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Future multi-time WWE Champion

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Future multi-time WWE champion

Hi eveyone this is baisicly my opinion on who I think will be a future multi-time World Champion in the near future.The order I done this in is who I think will reach there first, keep reading to see who is number #1.

#5 Daniel Bryan

If he becomes World Heavy Weight Champion at Wrestlemania and has a decent title reign it would ready him for a WWE title.WWE is just testing him to see how he can cope being the top guy on smackdown.I feel this maby his one and only shot at a future WWE title by geting the Heavy Weight title.It might not even be his fault if he flopes because people might not wan't to tune in on smackdown to even see him as Champion after Wrestlemania.It would just be all about the winner between Rock & Cena,even the WWE champion maby out of the picture for a while if Rock & Cena didn't fight for it.This could put down Daniel Bryan career,he might not be able to get back up so it would be either a blessing or a curse.

#4 The Miz

His position right now seem to be ok.If done right he could be heading into a tag team title whith R truth and that is not bad at all,its just from main eventing Wrestlemania against John Cena for the WWE title to tag team champion whith R truth is a bit silly.Remember people the tag team belt arn't as valuble as they were in the past.I know Airboom are making it more valuble but I feel its still underrated.When the Miz is done whith R truth he will probably be back in the title picture fighting the likes of CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio and ect.I am very positive this will happen to the lack of good superstars in WWE.So don't be surprise if you see the Miz holding the belt many times whith in 2 to 3 years battling John Cena,CM Punk maby even R truth.

#3 Alberto Del Rio

Im very sure some time next year he will turn him into a face so he can sell merchandises, I do think he does need more work in the ring.His mic skill can graddually get better as the year goes on,other than that he is quit a performer but I do think they pushed him to quickly if they have just waited one more year it would of been fine.I can easily imagine him being atleast a five time WWE Champion before his retirement.

#2 Sheamus

I think he has had the same problem whith Alberto Del Rio he was pushed to quickly and usually when they rush people like sheamus they end up dropping the ball on them when it doesn't work.After he lost the WWE Championship he had a fued whith Triple H,most of us thought after this he would no longer be revelant in WWE but he ended up taking out Triple H.Now we knew he was still a force to take notice.I think it was a good idea to bring him to smackdown so he can refresh him self and turn face.Sooner or later he will be World Heavy Weight Champion on smackdown if he carries on like this.


You people already know the story.

Extra future WWE Champion

Jack Swagger,Mark henry,Cody Rhodes,John Morrison,R truth,Dolph Ziggler.

The extra fututre WWE Champion are superstars who might be able to get the WWE belt in there career.They don't have to be multi-time but atleast win it once,thanks for reading feel free to make a comment or look at my other blogs.

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  1. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Decent Blog but Albert del Rio, Sheamus and CM Punk are already multi time World Champions
  2. Sage's Avatar
    As much as I'd kill to see bryan as wwe champ I don't see it ever happening
  3. knox's Avatar
    great choices...what do you think about Alex Riley? That guy has it.
  4. nosellshogan's Avatar
    Daniel Bryan I would hope so but wwe may not be so high on him plus it seems the commentators always hype the fact that no moneyMITB winner has ever lost which leads me to believe Daniel Bryan will be the first. Alberto Del Rio I believe this is his last go around as champion or at the very least his for a very long time.I think he's only champ now because of the Mexican tour coming up. Sheamus will definetly win it again and it'd be criminal if he didn't.The same with cm punk.Dolph Ziggler I wish wwe would get on with moving him into the world title picture.And @ knox A-Ry could easily be the next John Cena simply based on the fact he has that look vince likes so much not to mention he does bring a certain intensity to the ring. But it seems like he's fizzled with the crowds in the last month or so so I'm not sure if it'll ever happen for him. .Nice blog
  5. deadly56's Avatar
    great choices...what do you think about Alex Riley? That guy has it.

    Knox I actually thought about him while making this blog and for me it is to early to say whether or not he is World champion material.Anything could happen in WWE for him right now, so far like nosellshogan said its not looking very bright, remember he is young he could still turn it around.Thanks for the feedback on my blog anyway.
    Updated 10-16-2011 at 01:38 PM by deadly56
  6. Erroneous Fool's Avatar
    You forgot Cena... hes going to be the first guy to 100.
  7. Gabriel_Blaze's Avatar
    Rhodes! Nuff said
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