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Ways that Impact Wrestling could use Samoa Joe

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Hey guys, I have totally ran out of blogs so I'll be writing about Samoa Joe and ways that he can be used.

1. Career so far
I'm just talking about his honours in TNA. He started TNA with a undefeated streak so I knew he had potential to be World Champion. He has won the World Heavyweight Champion at Lockdown 2008 and held the title for 6-7 months which was a decent run as champion before losing it to Sting at Bound for Glory. He is a 4 time X Division Champion and he has also won the Tag Titles with Kurt Angle, King of the Mountain winner. In 2006 he was announced as 'Mr TNA', 'Mr X Division'. He also won the 'Feud of the Year' against Kurt Angle and then in 2007 he won the 'Finisher of the Year' with the Muscle Buster
This is a decent career, the feud with Kurt Angle was just sensational

2. Abilities
He is amazing in the ring, good on the mic, he is charismatic, I like the catchphrase 'Joe's gonna kill you' but I'm not sure if he still uses it though. He really does entertain me and he can play babyface or heel
3. How can they use him?

The program with Crimson and Matt Morgan is finished, so I'll write about how he can be used
Feud with AJ Styles - Once the AJ/Daniels beef is done, I would love to see a feud between the two, this match could probably steal any show in my opinion, and this is how I would like it to start - Once AJ has finished with Daniels, he is cutting a promo, talking about Daniels and Fortune. Then Samoa Joe comes out with the mic and calls him a 'spotlight hogger' (didn't know what to write there) and then they're in the ring and then Samoa Joe says his words and attacks AJ

Feud with AJ and Daniels - I would 100% like to see this 3rd time, I'd also like this match to be the main event of a show. This could also steal the show so this is how I would put it : AJ vs Daniels at Turning Point, AJ wins and then from out of nowhere Joe comes out and attacks AJ but Daniels joins in, then Joe attacks Daniels.

Feud with Abyss - Since Abyss has just recently turned face, this feud could be one hell of a match! This is how I will put it - Samoa Joe is in the ring and he is doing his promo and then offers a challenge to any wrestler on the roster. No one answers so Joe is just laughing in the ring but then Abyss comes out and accepts the challenge.

Bully Ray - The reason why I would like to see this feud is because they both have the monster look and the monster heart in them. Make this a heel vs heel feud, its something I haven't seen it ages.

RVD - I'm not sure of what IW has planned for RVD so I would also book him in a match against Samoa Joe. This is how I'd make it start : RVD finishes his match and then from out of nowhere Joe continues his rampage and attacks RVD

From those choices I would pick..................... SAMOA JOE VS AJ STYLES VS DANIELS

I hope you enjoyed the blog, feel free to write comments but for now I'm off, bye.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    When I first saw him..I felt he's ugly n was not impressed...but, when i saw him in a match I became an instant fan of him..his triple threat match with Daniels n AJ was an awesome treat..these days, TNA is burrying him...

    TNA shud concentrate on him n AJ...

    Kick off with an AJ/Joe rivalry (put daniels into it at some point)..

    then, put Joe against Matt Morgan...n simultaneously put AJ against Crimson...then make both JOE n AJ come together as a team...n make them THe Most SICK Team in the history....n we can see two things..they can make TT action more credible n also put over young talent n also can come back again into main event...

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