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12 guys the WWE regret letting go? 7 guys they don't?

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Hey guys Knox here. I was looking around at some of the top WWE guys the WWE let go in recent memory and wanted to blog about whom I feel was a regret and who wasn't a regret.

This is not a blog bashing TNA for all who TNA worshipers out there.

And let me clear up that this list isn't full of names that were cut by the WWE. These are a list of guys that were either cut or walked away because of bad circumstances and bad terms. For example MVP & Batista

12 guys the WWE regret letting go:

12. John Bradshaw Layfield
Huge asset in more than one way. A great heel, very over with the fans. He could serve as a great road agent, a amazing announcer and an even better Raw GM.

11. Bob "Hardcore" Holly
One of the most underrated guys in the history of this business. Today he would serve great as a road agent as well. He knows alot about this business and would be an amazing mentor to some of the young guys.

10. Chavo Guerrero
He was a guy they should've talked into staying. Definitely one of the better Mexican stars and comes from a great lineage of performers. Even if he wasn't wrestling, he needs a job in the WWE. Of Course Chavo wanted to be treated with a bit more respect which is definitely understandable.

9. Shad Gaspard
I keep saying it, but Cryme Tyme was one of the more over tag teams in a while. They in my opinon took tag team wrestling to another level because they were so unorthodox. As a black guy, I hated the fact that they booked them to look like petty black thug thieves but at least they were booked as faces while doing that.

The WWE split up the most over tag team and put them in a dumb low profiled feud and never gave them the tag team belts in the their 4 year stint. I would love to see Shad return and reunite with JTG.

8. Super Crazy
The WWE probably don't regret letting him go but he is one of the most underrated stars from Mexico. He's been deprived of a career in the big leagues ever since his WCW days. The brought him into the WWE as a very degrading, stereotypical, racist stable called the "Mexicools" in which himself, Juventude Guerrera and Psicosis. They came out of lawnmowers for crying out loud.

After that ended, Super Crazy was the only one to remain under contract and went on to be on Raw & ECW. He was just as over as some of the top guys but could not get ahead with the writers. We all know Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Tito Santana. But alot of wrestling fans aren't as familiar with a guy like Super Crazy and that bothers me.

7. Batista
This was so random when he left. I was heartbroken lol. I loved Batista. He wss one of the very few muscle freak big guys that wasn't a bland stick in the mud. Dude had amazing mic skills and was super as a heel.

Then you turn him heel and make a powerful guy like Batista look like a weak crybaby heel. How typical WWE? You jobbed him over and over to Cena but just couldn't let the most over guy for the past 5 years get a clean win on Cena. This was absolutely ridiculous. Then you take away his movie role and give it to none of than Mr. Son in Law or should I say the #1 beneficiary Triple .

Eventually Batista got fed up with his treatment and the direction and the company and jetted. Now he's pursuing movies and getting much better roles than the straight to DVD WWE films.

6. Elijah Burke
An amazing heel and TNA has come to prove that he's an amazing face. How did his WWE run not last? The dude was getting booed in the WWE louder than The Miz which is a good thing if your a heel. His promo game was sick and he was in a good position on Smackdown. The WWE has to regret letting him go. I'll take him any day over R-Truth.

5. Carlito
Very unorthodox type of talent. As a heel, he was over and proved to be a very good I.C. & U.S. Champion. I loved this guy. As a face he was getting a huge ovation from the fans, he was over.

His gimmick was awesome. I'll never forget his 2004 and 2004 feud with Shelton Benjamin. A very low profiled feud but they put on top quality matches.

Carlito had a bit of a marijuana problem. The WWE kept giving him chances, eventually they came to an agreement to cut tides. I really thought he had a bright future in the WWE.

4. MVP
We all pretty much thought he was the future. He had an Alberto Del Rio like gimmick and debut. He had the rich guy gimmick. He was booked much better as the rich, brash, cocky heel.

Once they turned him face they started bringing up his criminal record and let guys like the Miz & Jack Swagger target his criminal record through promos. As a face he was decent as well but was hard to take serious. I think the WWE still had a future WWE Champ in MVP.

Now the MVP has turned into a huge star in Japan. They have this guy on billboards and magazines all over Japan. He's a huge star. He's one of the few guys to leave the WWE and find success. They cut tides on very good terms so hopefully we'll see him back one day.

3. Brian Kendrick
I ranked him pretty high in the list. He fits the direction of what the WWE needs which is more cruiserweights with mic skills. He was pretty over in the WWE with the fans when he switched to the "The Brian Kendrick" gimmick. Had a great feud with Jeff Hardy and was on a bit of a role then he got the trade to Raw and got buried after that.

I happened to be at his last Raw appearance which was in DC in 2009. They had him jawing of to Jerry Lawler. Anyway, one thing TNA showed us is the versatility he has when he's given a mic. He took the mic and cut genius promos in TNA. Then was giving a chance to have a prominent spot on television and proved to be an amazing face.

2. Chris Jericho
One of my favorites. I know this is a temporary thing but Jericho please save us. I love Jericho as many know he's my favorite of all time (i pretty much say it every blog lol). But Jericho has an ego the size of Jupiter. He talks about the WWE as if it isn't important and he can comeback whenever he wants and jump back into his spot.

Right now, his name is relevant. But he better stop acting like he's a saint to wrestling. If he waits too long his name will quickly lose value in terms of WWE. I love the guy so hopefully we'll see him back.

1. Bobby Lashley
I think Lashley was insane. One of the most talented ever. He was a bit green and a bit bland on the mic but he was much more believable as guys like Mason Ryan. He was easily a fair replacement for Brock Lesnar and many people thought he was as well.

Something took place behind the scenes and apparently the WWE had dirt on Lashley and Lashley had dirt on the WWE. They parted way on the terms "if you don't tell, I won't tell".

7 guys the WWE don't regret letting go:

7. Jeff Hardy
I like Jeff but he was a damn embarrassment. He disrespected the WWE title. Came back in 2007 and jumped ahead of a lot of guys and became WWE champ in a short amount of time. After that he went back to his old ways. Seeing as how he's behaved in TNA, the WWE didn't lose much.

6. Matt Hardy
Same as above except accept no WWE Title was involved.

5. The Great Khali
Very lovable guy. But maybe the most green guy in WWE history. He was hogging television time from alot of guys. I pray he finds success with the fame he's gotten from the WWE. He loves to act so hopefully he'll succeed in that and apparently the WWE will still utilize him in movies.

4. Kurt Angle
This guy's ego is what destroyed him. He left the WWE for a reason but his lies is what hurt him as well. He lied and said when he left the WWE he was the highest paid performer which was a lie because that was Triple H & The Undertaker. Also Vince wouldn't put his highest paid talent on ECW.

He went to TNA to change things but honestly I still say he didn't accomplish much. TNA is the same it was before.

3. Vince Russo
He was a cancer. The WWE would be much more worst than it is if he was around.

2. Eric Bischoff
Just another guy that feeds off his ego. I hate to say it but he's the one guy I always wanted to fight. I think everyone growing up wanted to kick Bischoff's ass.

1. Hulk Hogan
You know the old saying "Don't bite the hand that feeds you". Vince created Hulk Hogan. That was his creation. Hogan proved to be nothing but a backstabbing egomaniac. He left Vince millions of times for bigger and not better things.

He thinks he can truly function without McMahon lol and its funny. Hogan went to WCW and found success only because it was the same situation in the WWE but this time as a villian. They made him the most over guy and he still was unsuccessful.

Eventually had to come crawling back to Vince. Then he felt he could actually try and help run a company so he took his talents to TNA. He's run that company into the ground and I feel the only thing keeping it alive is experts like Jeff Jarrett. Vince has to be laughing his ass off when he looks at Hogan.

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  1. DonzelDomination's Avatar
    spot on... haha
    I liked Shad much more than Jtg
    Kendricks release surprised the hell outta me
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Angle and Jeff I'd have to disagree on. Jeff is improving he looks clean but 1 more mistake and TNA might fire him like Matt. Angle has helped put on great matches in TNA. He put Wolfe over when he came to TNA and made him look like a great heel. WWE needs more main event talents and they would have Angle in the title picture if he was still there.
  3. WWE For Life's Avatar
    batista should be higher up jericho shudnt count becuz hes coming back. angle sure as hell is missed at the wwe big ego or not and anderson should be part of the missed list. kenderick should be kicked off he was a nobody. seem as though your menstioning tag teams wat about deuce and domino they could have been great and number one missed should be edge. apart from that good blog
  4. B-ri's Avatar
    "experts like Jeff Jarrett" Haha, sorry made me laugh after you had a pop at Bischoff and Hogan for being over on their own ego, otherwise, good blog but I wouldn't say Lashley deserved to be number 1. He was good but he wasn't totally over and didn't have the same impact as Lesnar. Plus he was too similar to Goldberg without all the support. Look, was put in a fued with Umaga, spear, spear, spear. He was put in a feud with Big Show, spear, spear, spear. It was WAY too repetitive.
  5. knox's Avatar
    Thanks guys for the comments. Yeah I might have missed out on Ken Anderson, he's a great talent and still very much popular. I tried to not state the obvious on this list lol thats kind of where Super Crazy came from. I like the WWE to have a good amount of cultures on their roster.

    I think if we're talking wrestlers from Mexico, a roster isn't a roster without Super Crazy. Dude was amazing and especially for his heavier size.

    But yeah I didn't include Edge because he wasn't let go by the company. If he wasn't permanently injured he would still be performing so the WWE & Edge aren't at fault for this. And yeah Kendrick is just awesome to me, I'm like a huge cruiserweight guy so anytime I see one doing exceptionally well, I just got to give them props. And yeah lol Y2J doesn't count, but I was thinking he'd be back right now, its almost been 2 years.
  6. AJ1981's Avatar
    I was wondering what your definition of letting go was? Traditionally letting go is releasing someone from they're contract and most of the guys in your list walked away on their own terms - Batista was burned out and had enough, JBL was suffering from a serious back injury that ended his in-ring career and already had a part time job with an investment bank and wished to pursue that as a career, Jericho wanted to do Fozzy for a bit, MVP felt underutilised and now has a thriving career in Japan. All of these guys decided they wanted to do something else with their lives. The only one they released was Bobby Lashley who had been injured for several months and had created heat with management as he had complained about his payoff from Wrestlemania (He felt he should have earned more for his role in the Battle of the Billionaires) and was vocal about his then fiance's (now his wife Krystal) firing for refusing to work an angle with Edge in which they were to have been revealed as lovers
  7. knox's Avatar
    Your right AJ1981, I forgot to clarify that this list wasn't just guys that got cut. MVP is a great example, he left because of the direction of the company and he said it started to feel like a job. So I'm saying its almost as if WWE let him go because they didn't resolve his demands. Thanks for the comment and thanks for clearing that up. I know exactly what you mean so I just added a paragraph in the beginning to clarify that. Thanks.
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