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15 Wrestler's at age 40 or older that still have it

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Hey guys Knox here. Ok so I wanted to talk about the many older wrestlers that still seem to impress me in the ring from WWE & TNA. This list will include the top wrestlers that perform stellar matches at an old age. Bare with me guys, this should be fun.

Wrestlers over 40 that still have it:

15. Jerry Lawler (61)
I might get alot of heat for this one but so what. When I see him do his periodic maybe 4 times a year matches he still amazes me. I will never forget the match he had with the Miz on Raw & at the Elimination Chamber. If you think this guy can't go then something's completely wrong.

Jerry Lawler vs The Miz(C) - TLC for WWE Championship on Raw

14. Sting (52)
I've never big a big fan of Sting's work. The guy has been a botch machine his whole career and seems to never remember his assignment but his mic work is better than pretty much anyone to this day.

The fact that he goes out there to this day and gives it his all on a regular basis is enough to gain my respect. He's not as hard to watch as a guy like Flair. Hopefully Sting is retiring from in ring competition and doing the whole "day to day" operations with Dixie Carter...(where does that sound familiar?...cough..HUNTER..cough

13. Mark Henry (40)
I can tolerate him in the ring. He's not my favorite but out of the big guys, he's one of the most dangerous in a good way. His moves seem so brutal and he looks to be in great shape as far as energy ad stamina goes. He's good enough to hold the World Title so he must be doing something right in creative's eyes.

12. Bully Ray (40)
Very very much in shape. He's still doing top notch work and performing in beautiful matches like his recent feuds with Ken Anderson & AJ Styles. I've said it before and I say it again, Bully Ray has the experience, skill and mic skills to be a World Champ in WWE or TNA.

Bonus: Mick Foley (46)
I still remember that huge match he had with Ric Flair on the live Impact earlier this year. Great great match, both he and Flair looked awesome. I think Foley still has it and can be a possible name to face Taker at Mania 28. We'll see.

11. Goldust (42)
Injury is holding him back at the moment but I think we all know he still has it in the ring. He's managed to keep this weird gimmick all these years and still looks great in the ring. I have all the respect in the world for Goldust.

10. Triple H (42)
Dude still has it. After that long break he jumped right into a match with Cm Punk and looked great. He took alot of bumps and seemed to still look good doing it. I still hope he isn't returning permanently to action. He still has it but I just would rather see him in an on screen role.

9. Kane (44)
A classy guy. Definitely good to see he's remained a relevant guy in the WWE dating all the way back to 96' I believe. He's an asset and happened to be stuck with one of the greatest gimmicks. He sure as hell still has it in the ring. At times he can be sloppy but his move set and chokeslam is still looking pretty good. He should be in it for many years to come.

8. Jeff Jarrett (44)
People tend to forget just how amazing Jeff is in the ring. I think he's the one guy that the WWE & WCW booker horribly. I look back at some horrible WWE Champs like Kevin Nash and wonder just how in the hell was Jeff Jarrett not given that opportunity.

To this day, Jeff can still put on a hell of a match and we'll get to see that real soon with his upcoming feud with Jeff Hardy.

7. Booker T (46)
Still in fabulous shape. He still has a great build and very well can still wrestle his ass off. His last match was earlier in the year against Swagger and in that brief match he looked good. If given more time that could've been a classic.

Booker T vs Jack Swagger - Booker's last match

Apparently he's getting back in the ring for a quick feud against Cody Rhodes so you'll see just how much this guy still has left.

6. William Regal (43)
The most unappreciated wrestler in the history of the WWE & WCW. A guy that has delivered some of the greatest matches ever. Defended and carried titles such as the Intercontinental and European Title with pride. Delivered some of the most ruthless promos ever and is a class act and still do this day amazingly gifted in the ring.

Definitely should've had a Ric Flair like career. I wish the WWE could do something big for him for whatever he has left in his in ring career.

5. Tara aka Victoria (40)
My baby Tara has it. She's still hanging around the wrestling business doing the dirty work she's done her career. You all know how big I am on Tara so this wouldn't be a list without my favorite female performer of all time.

4. Kurt Angle (42)
I always feel some type of way when watching him perform but regardless this guy still has so many match of the year performances left in him and that's obvious. Say what you want but Angle has it. I don't know how long it will last because Angle has never been the type to exploit many breaks.

I think if he took as much career breaks as Triple H, Shawn Michaels or guys like Jericho, then he would look 10 times better than he does now but even now he looks awesome.

3. Chris Jericho (40)
He's not here at the moment but the skill is still there. I say that with absolute confidence. He was putting on class matches with guys like Evan Bourne, Randy Orton & John Morrison right before he left. When he comes back, he will be ready to give Cm Punk that major feud that we all wanna see. I don't wanna see a Punk & Steve Austin feud. Punk is more similar to Jericho is you ask me.

2. Rob Van Dam (40)
I put him at number 2 for the simple fact he's still being asked to perform in brutal matches on the regular basis like steel cage and table matches and all kinds of crap. He botches alot but he takes alot of risk. The most botch filled wrestlers are the ones that take risk which are guys like Mistico, Jeff Hardy & RVD.

A feud we never got to see was a RVD & Punk feud. If he ever comes back to the WWE for a one last stint, that's what I wanna see. RVD just might be one of the greatest of all time. He still shows that to this day, like it or not.

1. Christopher Daniels (40)
I don't think there's any debate on this one. We're talking strictly in the ring, this guy hasn't even began to lose a step. I love guys like Angle & Jericho but Daniels has it all. He should be well more feature on TNA than he is now. The dude is performing at a top level.

Names not included:

The Undertaker (46) - I think he's officially done. I know he's not really done wrestling but I don't see him being anything fun to watch anymore. Of course he'll draw big every wrestlemania for the streak but I just don't think he'll ever top anything he's done in the past. I love the guy but I think it's over.

Taker was never a proven steroid user. I think he's one of the guys that never cheated and did it the right way. He put so much on his body throughout the career so now he has the body of a normal steroid free 46 year old male.

Notice that proven juicers like Kurt Angle, William Regal & Triple H can still perform and look good doing it.

Rick Flair (62) - he just doesn't look healthy. When he wrestles I literally think he's gonna drop dead in the ring. If it wasn't for Impact being taped I wouldn't watch a Flair match.

The Big Show (39) - well, he's not 40 lol he's 39. If he was 40 he'd be on my list.

Kevin Nash (52) - Don't even make me laugh

Thanks guys for checking this blog out. Please leave some feedback. Thanks guys and be safe. Check out the track below.

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  1. steveorton's Avatar
    I agree with most of your lists but imo Jericho would be first and Kurt Anle second. Do remember the matches that Y2J had with Mysterio absolutely spectacular matches. I also hate when Lawler defeat guys on Raw yes he's a legend he can win some matches not the majority. I also think Taker should be on the list but tbh I am huge Taker mark so I am bias. Great blog bro
  2. Lowki's Avatar
    Finlay! Batista as he's still technically active in MMA atm so could easily come back to wrestling and perform at "his level". He might not be that good, but still pretty athletic for the size of him.
  3. Roc Away's Avatar
    Ricky Steamboat pops into mind too, although he doesn't wrestle, he definitely can still go
  4. Brewer 314's Avatar
    Undertaker's most recent match was epic, nice try.

    He'll be back.
  5. Chazztastic's Avatar
    I agree that Finlay should be on the list.
  6. knox's Avatar
    @SteveOrton, I definitely agree with your opinions bro. The thing is, Kurt Angle & Y2J are always involved in high profile feuds which guarantees them long, compelling matches. Guys like Christopher Daniels are rarely in high profile feuds. Daniels shows me something amazing whether its a 5 minute match or a 40 minute match. But you do make points and thanks for always taking the time to read my blogs bro, I really appreciate that. And yeah I wanted to put Taker on there lol I love the guy too, he'll give u a 5 star match but he breaks himself in half while doing it.

    @Lowki, when I was making this list I said I know I'm forgetting a huge name and damn if it wasn't Batista. Thanks for reminding me bro.

    @Roc Away, you have no idea how bad I wanted to put Steamboat on there. I don't know if he can still go but his little feud with Jericho a couple years ago was out of this world. He was still great. But I couldn't knock Jerry Lawler off for him. Lawler can wrestle anytime they ask him and give him a pretty awesome match.

    @Brewer 314, Taker just doesn't look healthy doing it. Like I said he'll give you an amazing match but is he going to have to disappear for a year after every brutal match? Guys like Triple h, even HBK, Booker T and William Regal are all still in awesome shape and could wrestle all year round if they want. Taker's days of being a weekly wrestler are simply over. Some people's body's age quicker than others. Taker is an example, and honestly the reason might be from lack of steroids.

    This is weird but Triple H, HBK, Booker T & William Regal all juiced in the prime of their careers. Maybe that muscle is keeping their bodies in better shape I hate to say. Taker has never been a proved juicer so maybe his body is the body of a normal 46 year old. Those other guys body don't act as a normal 46 year old because they juiced. I'm a huge Taker mark but his time might be done as a weekly wrestler.

    Chazztastic - thanks man, he's a guy I forgot.
  7. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Undertaker, Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels are much better in their 40s than they were in there 30s.... and these men got in wrestling at a early age, they actually peaked in their 40s as performers and on the mic and overall.
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