & Fall of Scott Hall (No Pun Intended)

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Hey guys Knox here.. I have to talk about Scott Hall today. No beef with Scott Hall, dude was definitely a hero to me back in his WWF days. He was the definition of "The Bad Guy". Easily one of the greatest gimmicks ever.

I'm going to blog on what I think ultimately destroyed Scott Hall's career and his personal life.

I have to blog on my personal hero RAZOR RAMON. I love the guy and its a shame to see what happened to his career and his life.

The Normal Life of a Pro Wrestler:
Going in, family is the most sacred entity to wrestlers. They rarely see them. Scott Hall seemed like he started off as a family guy. He was awesome. He went and joined the AWA and I'm not sure what happened after that.

Razor Ramon - "The Bad Guy" Gimmick
This might be the greatest gimmick in wrestling history. Scott Hall created his own gimmick and Vince let him run with it. I think The Undertaker has one of the worst gimmicks but he happens to be an amazing wrestler and knows how to carry a gimmick.

Scott Hall had the best gimmick. All he had to do was run with it. I don't understand why he left the WWE.

Scott gave us two of the best matches we've ever seen against Shawn Michaels in two ladder matches. The dude was awesome. His mic skills were 2nd to none. He was the bad guy you loved to love. He was a better face than a heel in my opinion and his gimmick was centered as a heel gimmick.

The Fall of Scott Hall - Jumping Ship from WWF to WCW:
This is what killed his career. If anyone watched WWF in the early 90's, everyone could see that Razor Ramon was the guy that was possibly next in line to being one of the top guys in the company.

I think Razor Ramon was well on his way to being a multiple time WWF Champion. He had the full package, the perfect look, the mic skills and definitely the in ring skills along with the perfect gimmick and the fans were completely obsessed with him. Why walk away from that?

TNA officials offer him & Kevin Nash damn near double their salary. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall were promised WCW World Title runs as well. My source is the WWE Legends of Wrestling Round table Talks in which Nash personally said this.

Instead Scott Hall turned coat on the WWE just to be an asset and another sheep next to Hulk Hogan. They were brought in to just be additions to the nWo and continue to put Hogan over more than he already was.

WCW had no plans in making Hall the next big thing. The WCW knew how cool he was with Nash. Nash already wanted more money. WCW seen the huge star power Hall had in WWF and wanted to strip the E' of that asset and bring Hall in to play 2nd sheep. Biggest mistake of Scott Hall's career and ever since then it never gotten fixed.

WCW ignoring Hall's drinking problem:
The issue brewed here in WCW. Hall was always a drinker but it was in WCW were he was becoming a problem. I believe it was star power. In the WWF, Hall wasn't perfect. But Hall damn sure followed Vince's rules and played his role because he knew he was in for a hell of a push.

In WCW after about 2 years Hall realized that this is Hogan's show. WCW didn't give a damn about anybody but Sting & Hogan. They didn't give a damn about guys like Jericho or Big Show which is why they jumped ship to the WWF.

Meanwhile Hall is becoming an even bigger addict and WCW officials don't even pay it any mind. Hall's ex-wife even mentioned how Eric Bischoff and the rest of the WCW officials allowed him to continue his destructive behavior and even exploited it. I will personally always hate Bischoff. He was a horrible promoter and to this day is still running TNA into the ground and I for one feel TNA was at an all time high when Jim Cornette was around.

Scott Hall: The Person
Now I won't sit here and blame Hall's personal faults on Bischoff alone. Scott made the conscious decisions to kill his own thunder. I just feel he was better behaved in the WWF when he knew he had something to fight for. He jumped to WCW and received alot of broken promises and drove his life into a downward spiral.

However, that's no excuse to take that out on your son & daughter. One thing that every young man needs is a father. Whether it's an older brother, a man at church, or even a coach. Every young man needs a father figure. Scott Hall is in his right mind but he chose to run from his own kids.

Scott Hall's Story on ESPN:
This was horrible on. I feel like they are a company based on the real sports like basketball, football, baseball and hockey. Now granted they do alot of wrestling related interviews and such but I think the video just added to the poor stereotypes the public make upon wrestlers.

That Scott Hall story received huge ratings because it was featured on the most viewed channel around, ESPN. So the 4 million people that watch Raw & the 1 million that watch Impact are nothing compared to the millions more that seen the Hall story.

Nothing against ESPN, I just want to see more specials like that on wrestlers for a positive reason. Profile the career of Hacksaw Jim Duggan, profile the career of the great Ricky The Dragon Steamboat, profile the career of Arn Anderson. Hell' profile Sting, he still wrestles. But it seems like it has to be a wrestler that battled drugs to get the top story.

I'm going to post some videos below of good & bad Scott Hall moments.

Video 1: Razor Ramon on Jerry Springer speaking to a little girl & boy with aids.

Video 2: Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels - Ladder Match Summerslam 95'. This was better than the one they had at Wrestlemania.

Video 3: This is where is gets bad. Scott Hall nWo promo kissing the ass of Hogan. Why did he leave the WWF?

Video 4: The official Fall of Scott Hall

That last video was sad. I'm not here trying to bash this man. I'm blogging on a childhood hero. It's never too late for Hall. I always wanted to know if Shawn Michaels ever reached out to Hall. They used to do drugs together but HBK actually beat those drugs. Hopefully he can help Hall out.

Its called addiction, it happens. Hall is in his right mind, and he knows what he's doing is bad. He has to truly want to get help before anything gets solved.

I truly hope the best for Hall and I hope he gets help and make something out of the rest of his life. To hell with wrestling, his career is behind him. He has to worry about Scott Hall the person and Scott Hall the father.

Thanks guys for reading my blog and please leave feedback. Until then.

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  1. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knox
    Wow, all I can say is @Dr. Death, @JoePublic and definitely @StoneColdRabbit made amazing points. I like to see things from every prospective so its cool to see the different opinions. Great points guys.

    So here's my question. Doe anyone feel Scott Hall or Razor Ramon could've been a better star than HBK if it wasn't for personal problems? I feel like the WWE were more open to working with HBK through his drug problem because HBK might've been the biggest druggie but he never let it get in the way of his ring work.

    I think Hall messed up because he put himself in a hole that he couldn't get out of. Alot of wrestlers drugged alot back in those days but the good ones were the ones that didn't let it interfere with them. I think HBK got more opportunities because he finally submitted to himself and told himself he had a problem and solved it himself.
    No Hall would never be as big as HBK star wise in Wrestling, Hall didnt have the talent or passion HBK did.

    Hall said he didnt care about titles, Winning or losing. He didnt care if he was main event or bottom of the card as long as he was getting paid..... Hall had soem Good to Great matches but lets face it by 1996 Hall was pretty much worthless in WWF, His drugs and drinking became so bad it caused him to be depushed. Plus he wasnt the performer he once was, Then by the time he got to WCW his Talent faded so much it wasnt the same guy.... Hell he even forgot what a small package was in WCW Jericho had to show it to him, he used it plenty of times in WWF but in WCW Jericho had to show him how to apply the small package for the finish of their match.

    Hall hasnt had one memorable match in WCW, I couldnt think of 1. Hall got lazy and let the habits of Drinking and Drugs controll him.
  2. knox's Avatar
    @Crippler, thanks for the comment. Yeah i see where your coming. Hall played it as if he didn't care but it kills me to see that. As a kid man I was crazy about Razor Ramon and it sucks to see he never reached his true potential. Its plenty of guys that don't have star power that eventually became stars because of their work ethic. Take Edge for an example. He wasn't a guy that screamed 10 time World champ but he became one because of his work ethic and thats why Edge will always be my favorite of all time.

    But yea I think i can remember an awesome match Scott Hall had in WCW against Lex Luger for the TV Title. But yeah other than that, Hall didn't put on stellar matches in WCW.
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