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How to make a struggling midcarder into a solid maineventer

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How to make a struggling midcarder into a solid maineventer

This blog is about struggling midcarders who have already been multi-time IC or US champs.Those are the type of midcarders this blog is about who are down on there luck,a perfect example could be John Morrison.Actually they don't have to be done on there luck but not able to reach the next stage of there career, so another example could be some one like Kofi Kingston, also they would have to have good move set and good at peforming it.

Tag Team

Being in a team for wrestlers usally happen at the beginning of there career,but I belieave once they come out of the US or IC picture,this could save them if WWE feel there not really working out on there own.This could help them still get noticed for a while.I would not let them get the Tag Team belts straight away after atleat 3 months then they could give it a try,whith in the 3 months they could get matching clothes,find there theme song and start practising there Tag Team moves together.The reason I would not let them chase the belts as soon as they form there team is because that is to much of rush, it is better for the fans to recognise them better and know what there gimmic is all about.When they do get the Tag Team belts I would atleast let them hold it for over 4 months, if they really connect whith the crowd I would make them capture the belts a couple more times.I would not let them stay a together for to long or WWE will make it permanent,after atleast a year let them have a 3 month fued whith each other and we will see were that takes them.

Mic skill

This could either break or make a wrestlers career.It could be apart of a gimmic not to talk on the mic or your character may have to talk on the mic once and a while.I got a simple solution to this for a wrestler who can't really talk and that is a manager!How hard is it for WWE to get one of them,by doing this it can easily make a major positive impact to a wrestler.


It can really help a wrestlers by having a streak,more people would wan't to have a match whith you if you have a streak, and if more wrestlers wan't have a match whith you it makes you have more prestige.The WWE fans will take more time to see how good you are, and if your either a face or heel the fans could be rooting for you or despise you so much they would watch your matches just so you could lose.It doesn't have to be a normal match it could be a ladder streak,triple threat or even something like the undertaker, forexample no could beat you at a certain ppv like SumerSlum or EliminationChamber.

Fake injury return

This can be a risk WWE may only have wrestler whith a fake injury so they can put over another guy.The type of fake injury im talking about is the midcarder can come back from a fake injury, and reinvent them self it could be a face or heel turn which ever may be the best thing for them.Or they can just stay there self and see if they may get a big pop from it,Maby they can have a vacant person in Surviver series and the midcarder could be the person they decided to get or make a surprise return in the Royal Rumble, even something like Money in the Bank or EliminationChamber.Im just looking for the return to be meaningful, I would not let the injury go on for to long maby after 3 ppvs.Sometime for Midcarders if there gone for to long they could lose there position they had,and all that build up will be for nothing, perfect example John Morrison.

Extra information

I also forgotten to say when high profiled Midcarders are ready to fight the likes of John Cena,Triple h and so on.The next night I would not like that to be forgoten,the maineventers should give the Midcarder prais for there match and say things like your going to be one of the top guys very soon.

Thanks for reading,feel free to make a comment.

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  1. Tall's Avatar
    I think King of the Ring should return. If someone like Dolph Ziggler was to win that, even if they didn't win the title match they could still use the momentum to stay as a main event wrestler.

    MITB matches help at the moment. Look at The Miz last year. He won MITB, got a victory over a beat down Randy Orton and held the title for almost six months. Perfectly smooth transition from mid carder to main eventer which got him heat which is great for any heel.
  2. sexyboy14's Avatar
    Nice blog, but in future check your grammar and spelling. I found it kind of hard to read.
  3. Slickman69's Avatar
    MITB has run it's course. It's always the same. The champion just went through a ruthless match, came out on top and now the MITB winner is running out and pins him in 30 seconds. The first time Edge did this, it was gold but since then it has gotten ridiculous, just continues to devalue the titles. The main things that used to get people over, was either giving them a manager who used to manage a big star (great example is when they teamed up HBK with Sherri), or just letting them do their own thing on the mic. The reason why guys don't get over now is because everything they say on the mic comes from the writers and not from the wrestlers themselves.

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