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Top 5 Come backs in Prowrestling History

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Well with the Lack of responce I had to my last blog I decided to do something a little more interesting. This is the Top 5 Combacks in Wrestling History. This Isnt a 1 time comeback, Its a list of men who came back to wrestling either from injury, Drug and Health issues or just retired, and when they returned they were better than they were before they left. Better in Ring and Bigger Stars than they were before and Their Comeback added to their already Great Legacy and not Disgraced it (I'm Talking about you Ric Flair). So these are the men that conquered their demons, Health issues and personal problems to come back to the Business they love and make a bigger impact.

It has to be a Full time Comeback, No RVD one shot Deals. So that means Rock, Foley, Steamboat and anything to that nature doesnt count.

It has to be a wrestler That left Wrestling completley, No wrelers that were injured and still under contract and came back like a HHH, Steve Austin and so on dont count.

So here is the List.

5. Sid
Sid was considered the Next huge Wrestling Star in Every Wrestling promotion he was in. Sid was NWAs answer to Hulk Hogan and the way they were gonna compete with WWF. Then When Sid was fired from WCW, He was Hired by WWF as a replacment for Hulk Hogan after his Supposed long hiatus from Wrestling for a movie career (which lasted less than a year). But Sid Fell way below Expectations, He was a barley a main eventer. There is many reasons why people say Sid Never made it where he was supposed to be, Lack of Ability, Medicore promos, Safety Scissors fights, Squirrels, Squeegees, Softballs games, Insanity, There are many speculations why Big Sid didnt Live up to the Next Hogan Moniker that everyone expected him too.

So After his WWF Run in 1995 and his terrible peformances and rumored Drug and Softball problem Sid was written off as anything more than a mid Card Act... Then When Sid Replaced The Warrior in a 6 man Tag at International Incident IYH PPV, The crowd went Nuts for him. Sids Popularity rose to heights it never has before, The Crowd became so vocal for Sid that WWF had no choice but to Give him a WWF title run.... Then Sid went back to Old habits and was let go in 1997 by the WWF.

Everyone thought Sid Burnt his bridges in WCW, but then he made a Return to World Championship Wrestling. Sid was written off as a one hit wonder and would never reach main eventer statues he had in WWF in WCW. But we were all wrong, Sid became a boneifide Main eventer in WCW and a 2 time WCW World Champion..... Like him or not but Sid made to huge unlikely Comebacks in 2 different companies.

4. Mr. Bob Backlund
Bob Backlund was considered boring, Uncharismatic and Just all around Dull. Cause of his very techinical Wrestling Style that really had no flash or flare and his Generic All american, apple pie, Boy scout look and character. In 1984 Prowretling had passed Backlund by, So after a few matches in the minor leagues Bob Backlund retired.... Then in 1992 WWF hired Bob Backlund back and gave him a equally borring, Hard working every man gimmick.... Then in a Built up New Generation vs Old Generation match between Bret Hart and Bob Backlund on WWF Superstars. What was a Freindly and competitive match that ended with Bret Hart pinning Bob Backlund, The always Sportsman like Backlund Snaped and used a Crossface Chicken Wing on Bret Hart. Backlund wouldnt release the Hold, Like he was possessed, Then he seemingly snapped out of it and look at his hands feeling guilty for what he done like he had no control over it......
This was supposed to be a Storyline for B level shows like Challenge and Superstars. The Storyline was supposed to be Papa Shango made a Voodoo Doll of Bob Backlund and was controling him and making him do these disturbing acts. Well What happened was the Act got so over with the fans that the WWF just dropped the Whole Papa Shango thing and just made Backlund heel, The Storyline was Backlund snapped and he was bitter against the new genereation of wrestlers and fans.

Backlund was so over as a heel the WWF put him in the main event of Survivor Series against the World champion Bret Hart and actually gave him the title win. Suddenly, The man everyone considered too borring and generic in his prime in the 1980's, Was now over the hill in his 40's and the most entertaining and inovative act in wrestling over 10 years later.....

The Legacy of Bob Backlund was pretty much forgotten, He held the WWF title for 6 years and the only thing he was remembered for was being beat by the Iron Sheik who lost the title to Hulk Hogan. After his Run as a Main eventer 1994, People were more interested in his legacy he left before his comeback.... Backlunds comback and reinvention in 1994 not only helped boost his career and his overall importance in wrestling but it helped his legacy from being forgotten.

3. Chris Jericho
in 2005, Chris Jerichos Character was getting stale and boring. Jericho was in upper mid card for years and wasnt really going anywhere. To be fair Jerichos Character was too silly for main events and his wrestling style wasnt impactful enough for the WWE main events... so in 2005 Jericho was burnt out and frustrated and took a break from wrestling.

In 2007 Chris Jericho made his much anticipated return.... Jericho used his same Character, The fans Welcomed him back with open arms. But once the excitment and appeal of his return wore off, Jericho went back to the lingo he was in before leaving the WWE.... Then Jericho reinvented himself with a heel turn and a 160 turn in character. Jericho also changed his wrstling style to a more impactful and mat based offence, Add a wardrobe change and you got the most entertaining and succesful time in Chris Jerichos career. Jerichos matches were better, his promos were better and he was overall more important to Wrestling than he has ever been. It was a tremendous come back by the man of 1,004 Holds.

2. Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero was always considered in the top 3 performers in every company he was in. Eddie seemed like he had unlimited potenial and talent, but after Eddies Drug and Drinking problems were getting so bad they were startng to show and effect his work, Eddies promising career turned in to a nightmare. Eddie got so bad everyone wrote him off as ever becoming a big star, No one thought Eddie would ever get back to the place once was let alone break the glass ceiling and go to the main event scene that always alluded him his whole Career.... Eddie after being fired, losing his famly and hitting Rock Bottom, Cleaned himself up and put all his efforts in to his work and Getting his family back, To write all the wrongs his addictions created... After a string of top notch matches on the indy scene, the WWE snapped Guerrero back up and put the IC title on him instantly. Soon Guerrero was one of the most over guys in the company and WWE put the WWE World title on him and he walked in to Wrestlemania 20 as a Champion.... After guerreros comeback all his goals in wrestling were fulfilled and then some. Cause of his Comeback Eddie is known as one of the greatest wrestlers of all times. inspirational Comeback by a amazing man.

1. Shawn Michaels
Talk about your Michael Jordan Comeback. Hell Shawn Michaels made Jordans comeback look like a failure....
Shawn Michaels was considered in the top 5 greatest performers in Wrestling history when he retired from injuries in 1998. So how does he live up to that 4 years later after a career ending injury? He has one of the most compelling and entertaining runs in wrestling history. For Over 7 years in his last run with the WWE, Shawn Michaels was having incredible matches, Cutting stellar promos and was apart of the best storylines of the dedcade..... Shawns Comeback is easily the greatest comeback in wrestling history and probably the greatest comeback in entertainment history.

Honerable mentions
Hulk Hogans 2002 WWF run
Jeff Hardy
Sting in TNA

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  1. Tall's Avatar
    Shawn Michael's comeback was great considering he only quit drugs earlier that year. He also proved that after missing four years he was still the best and most entertaining wrestler around.

    Have to disagree about the Jericho comment though. He deserved to be on the list but I don't feel he was growing stale. Watch the Summerslam match against John Cena and you can see by the fan's reaction that he was over. Such a brilliant wrestler.
  2. Dr. Death's Avatar
    I would have thought Ric Flair might have made the list after having his back broke in a plane crash, then coming back to claim the NWA title. Otherwise it's a decent list.
  3. Parallax's Avatar
    Good list. Everyone on it is either already in the WWE Hall of Fame, or should be.
  4. vikingsman18's Avatar
    I agree 100% with your #1 choice. Shawn definatly had the greatest WWE comeback ever and one of the best, if not the best, sports entertainement comeback ever. Not many people would be able to go through what he did and make a full comeback and perform at the level he did. I cant even begin to list all of the matches where Shawn has made me sit on the edge of my seat because it was that good of a match. Great list.
  5. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    The bad spelling and grammar is bareable, but how did you get the phrase '180 turn' wrong?
    Aaaanyway, yeah this is a great list and I'm not even gonna try and fight you over it because it's in a great order.
  6. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CM_SUXX_NOT
    The bad spelling and grammar is bareable, but how did you get the phrase '180 turn' wrong?
    Aaaanyway, yeah this is a great list and I'm not even gonna try and fight you over it because it's in a great order.
    Yeah i guess i put a 6 instead of a 8.... Its werid my pc when im creating a blog it will skip letters and ill type 10 words and only 3 will be up cause the stupid ads on the top and side of the site.
  7. mika009's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Death
    I would have thought Ric Flair might have made the list after having his back broke in a plane crash, then coming back to claim the NWA title. Otherwise it's a decent list.
    Flairs plane crash happened so early in his career I'm not sure you could call it a comeback because he hadn't done much before that. I'm not taking anything away from Flair or what he's accomplished but a comeback is when you do something big, leave for a while, then come back to equal or better status. Flair was getting started, had the crash, then he became big after that. Just not sure it's the type of comeback that's being discussed.

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