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Was That A Poot 6: A Double is TNA's CM Punk

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Hey guys the breazey butting, Ric Flair strutting (jiggling nipples included), Mullet wearing, child scaring, lovable, huggable, redneck Poot-Hair here with another sphincter tightening adventure on your computer. Yes my blogs are more exciting than a dirty depends diaper on a pole match between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair (with Scott Hall as special guest ref......too soon?). It's been awhile since I laid a little golden doodoo nugget of pure goodness on your heads so I figured it was about time.

Now that I have my grand introduction out of the way, it's time to get down to this blog's subject matter which is Austin Aries being TNA's CM Punk. Let me preach on it.

Backround. Both Aries and Punk have a Ring Of Honor backround. This is basically where both of these guys made their respective name's in the business. Granted Punk has moved up the ladder more in the wrestling business but the point still remains. Ring Of Honor is where both of these guys learned to talk and refined their wrestling skills and both have been the RoH champion.

Character. Am I the only one that sees the so many similarities between Aries' and Punk's character? The brash, cocky, "better than you" attitude just oozes from both guys. Either man can play either a face or heel, and do so with extreme efficiency. Of course I think both Aries and Punk do a better job playing heel, especially Punk's "Straight Edge Savior" gimmick from last year. It was absolute gold in terms of he could sell the hell out of it. Now with A Double, he now has this "greatest man alive" gimmick in TNA and he's absolutely KILLING it (in a good way of course lol).

Moveset. Both Aries and Punk have similar movesets. Both guys have a unique mix of Ariel, Mat base, Submission, and High Impact moves. Also both guys can go between weight divisions with ease. If the WWE had a Cruiserweight division there is no doubt that Punk could absolutely rock it with the high fliers. I personally think that the 'E should have a Cruiserweight division for all of their low/mid card talent but I'll save that for a rant on a different day. As far as AA is concerned right now he's in the X-Division right now and within just a few months has became one of the faces of the XD. There is no doubt that it'll only be a matter of time before A-Dub gets the call to the heavyweight division, and I see him as TNA champ sooner rather than later.

Okay guys I could go on and on about this but I figure I'll go ahead and end it here. As you can see Austin Aries and CM Punk have alot of similarities in their respective companies. I just hope A-Dub gets rid of that Hot ass pink MooMoo vest he's wearing....gah it totally molests the eyeballs. I also hope that TNA sees what they have in Aries and turns him loose. The guys could do so much good for the company if used right. Alright Preach over

Am I right, wrong, full of shit? Any and all comments are welcome! Until next time take it easy guys and PEACE!!

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  1. knox's Avatar
    lol I thought i was the only one that noticed how similar they are. AA is a freakin natural. I remember one PPV earlier this year in which he cut a promo bashing the fans that ordered the illegal stream of the PPV. This guy is absolute gold. One of the top heels in wrestling as of now.

    Great blog man.
  2. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    you forgot another similarity
    austin aries and cm punk are both very disciplined
    austin aries is a vegan
    cm punk is straight edge
    god i wish i could see these 2 in a a main event in wrestlemania or something one on one
    seen them in roh already so on the big stage would be even more awesome
  3. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    @Knox Thanks for the kind words on the blog and I agree 100% about Aries being one of the best heels wrestling has right now. Bully Ray and The Miz come to mind as a couple as well, but A Double is definitely up there.

    @Mikeyboy7777777 ahhhhh damn I knew I'd forget something! Thanks for bringing up a point I forgot. I saw CM Punk at a house show in Huntsville Alabama a couple years back and I knew that someday soon he'd be the next big thing. Never had the honor of seeing AA yet, hope to soon!

    Any and all comments are welcome guys, keep 'em coming!
  4. Bagg's Avatar
    Awesome blog man, A double is king, the guy wrestles and talks like few others. Id like to see half of these NXT losers be a shred of how good A double is. Im just glad TNA appears to see how amazing he is. And hopefully the industry as a whole will also pay attention to what hes capable of. While he always had a kinda cocky way about him, it wasnt until early 2009, that HE created the A double character and HE ran with it, A double is all him, much like Punk is in WWE.
    My favorite A double moment: ROH on HDNet, Aries claims he cant wrestle Tyler Black because he has laringitis. He says this as he's smoking tobacco out of a pipe. But he claims, that the pipe soothes his aching throat. classic. Enjoyed the blog man!
  5. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    @Bagg HAHA!! I remember seeing that! I'm almost positive that "tobacco" wasn't what he was smoking however . I personally can't wait to see A-Dub vs. AJ Styles in the near future. I also bet AA vs. Christopher Daniels is going to be sick as well. Thanks for the feedback
  6. Amerinaine's Avatar
    I like Austin Aries. One of the most talented wrestlers on TNA. And one of the few X-Division stars with mic skills.
  7. AlexWorldOrder's Avatar
    In all honesty.. I think AA is better than punk. The guy just gets it.

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