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Mr. McMahon

Freshening John Cena's gimmick without turning heel.

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People have said that turning Cena heel will freshen his gimmick, however here I will list how they can freshen him up and make him stay face and win the crowd over.

First he will have to change his gimmick up a little. Someone is getting a beatdown in the ring and people are chanting for Cena to come to the rescue, however he doesn't. He says that he should mind his own business and that's its no more about hustle, loyalty and respect, its about 'minding your business'. He says that he still loves the fans, but he is minding his own business.

He gets rid of the wristbands and shoulderbands. He switches from shorts to full length jeans (blue). And when is cutting a promo he wears his shirt and hat.

No more colorful shirts with crappy slogans. He uses the c that's used in copyright in his name Cena, so like this ©ena. That will be his new merchandising and part of gimmick, the copyright symbol. Where after he is done with his opponent's he leaves his copyright. So his shirt on the front should say ©ena, and on the back 'Mind Your Business'. Same with the hat. They could do a lot with ©ena when it comes to merchandising, tons of ideas out there instead of the same old 'hustle, loyalty, respect' crap. It makes Cena more Edgy.


His entrance music needs to be changed to fit the new gimmick, he should use the song 'bad bad man' from his album, which should be edited for his arena entrance and fitted for a pyro. Yes Cena should get a pyro or fireworks, I think that would be nice. He modifies his entrance, instead of saluting the crowd he just 'hulks up' and then instead of sliding in the ring he walks in through the ropes kinda like Stone Cold. When he is in the ring, he does a taunt and fireworks/pyro goes off, either then or during his entrance on ramp. His entrance movie should be the music video of 'bad bad man' mixed with clips of him wrestling in the ring and doing badass things like the FU on batista through the car and Edge through the tables.

He still keeps his moveset but adds more to it: A german suplex, boxing type punches, kitchen sink, body splash from top rope, spinebuster and double powerbomb. He changes his finisher's name from attitude adjustment to 'copyright slam'. He pumps his shoes before doing the 5 knuckle stuffle.

His promos should be more like old school cena promos, but no rapping. He would only rap very rarely. But add more intensity to the promos and cut out the lame cena jokes. This is a more serious character, more like a badass movie character who is a good guy but minds his own business. Let him use slang to make him look cool again, not overdo it but use it moderately. If Cena wants something then he makes it his business, such as wanting a title shot. Instead of referring to his fans as 'Cenation', he now refers them as '©ena ©rew', it just sounds more cooler. During promos he can get a new catchphrase... I dont know maybe something to do with Copyright like 'I will leave my copyright trademark on you' or something like that.

Title Belt:
When he wins the WWE title again, he comes out and says that just like him, the title needs a change. He debuts a new WWE Championship belt. It looks very similar to the winged eagle belt, expect its a mix of gold and diamonds and in the middle it has a huge © symbol which reads 'WWE ©hampion'. There is no name plate on it, just to give it a classic feel. It does not spin either.

Possible Stable:
He can later on create a stable called ©rew or something which will be a face stable minding their business. If Cryme Time were still in WWE then they would be perfect for the stable. But other than that maybe he could have some other badass gimmick type guys in his stable... maybe face ©hristian and ©M Punk...

Keep him face, change everything else about him. He is no longer appealing only to kids, he is more badass and does badass things that will make others like him. Also since he isn't superman, he should have a fair share of wins and losses. It will be sort of a 15% mix of Old John Cena, 15% mix of Super Cena, 15% mix of Rapper John Cena and 55% mix of something new. He can still be a hero to kids since he will be face and won't be doing any bad things like rapping (very little) or using chains.

Imagine a situation where heel Mark Henry is feuding with Cena. He finds out Cena is hiding in his locker room which happens to be room #96. He goes in there, steals his food and eats it. Later on we find out Cena actually switched the number on the door from 96 to 69 and Henry was in the wrong room and gets his ass kicked by the guys in that locker room (lets imagine some big stable) and to make it better the food henry ate had something special inside it. Henry walks out limping to the ring and.... well you think of what happens next

that would be kinda like what Cena would be like, badass.

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  1. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    Catchphrase: That WWE Title will belong to John Cena this Sunday...NOW COPYRIGHT THAT!!

    I'm gonna whoop your ass.. NOW COPYRIGHT THAT!!

    He could also refer to himself in the third person.

    Interesting Fact: His cousin is rapper "Tha Trademarc" incorporate him into the gimmick somewhat.
  2. JoePublic's Avatar
    Here's my 2 cents.

    Cena doesn't necessarily need to change very much to 'improve'. The psychology for his current reaction is simple, it comes down to his own psychology and selling. People of a younger age may not engage with the potential realism of wrestling as much as the older members of the audience. and that is why he is cheered by them and not by some others.

    All Cena has to do is work on his selling, make it more realistic as this is where sympathy is generated for any face.If he added to this a snugger offense, an STF that looks like it is doing something and Attitude Adjustment where he is still in contact on impact then you have some pieces towards changing enough.

    I like the ideas you suggest for the tweaks in his appearance and think that would work very well in giving him a slightly more serious edge.

    I admire one thing about Cena's in ring work and that is that he has generated a style that should keep him safe for a fair amount of time, that is very sensible whatever people think of it.
  3. Bagg's Avatar
    Cenas going to be the exact same guy for the next 5-10 years, similar to how Triple H has been the exact same guy for the last 12 years. If they do get "adventurous" and ever do get the balls to change him, i think he'll eventually gravitate back to SuperCena without the Jorts. He cant act well enough to pull anything off, he would eventually just start spitting out lame jokes like he does now. IMHO, the only way to possibley do it, NO talking.....HEEL manager for him...(whatever a manager is anymore) more jorts.....ROCK MUSIC entrance theme.....anything else, were just back to SuperCena in months if not weeks.
  4. Bagg's Avatar
    Interesting Blog BTW, i like it, i just dont get the copyright thing with C's in the name.
    And the mark henry thing would just make children love him again, if they ever had stopped in the first place.
  5. blink's Avatar
    I thought it was crap.
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    Nice Blog!! He shud do it in teh Eddie's way...lie cheat n steal...n for some reason I think he can do it gr8ly...i don think so that he can act intensely...when ever he keeps his face intensely he luks very artificial...
    so try him as a cheating FACE!!!

    n use him to put over mid card heels to main event....
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