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Top 7 Worst Songs from wrestlers

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This list will showcase music that wrestlers should never have made. It will be funny and awful at the same time so be warned.

7. Do the Mario from Captain Lou Albano

I am sorry he ever made this. The reason why number 7 is because it is short so you didn't have to suffer long. But the reason I put it on here is because I think very few remember this and just wanted to share it.

6. Beach Patrol from Hulk Hogan

Remember Hulk's album, if you do then you know how most of the songs had his name in the title. The whole album was awful and this won't be the last time you hear from the album on this list. This song was funny to see his failed attempt at using hip language like "Hey girlfriend" and the classic phrase we all used in the 90's "Whoop, there it is!". I put it at 6 because "Hulkster in Heaven" was written in honor of a Make-A-Wish Kid whom Hogan had invited to sit ringside at a show in the UK. When Hulk went out to wrestle, he saw that the seat was empty. Later, he was informed that the young hulkamaniac had died before the match had begun. He donated proceeds to help his family pay the medical bills.
Here a bonus to show how bad the album was:

5. Put a little ass on it from Rikishi

A while ago Rikishi was angry that they put the Usos in a dance contest. After to listening to this I am sure he didn't want them to end up going down this road. The song came out in the 2004 WWE Originals CD, this song stood out among the others for being the worst and just strange in my opinion.

4. Wimpbust from Jerry Lawler

I don't even have to say where they got the inspiration for this song from. But around this time Lawler was feuding with Jimmy Hart around this time and both decided to make this song. This song is really bad but at the same time really good in a cheesy way.

3. Grab them Cakes from Junkyard Dog

After a suggestion from the comments I tried this song, and it was awful. I like JYD but this song is awful. Thank you Parallax for showing me this song because it need to be up here.

2 Stand back from Vince McMahon

That's right, Vince sings. I guess the real purpose of the song was for Vince to tell everyone his plan to take over the wrestling landscape. I guess no one could take it seriously. Also you have to love most of his employees playing instruments in the background.

1. Wrestlerock Rumble from AWA

Knockoff to the Superbowl Shuffle, you won't believe this song til you see it. Featuring some big stars like Mr. Perfect, Scott Hall, Iron Sheik, and even Shawn Michaels. This is really bad and couldn't stop the AWA from folding. The rapping (why does everyone want to rap anyway) is really awful and Verne Gagne reading from a paper!

Never Been a Right Time to say Goodbye from Bret Hart

Bret may be the best in there is a wrestling but he is the worst at singing. This love song just blows and I had no idea why he made it. He was in a successful relationship at the time of the song.

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  1. Parallax's Avatar
    I think you wrote the wrong title for your blog here. The correct title should be "Top 7 Best Songs from wrestlers" Except the ICP song. I don't know that one. You should replace with "Grab them cakes" by Junkyard Dog

    Just sayin'
    Updated 10-21-2011 at 11:29 AM by Parallax (unfinished)
  2. DonzelDomination's Avatar
    Hey don't diss the wrestlerock rumble!
  3. dub's Avatar
    Billy & Chuck anyone????
  4. nosellshogan's Avatar
    I know this list is listed for only 7 songs but you could honestly throw all the songs from that Hulk Hogan album up there. "The Hulkster goes to Heaven". Hulk Hogan and the wrestling boot band was a terrbile idea all around.And yes I agree with paralax.That song by jyd was just .. awwwwwwfuuuulll.
  5. nosellshogan's Avatar
    Also I'll add the rap the nation of domination did over one of the versions of their entrance theme.
  6. JoePublic's Avatar
    Hennig even takes a good bump into the pool!
  7. Kincaid's Avatar
    Did Jerry Lawler say "I'll beat off all of you wimps?"

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