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WWE and their PPVs

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What's poppin everyone. I've been wanting to get something off my chest and that's WWE's ppv schedule. It seems every year the WWE adds or subtracts a show in favor of another and my question is why? What was wrong with the original schedule? In my opinion one of the worst things they did was making the themed ppvs. If it were up to me (and I wish a lot of things in WWE were up to me), I'd go back to the traditional ppv, with some twists thrown in. What I'm gonna do is replace the schedule as of this year and replace it with what I think would be a suitable replacement. In a perfect world I'd take ppvs out in favor of more storyline development but we all know that wont happen because it's a major source of revenue for WWE. Also I'm not creating ppvs out of thin air, I'm just bringing old ones back and switching stuff around. we go...

Janurary: -
Then: Royal Rumble
Now: Royal Rumble - No need for explanation. One of the big four and a favorite of many.

February -
Then: Elimination chamber
Now: Elimination Chamber - I know this contradicts what I previously stated about my hatred of themed ppvs but hear me out. I love the idea of getting to go to Mania after going through a chamber match, except I'd do it differently. To keep the importance of the Rumble I'd give the winner of that the WWE championship and THE main event of Mania. Then take the 6 most deserving guys, (3 from Raw and 3 from Smackdown if the Brand Extension comes back) and have 1 single elimination chamber at the event for the right to face the world champion at Mania. You don't do two Royal Rumbles, so why two Chambers? This way the main event at Mania has 2 months of build and we didn't have to cut a ppv out. Not to mention it's hard to book a feud where 6 guys happen to be challenging for the title and it's so hot they need the Chamber so imo this works.

March -
Then: Wrestlemania
Now: Bound for Glory! Nah jk, Wrestlemania!: Again no need for words here, we all know what it entails. I'd try to hold it late march for the most build possible, and because no one wants 2 ppvs on their cable bill in the month of April.

April -
Then: Extreme Rules
Now: Backlash - Mostly to get rid of the theme, but it also makes sense for the name considering it's a month after Mania and it's just a continuation of the feuds from the event.

May -
Then: Over the Limit
Now: Over the Limit - I have no problems with the event, decent name and it isn't themed so we're good to go.

June -
Then: Capitol Punishment
Now: King of the Ring - First off I would like to say that I hate Capitol Punishment because it's too patriotic and why make an American ppv, especially in the month before it's independence day. KOTR was always one of my favorites and I love the idea of a tournament ppv. I'd do what they did in 02 and give the winner a shot at Summerslam because it'd be a good way to build up their 2nd biggest show of the year.

July -
Then: Money in the Bank
Now: No Mercy - This was the most difficult because July is kind of random. I don't like MITB having it's own ppv because it was one of the main attractions of Mania and having 2 ladder match ppvs is redundant. I've always been a fan of No Mercy, dunno why, just one of those things I guess lol. Why did I put No Mercy here and not back to it's rightful home in October? I have other plans for that. (dun, dun, DUUUUUN)

August -
Then: Summerslam
Now: Summerslam - Again, no explanation, it just works.

September -
Then: Night of Champions
Now: Vengeance - I've always hated the idea of NOC, it leaves people off the card that deserve the spot and just kinda seems redundant because there's ppvs that put every title on the line, so what's the point? I put Vengeance here because it's like Backlash, the name seems to go well coming off the heels of the 2nd biggest ppv of the year and a good way to continue the feuds into Fall.

October -
Then: Hell in a Cell/Vengeance
Now: Halloween Havoc - Hey why not? They did Great American Bash and it'd be a good throwback to the old days. I always wanted them to get rid of the 2 a month ppv, and I HATE Hell in a Cell having it's own ppv. It's a feud ender and giving it a ppv takes away the credibility of the match. I'd put the event as close to the end of the month as possible because it doesn't make sense to have it somewhere random like the 7th or something like that.

November -
Then: Survivor Series
Now: Survivor Series - The fall classic, no need for an explanation, however I would try and make it more of the traditional show and not have just one elimination match.

December -
Then: TLC
Now: Armageddon - Makes sense since it's the last ppv of the year. Again 2 ladder matches as ppvs is redundant and TLC is another match that should be spontaneous and not just thrown in for a random match at a yearly ppv. Plus they have TLC, ladder, and tables matches randomly throughout the year so wheres the specialty in this show? Like I said earlier we don't have like 5 royal rumbles a year, so why a give a ppv based on a match we don't see just once a year. Also chairs matches dont make sense....

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Tall's Avatar
    Good blog and I agree that KOTR should make a return as a way to promote a mid card talent to a main event spot at Summerslam. Although instead of No Mercy I'd like to see the return of Fully Loaded.
  2. Rilla's Avatar
    Personally, I'm split on having a *Major* PPV right after Christmas.
  3. Dierdorf's Avatar
    I agree with bringing halloween havoc back!
  4. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    I would much rather cut the PPV load down from 12-15 a year to 6 maybe 8 a year to get a proper build up and stronger matches. I mean now they have 2-3 weeks to slap together a feud, then expect it to have enough heat to garner fan reaction? It's stupid IMO. BUT with that said, you're list is pretty good mate, keep up the good work
  5. TheEelDeal's Avatar
    How seriously lazy were WWE to name PPVs after Match types??? Disgraceful.

    Like your breakdown - and frees up the idea of using the different match types in each PPV.
  6. RatedATB's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Poot-Hair
    I would much rather cut the PPV load down from 12-15 a year to 6 maybe 8 a year to get a proper build up and stronger matches. I mean now they have 2-3 weeks to slap together a feud, then expect it to have enough heat to garner fan reaction? It's stupid IMO. BUT with that said, you're list is pretty good mate, keep up the good work
    Trust me I agree completely, and in a perfect world I'd have taken that into consideration, but it's probably never going to happen unless Vince sees it as a way to make more money than the current situation. The only way I could see it happening is if they increased the prices even further of the ppvs they kept and idk bout you but F that, I have a hard time spending 45 bucks on the crap we get every month now haha

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