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The Necessary Wrestling Face/Heel Turns

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Hey guys Knox here. I'm blogging on the stars who need a face/heel turn today in wrestling. Gimmicks and personalities become stale after a while and sometimes a turn can help rejuvenate a star. First of all, this list will not include Kane, Ken Anderson or Matt Morgan. Lol those 3 guys have turn more than anyone on wrestling history haha do the math.

Lets kick this off guys, enjoy

10. Samoa Joe (Heel to Face)
TNA are clueless when it comes to Samoa Joe. He is a once in a century type of guy. He's a big guy with amazing in ring skills, mic skills and without the huge muscles to boot. He's one of the most exciting guys to watch and should be in the main event scene.

Turn him face again and get the crowd behind him again and let the rest take it's toll.

9. Daniel Bryan (Face to Heel)
The WWE does not know how to handle him as a face. They give him the MITB and still don't know how to book him. All my ROH guys on here knows the ability Danielson has a heel, he was awesome. If the WWE keeps him as a face, he'll end up like any other cruiserweight face like Jimmy Wang Yang or Paul London.

As a heel Danielson could make guys like Dolph Ziggler & Cody Rhodes look trash and this is coming from a huge and I mean huge Dolph & Cody fan. Run Danielson as a heel and then we'll be begging for his face turn again and then the real takeover begins.

8. Jerry Lawler (Face to Heel)
I for one have not enjoyed Lawler on commentary for about the last 5 years. He's not a good baby face. In a job like announcing, we here your voice the whole show, you have to deliver. Jerry has not delivered for the past 5 years and I feel he has kept his job because of his seniority and legacy.

As a heel, he was sooo funny. He was amazing when he verbally attacked guys like Bret Hart, Jake Roberts and others. He was awesome especially when he used to not claim Brian Christopher as his son lol. Dude was awesome as a heel and literally would have me in tears.

7. The Miz (Heel to Face)
He has potential to be the face of the company. As a face he will get the crowd behind him easily, he already has a huge amount of fans. He can go back to his old "Hoo-Rahhh" catchphrase. This guy has the mic skills to be the next Cena on the mic.

6. Rey Mysterio (Face to Heel)
This can be good if booked right. He's getting pretty dry. Have him return and beat the hell out of Sin Cara over jealousy and the whole mask thing. Have them feud for a good 3 months. Turn Mysterio face again after that. Give him more run for a year and give him a retirement match. I love Rey but we gotta move on and take the next step for the new breed of guys like Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan & Cody Rhodes.

5. Jack Swagger (Heel to Face)
This guy is the future. He was brought to the main event too fast and the WWE completely dropped the ball on him and threw him into some of the most random feuds. This guy is the next big thing and this will be proven as a face.

He can pull off a Kurt Angle like gimmick. Swagger was a good heel but wasn't given much of a chance to prove just how good he is. Let him be the baby face and the patriot of the WWE with the Hacksaw Jim Duggan style American Flag but DON'T MAKE HIM A JOKE. He can carry this company, I strongly believe this.

4. Kofi Kingston (Face to Heel)
He's been just hanging around as a face and has pretty much been the Ultimate Midcarder. He's the WWE's goto guy. They can call on him anytime to be the I.C. or U.S. Champ but is he worth more? I think so.

I'm not a big Kofi fan but he has some bright spots. As a heel he would rock. Ditch the music, put him in all black and we got something here. He doesn't need a gimmick, let him be an angry black man lol. I think its time. Have him & Bourne lose the tag team titles and have Kofi turn on Bourne after (just like every other tag team is broken up lol).

3. Kelly Kelly (Face to Heel)
This has to happen. I hate Kelly Kelly. One thing she does have is a bit of an attitude. You can hear it in here voice. I think she has the ability to be a great heel.

2. Rob Van Dan (Face to Heel)
This is my guy. It would be no Cm Punk if it wasn't for Rob. This guy has been a face damn near his whole career though. I've heard RVD's promo game and its actually believable. When RVD talks, it reminds me of a shoot. I can bet my ass he would make a great heel just for a little while because he is getting old and I still want to see him retire as a WWE star. Give him a heel turn in TNA. Bring him back to the WWE for one last face run and a big retirement match at Wrestlemania 30. He deserves it, love this guy.

1. John Cena (Face to Heel)
Do I even need to explain? I think Cm Punk, Randy Orton & Sheamus proved that they can hold the fort down as the top baby faces if Cena was to turn heel. It's finally hit its course. His run is over. I think it will happen after Wrestlemania. The Rock will win, Cena will here all the boos in Miami and within the next couple of weeks it'll happen.

Don't expect it though. Vince will never pull the plug. I used to love Punk back in 2006 up until now. Vince has to realize that PUNK IS THE BIGGER DRAW. Also add a Miz face turn and that's the icing on the cake. A Cena heel turn would be bigger than Hogan's heel turn in 1996 when he joined the nWo. Nobody seen it coming. Vince grow some balls and make the move.

Honorable Mentions:
Santino Marella (Face to Heel), Eric Young (Face to Heel), Christian (Heel to Face), Angelina Love (Heel to Face), Drew McCintyre (Heel to Face)

John Morrison:
I didn't add him on the list because he doesn't need a heel turn. He needs a character turn. He needs to embrace the "Prince of Parkour" gimmick and develop an action figure street fighter type gimmick. The whole sexy guy gimmick is failing big time. John Morrison reminds me of Rick Martel.

John Morrison would do amazing if he had a classic ECW Rob Van Dam type gimmick. He can be the hardcore guy that can abuse you with chairs, ladders and such and still excite the crowd with his amazing moves and athleticism. Vince has no idea what he's doing if he lets a guy like Morrison go. He can remain a face but still be taken serious enough to be World Champ.


Thanks guys for your checking this out. I'd appreciate feed back. Be safe guys. Until then.

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  1. Shaz11's Avatar
    Great read, I think AirBoom! should split up before Wrestlemania leading to a match between the two.
  2. Tall's Avatar
    John Cena doesn't need to change, he already is a heel to a majority of the crowd.
    John Morrison needs to focus on his mic skills before getting to the main event level.
    The Miz is the premier cocky heel and if he can take his mic skills to the next level he could do what The Rock did back in '99 and change to a face while still using his current material.
    Jack Swagger's face turn in obvious IMO. Ziggler becomes world champion and he becomes US champion in Vickie's group. He realises he is second favourite and over times turns face before challenging Ziggler. He needs to work on his mic skills as well if he is to be a main event level wrestler yet.
  3. ZakPhoenix's Avatar
    I completely agree, but we can all agree that Vince's balls disappeared years ago.
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Like Morrison even Cena should change his charater...face/heel doesn't matter...

    I want Samoan Joe back on main event....(C in WWE I'm after E&C n in TNA am after Joe/AJ..typical me.:P)

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