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Blog Wars Episode 1

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Welcome to the first episode of Blog Wars. This show was inspired by Ring the Bell and I give credit to ELNIOJR for the idea that helped me make this. In the history of blogs I have seen people slam others blogs or give their own lists or suggestions to what they should use. So this is the time to prove who's lists are better with everyone's help.
Each week we will get two guys in here to make their best top 5 list on a different topic. The IWC will vote in the comment box on who they think should win. After a 2 day time period for voting the winner will be the IWC Blog Championship and will defend the title each week. When anyone on here loses a war, they have to wait 5 weeks before they compete for the title again. If you want to compete on a future episode message me. Now the list for this week.
Top 5 Wrestler's Impacted the Wrestling Industry
The premise is simple, each challenger will name 5 wrestlers who they think have changed, improved, or rocked the industry. No managers, announcers, writers, or anyone that's never been a full time wrestler. If you aren't familiar with someone on their list please look them up so you can be an educated voter. I will not edit or reorder any lists, so what you see are their original thoughts. The first competitors for the title are Dr. Death and VanHooliganX.

Dr. Death
Top 5 wrestlers who have made an impact in wrestling:

Based on the following criteria:
- Professional success
- Importance to history
- How good they were in the ring
- Their drawing power
Now to the critique:


Professional Success: The dominant wrestler of the Twenties.

Importance in History: Along with Billy Sandow and Toots Mondt, Lewis held a virtual hammerlock on wrestling during the decade. It was during this time frame that Ed - Billy - and Toots, created the very first storylines and scripts which is the foundation for what we still see in today's wrestling era.

How Good in the Ring: He could fake it with the best of them, but no one wanted to face him in a shoot. If he grabbed you with those arms, the next step was being squeezed into unconsciousness with that famous Sleeper Hold.

Drawing Power: His reputation alone as the best and toughest wrestler drew the crowds.


Professional Success: Six-time NWA World’s Champion at a time when the belt meant something. Was the youngest ever World Champ at age 21.

Importance to History: The glue that held the NWA together. No Thesz, no Flair, period. He invented the German Suplex, the STF, the Thesz Press and even the Powerbomb. No one, and I repeat, no one, has done more to shape the history and direction of the game than Lou Thesz.

How Good in the Ring: On a scale of 1 to 10, he was a 12.

Drawing Power: Good enough to keep the NWA financially viable.


Professional Success: THE WWF champion. No Bruno, no WWWF, no WWF, no Vince McMahon, Jr. Best known for being the longest-running champion of the WWWF/WWF holding the title across two reigns for over 11 years in total. Sammartino kept the WWWF/WWF title for seven years, eight months, and one day; it still stands as the longest continuous world title reign in men's wrestling history.

Importance to History: Established the big man as a champion, for better or worse. Was also the dominate wrestler in the Sixties.

How Good in the Ring: Great ring psychologist; could make the most hard-hearted fan sympathetic to his plight in the ring. Took pride in his profession and always strived to be better on the mat.

Drawing Power: Set a record for sellouts at Madison Square Gardens. Sammartino was so popular that he headlined cards that filled Madison Square Garden on a monthly basis.


Professional Success:"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair is officially recognized by WWE, TNA and PWI as a 16-time World Heavyweight Champion.

Importance to History: He was the last credible or believable NWA/WCW champ. With his outlandish wit and entertaining interview style, Flair embodied the role of the World Champion.

How Good in the Ring: One of the best who ever donned a pair of tights. In later years became somewhat predictable.

Drawing Power: Flair was often popular with the crowd due to his in-ring antics, including rulebreaking (earning him the distinction of being "the dirtiest player in the game"), strutting and his shouting of "Woooooo!"


Professional Success: The man who made Vince McMahon and the WWF/WWE king of the hill.

Importance to History: The 1980's - 1990's will always be known as "The Hogan Era" like it or not.

How Good in the Ring: Fantastic until he actually had to wrestle.

Drawing Power: Are you kidding? The biggest attraction in wrestling history. Very popular with the "Hulkamaniacs".

As an Honorable mention I'd like to nominate Terry Funk for bringing "Hardcore" mainstream. And for all he has done in wrestling.

This is the five I'd have to go with as having a huge impact on the wrestling industry. In closing, I'd like to thank wrestlingfan66513 for having me on Blog Wars and giving me the chance to honor those who not only performed for us the wrestling fans, but gave back to the sport as well.


1. Chris Benoit - Obvious reasons why he's first. I remember a lot of indy companies closing down for a short while just cause of the event. Worst case scenario would of been everyone linking this sad incident to wrestling forever. I don't care what peoples thought of the event is you try having 85 year old alzheimer's brain on certain drugs and tell me you'd keep your sanity.
Unlike WWE I will remember Chris as the wrestler. He was a damn great wrestler whatever opinion anyone has and thats why i'm linking this as the video. R.I.P

2. Shawn Michaels - Where the hell do I begin? The Montreal Screwjob cause the most controversial match in history that people try to recreate. Caused Bret to move to WCW and is still talked about to this day. Hell they just brought out an interesting DVD about it that I wanna see. Will probably be never recreated ever again.

3. Edge - The rated R-superstar had a live sex scene with Lita (I very jealous!), cheated on Matt Hardy with her that got him fired for a while before returning and introduced TLC at its greatest with the help of the Dudleys, Hardys and Captain Charisma. Hell he helped show how good the MITB briefcase can be when he cashed it in and became a main eventer.

4. CM Punk - That shoot promo was a golden moment that has made this summer awesome to watch. Especially after the Nexus storyline flopped. He said it was to try and shake things up so there is wrestling in 20-30 years time and the only downturn to this whole situation and storyline is they brought back Kevin "I can't walk without injuring myself" Nash.

5. Rey Mysterio - A cruiserweight that has become a World Heavyweight Champion. Not many people in that division made a name of themselves but Rey was 1 who became a main eventer at times and always has spot on Raw or Smackdown when not plagued by injuries. Minorly changed the landscape of proving mexicans and crusierweights can become main eventers regardless of if Vince is into big bodybuilding guys. A ray of hope if you will for guys like Evan Bourne.

First off I like to thank both guys for taking their time to make their lists. Please vote who you think deserves to be the first

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  1. toobeastly33's Avatar
    Wow ouch is this even a question. Dr. Death gets my vote all the way. He clearly put a lot of thought in to it and didn't sell out by giving us all of today's stars.

    Sadly I cant say the same for VanHooliganX. Really dude you gave us all WWE stars from recent history. I love Beniot and Edge, they are two of my tops. Still they were not top 5 impactful. Clearly you are a Punk fan, but again not top 5...and Ray really?? Maybe top five for cruiserweight division, but not wrestling in general. I really just think you did not put much thought into this list. Even if it was top five from recent history you missed a bunch that would have fit better.
  2. The Hit Man's Avatar
    My vote goes to Dr. Death.
  3. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Definitely Dr. Death
  4. Godsmack78's Avatar
    dr. death did put alot of effort and time into his blog.. his top 5 is definitely more relevant and credible than vanhooligan. i love benoit and edge too but they did not change the course of wrestling like the pioneers mentioned by dr.death.. rey mysterio is one of the greats and i love him too. but they dropped the ball big time giving him 2 world titles plus the wwe title.. no disrespect but thats a joke when mark henry is just now getting his first and sadly maybe only title reign. so my vote goes to the doctor
  5. BOHICA's Avatar
    VanHooliganX you've got no chance in Hell. Dr. Death. all the way. He did his homework.
  6. monctonvike's Avatar
    Add another to vote for dr death. I dunno How someone could make the list without Hogan or Lou or even Flair on it but to each there own
  7. Viking's Avatar
    no question it has to be Dr. Death
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