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Mr. McMahon

Wrestlers who should have won Royal Rumble

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This blog is about wrestlers who I think should have won a past Royal Rumble instead of the person that actually won it. It will also list how I would book the wrestler at Wrestlemania. I think it would have been better if it actually went this way.

Original Winner: Mr. McMahon
My Pick: The Rock
Since The Rock faced Stone Cold at WrestleMania that year, I think it would have made sense to have him win the Royal Rumble since Vince winning the Rumble was really pointless. It would have made The Rock look even much more stronger, I definitely think The Rock was ready to win Royal Rumble 1999 judging by how over he was at Survivor Series 1998. I would have Stone Cold win this one, only because The Rock would win at WM 19.

Original Winner: The Rock
My Pick: Triple H
I would have booked for the Big Show to keep his title and then loose it to The Rock at Royal Rumble, while Triple H eliminates Foley to win the Royal Rumble. I would keep the same main event at WM as it was, except The Rock would walk in as champion and HHH would win the title and get his super push by going over 3 huge superstars.

Original Winner: Triple H
My Pick: Kurt Angle
I would have booked Triple H to defeat Y2J at No Way Out and become the Undisputed Champion. Angle would go on to face Triple H at WrestleMania and win the title. I personally thought HHH coming back and winning the Rumble and the title at Mania was too predictable, besides according to my booking HHH already would have won Royal Rumble 2000 and later on in 2002 would be World Champion with his lengthy reigns. Angle was way over at this time, coming out as the top baby face of 2001 and then turning heel, what better time to book Angle to win RR and WM? Perfect timing when he was young and energetic.

Original Winner: Brock Lesnar
My Pick: Chris Jericho
Brock Lesnar didn't really need to win the Royal Rumble, he was already way over and had defeated Hogan, Rock, RVD, Undertaker, Flair. HBK would have still been World Champion defeating HHH at Armageddon, so at WM it would be Y2J vs HBK for the title. While Lesnar would win a battle royal at SD and face Angle for the title. Which would leave HHH to face Booker T in a single's match. Jericho would win the title, then loose it at Judgement Day to HHH in a fatal four way match (HHH vs Nash vs Jericho vs Booker T).

Original Winner: Chris Benoit
My Pick: Eddie Guerrero
Eddie wins the Rumble and faces Angle at WM for the title. Angle beats Lesnar at No Way Out and turns heel afterwards. Benoit gets fired from Smackdown, goes to Raw and wins a tournament and faces HHH & HBK at WM. Eddie wins WWE title, and Benoit wins World title at WM. I just think the timing here was perfect for Eddie to win the Rumble, not 2005 or 2003 but 2004 was the perfect timing for Eddie.

Original Winner: Rey Mysterio
My Pick: Randy Orton
I am pretty sure that if Eddie didn't pass away, Rey would not win the rumble, let alone the world title at WM. I personally thought it was a waste to have him win. Orton at this time was ready to win the Rumble. He was already world champion, IC champion and had defeated Benoit, Undertaker, RVD, Flair... etc. This was the time for Randy Orton to win the Royal Rumble. I would have had Orton face Batista for the title at WM and have him beat Batista. But since Batista was injured, my second choice would be to have Orton face Eddie for the title and beat him. Eddie/Orton at WM would have been much more interesting than Angle/Orton since Eddie makes a better face.

Original Winner: The Undertaker
My Pick: Edge
I think it was way too late in Undertaker's career to win the Royal Rumble. He didn't need this win, just like the previous year I think they wasted it by having him win. They could still have Taker/Batista at WM for the title, but have Taker win a tournament or EC match. Edge would face Cena for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania and beat him clean. Edge/Cena would be having this long rivalry since 2006 and would be ending it at WM. I guess I would make it a Hell In A Cell match, maybe a crazy spot where Cena does an FU on Edge through the Cell, I know Edge said that he always wanted to do a huge spot with HIAC. John Cena is slowly climbing down the cell and suddenly Mr. Kennedy rushes to the ring and cashes his MITB to win the title from Edge, Cena can't make it down in time to stop Kennedy from pinning Edge. Apparently it becomes a triple threat match so under that rule, Kennedy doesn't have to pin Cena to win the belt.

Original Winner: John Cena
My Pick: Mr. Kennedy
Cena was the biggest star in the company, there was no need for him to win this Rumble, all it did was add that to his resume but could have been used for someone else. I know people don't like Kennedy but when he was in WWE he was one of the best mid carders on mic, and if you can talk on the mic in WWE then you can put asses in seats and sell = champion. So Kennedy wins the Rumble and faces Cena for the WWE title at WM. Kennedy has been dodging Cena since last years WM, he looses the title to HHH sometime in 2007 who then looses it to Cena. Finally after winning the Rumble, Kennedy gets a chance to face Cena, no more running. Cena hits the FU on Kennedy and gets ready to pin him, just then Edge rushes down to the ring with the newly won MITB and hits Cena with the briefcase and spears Kennedy, pins him and becomes Champion. Just like last year, it turns into a triple threat match and Edge doesn't have to pin Cena to be champion. He gets his revenge and then the 3 of them finally finish it off in a triple threat street fight at Backlash, which I guess Cena wins to send the kiddies home happy.

Original Winner: Randy Orton
My Pick: Christian
Since Orton already won the 2006 Rumble, there is no need for him to win this one. Makes a surprise return and faces Edge at WM and wins the world title. Shorty after, he turns heel, Edge wins WWE title and they both win world tag team titles and hold 2 championships each while dominating 2009.

Original Winner: Edge
My Pick: Cody Rhodes
Would have had Cody start his dashing gimmick in 2008, then his disfigured gimmick in 2009 by which he would have won tag team and ic title. He would be ready to win the rumble at this time. Orton turns face and Cody faces him for the title at WM. Cody wins with help from Ted, don't want Orton to look weak as his just turned face.

Original Winner: Alberto Del Rio
My Pick: CM Punk
Punk cuts all his controversial promos in late 2010 with his feud with Cena, so by this time he is already the biggest star in the company and has sold more merch so would make sense to have him win the rumble. Faces Cena at WM and beats him to start the Reality Era.

Well who would you replace as the winners? You can choose any years, I just choose these years cause I don't really remember much from before 1997 and I was fine with Austin winning 1997/1998 rumbles

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  1. Mr. McMahon's Avatar
    quit taking it so seriously, fine next time I will actually POST the obvious since some people take others opinions extremely seriously and can't see the difference between reality and fantasy
  2. B-ri's Avatar
    "yes but if you read clearly, I mentioned I would have booked CM Punk doing his promos in 2010 (the ones he did in summer of 2011). And Cody would be doing his gimmick in 2008"

    I did read clearly but these superstars need time to develop, by your logic, the WWE would've gone at 5 times the speed it normally does, Cody Rhodes wasn't even really involved in anything serious in WWE till late '07 with Bob Holly. Plus it would've left you with no Legacy, no feud between Orton, Rhodes and DiBiase, DiBiase and Rhodes' partnership this year wouldn't have worked. Plus, The Rock vs John Cena angle hadn't happened yet. That was a major part of Punk's angst in his shoot a few months back. He hated that the 'ass kissers' were in the main event of mania. This blog shouldn't be titled "Wrestlers who should have won the Royal Rumble" it should be "If I was head booker in WWE how would I book the past 12 years".
  3. Zekic's Avatar
    Cena was the biggest star in the company, there was no need for him to win this Rumble
    Have to disagree with this one,back then i was still watching wrestling on TV and didint knew anything,about WWE but raw(also believed wresling was real back then ) as you can guess i was a big cena fan,and when they showed how cena returned at rumble,i almost pissed myself of happiness D,but seriusly i dont know if it was known on internet that he returns or no,but it was an amazing moment and amazing match,not everything in wrestling should be to just push someone else,some needs just to get some awesome moments,and as it been sayed it also gave credibility to ppv itself
  4. dondorian's Avatar
    i totally 100% disagree with all these statements
  5. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    2011 should have been won by christian
    2003 should have been won by kane
    the rest was fine
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