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Ways to improve the Tag Team division

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Whats up guys, I haven't seen a blog about the tag team in ages so why not do a blog!

1. History
Remember the good old days, we had epic tag teams such as Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, Legion of Doom, Rock n Sock connection etc, those were the real days. Unfortunately I had to catch up on Youtube as I wasn't watching wrestling at that time!

2. Current Tag Team division
Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne (AirBoom!) - Lets start with Kofi Kingston. Great ring abilities, good mic skills and charisma. Now with Evan Bourne, needs time on the mic, he is a talented athlete (so is Kofi) and good charisma. They have got great chemistry together. In my opinion I can see them splitting up before Wrestlemania so a match can be made between the two. I'd prefer Kofi as a heel but I wouldn't mind Bourne being a heel

The Miz and R-Truth (Awesome Truth) - Starting with The Miz, great mic skills, good in ring skills, good charisma and I can see him being the next John Cena and I think he can play babyface or a heel. Now with R-Truth, great mic skills, awful in ring abilities and he can also play heel or face. They have got AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME! chemistry together and THATS THE TRUTH! After the whole conspiracy storyline, I can see the two splitting up ready for the upper level

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger - Just the beginning for them as a tag team. I think they got good chemistry. Ziggler has got good in-ring abilities, good mic skills and charisma. He just needs to lose the US Champion to Zack Ryder or Drew McIntyre. I liked Swagger since his debut and ever since I thought he has had great potential. When he won the World title I was happy but pissed off as they gave it to him TOO early! He has good mic skills despite the fact he has a lisp, good ring abilities and great charisma

Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso (Uso Brothers) - Underated superstars in my opinion. They need TV time immediatly!

Percy Watson and Titus O'Neal - I don't watch NXT anymore and these two always perform on dark matches. But looking at both on Youtube, they need to be shown on TV more often, and O'Neal needs to win NXT (I can see Derrick Bateman winning though)

3. Improving the division
The tag team used to be precious but since WWE have been splitting tag teams up it hasn't really got them anywhere so here are some teams that could bring prestige back to the tag team division

Randy Orton and John Cena - Okay, I certainly did not think of this but Knox gets all the credit for bringing up these 2. The 2 poster boys, supermen, merchandise sellers, etc, it would give the the kids something good to watch and the older people would probably enjoy it. These two could get involved in the tag team division and it would definately give prestige to the tag team titles. Also it could let stars like Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, etc, time to shine and let them have the moment that they deserve. Give Cena some more moves as well and change his gimmick, I respect the guy but its only his gimmick thats causing all these haters

Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett - The reason why I think this tag team would work is because of the British connection between the two as Drew is Scottish and Barrett is English. It would also give Drew the TV time he deserves. Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett have got great in ring abilities, good looks, Wade's mic skills are one of the best in the WWE right now, Drew's mic skills are also good, both got huge charisma and they both would 100% stand out!

4. Sign and reunite

Sign: Shad
Reunite: Cryme Tyme - This tag team was probably one of the most underrated tag teams in WWE and my favourite at the time. They had charisma as a tag team, great mic skills, JTG's got good ring skills and they both had that catchy catchphrase which is 'I got money, money, yeah yeah' and they were also great at comedy, remember the Cryme Tyme and Eugene segment that was funny! I don't care if they are heel or not, they were a great tag team and WWE need them back!

Sign: David Hart Smith
Reunite: Hart Dynasty - I seriously don't get why WWE split this group up, it was just so unreal. This team really stood out.

Well that was it guys, feel free to leave some comments, bye.

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  1. bearsfantildeath's Avatar
    ive never thought of the cena/orton team. good idea for the fact it would give the other guys time to shine while making the belts prominent and maintaning them in the main event. i would like to see mcintire/regal together, i like the stable idea w vickies guys, makes sence for ryder to win the us belt for dolph/swagger to get the tag belts. uso's ok i guess. i like the idea of cena/orton winning the belts and have the storyline of they would take on any team any time and be able to bring back teams for one shot or small fued with the team like la resistance or the bashams
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud suggestions..but..I'm dis-appointed that u have not Mentioned edge n Christian among the gr8est tagteams..(yeah I'm a typical E&C fan..)

    n I differ u on one more thing that is...your comments abt R-Truth's In-Ring abilities..for me he's gr8 inside the ring as well..jus browse his matches in TNA or his matches as K-Kwik in WWE..he has the most unique style in WWE....

    if WWE allows him, he can deliver some wonderful matches....

    n I appreaciate your thought of bringing Drew n Wade together...OMG..they can become a gr8 tag team...n that allows them to shine further....

    I want AirBoom to continue for atleast one more year...

    n for god's sake..bring Crymetime back...they r fun to awesome TT and the most underrated..

    n also, I want USOs to have more TV time..

    Also, Tyler Reks n Curt Hawkins as a team..or just bring back Zach Ryder n Curt hawkins...n team up tylerreks with some one else..

    I want Hawkins n Reks on TV...both of them ooze charisma...
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    I don think Hart Dynasty will come together again...

    but, we need to hope for the best..or atleast they shud put Tyson Kidd into some segment..he's awesome in ring...

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