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TNA: An Overview (Pt. 1) *Spoiler Information Used*

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As promised in my WWE: An Overview blog, here is the TNA side of things.

I'll also repeat some of the title information, that I am using spoiler information.

I'll start with the whole Hogan thing.

I've never liked Hogan's character. He is an abysmal heel and even worse as a face. (I am biased as I never liked him in the WWF..WCW..WWE.) I do like his character a tad better in TNA. I have to give the storyline credit though. This has been one of the longer more continuous, so it is easier to follow than most WWE storylines recently. So I'll tolerate Hogan. Now that he is face, it might make for an interesting dynamic between Hogan and Bischoff.

Speaking of Bischoff, I've always liked his characters. To distinguish his character from his off screen persona are paramount. In his off screen role, he isn't all that good. He had what it took to run a company and put it into the ground in WCW. He is only running it into the ground on TNA. However, he plays the evil mastermind better than McMahon because he is what I think of when I think evil mastermind. He draws really good heat because he comes off as snivelly. Most wrestling fans hate nerds, and he acts it.

Angle is getting old and has been dealing with neck and hamstring problems lately. I am kind of surprised they let him drop the belt to James Storm, however, it will likely be a transition to a Storm v Roode fued. (Rhyming intended...he...he.) Which will probably be a good one, since they have tagged for a while now and need to get them focused on a singles run. It will be fun.

Back to Angle. Since he is starting to age, should be used in angles to get other talent over. Crimson, Matt Morgan, and even Immortal running mates like Bully Ray and Gunner.

Sting, Double J should also be used to get other stars over. Admittedly, these 3 guys can still give a good performance, but should not be getting titles at this stage in their career except in very limited circumstances. I love Sting and Jarrett, but it is time to start thinking about riding into the sunset and going back to the mid-card. (Jarrett is kinda there already although he is the AAA champion right now)

I'm gonna reserve my comments about the TNA Knockouts for a later Overview, as this new Karen Jarrett is too new to weigh in on currently. Although, I am a huge mark for Velvet Sky and am glad she got the Knockouts title.

Fortune...I think it is time for a break up. The cracks are already starting to form with Daniels and Styles feuding. And the scenario I see happening between Roode and Storm. But who knows. But the super-group thing must end soon. It is just too stale to keep it up for much longer

Same with Immortal. They are just too big to sustain this much longer. Let Bubba and Gunner see what they can do on their own without backup. See if they can keep their own heat as heels or even in a face turn. Bubba wasn't a bad singles performer in the WWE when he got the small chance to do a solo career. Gunner has come a long way as a performer himself and it would be interesting to see if he can hold the waters on his own in the ring and on a mic. Let him grow and see what he is.

The undefeated streak they are doing with Crimson is a decent, if oft used idea. It is a believable arch with him. I actually wonder if they Tatanka him and don't give him but mid-card title shots but don't use him in any major title runs during this streak. It will be a wait and see moment. I do like his character, and using Steiner to get him over was one hell of a good decision.

There is a lot more I'd like to write about this, but it is already long enough for me. Part Two on Monday or Tuesday.

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  1. monctonvike's Avatar
    Great read, love how you took a look from " whole picture" type of view. I won't say that TNA doesn't deserve all of its woes, but I will say that people are jaded and sometimes take a glass half empty approach to tna

    they step to the left step to the right doesn't matter some folks crap all over it anyways great read
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Read..n james World Championship reign is an ulti move...TNA has amazed me...I thought Roode is being pushed..n suddenly Storm got it...n both r very entertaining inside the ring or with a mic....awesome maineventers....

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