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WWE: An Overview

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The last month has been a very interesting month. TNA has run a decent storyline, and has run clean endings to a PPV (For once.) The WWE is actually making people guess. So here we go.


I like the Laurinaitis spin the WWE has. Yes, saw it coming. I just doubt though, that anyone could have gotten more heat than him at this time. His delivery is monotone. He lacks any sort of Charisma. He is just boring. That is perfect to get the crowd incensed and riotous.

The divas division has actually kept a storyline past 1 month. Holy crap. When did that happen. I like the saviors of the Divas Division angle with Natalya and Beth Phoenix. Both Divas are talented in the ring. Not sure why Eve has a title shot instead of Kelly Kelly, but I much rather have a good match with Eve and Beth instead of a botchfest that would come of K2 v Phoenix.

The tag division. What happened to it? I mean, wasn't there supposed to be a new focus on that. We still have AirBoom, but um, there really isn't a story here. This needs a lot of work.

I am loving the stuff coming out of the mid-card. Dolph and Swagger have garnered extra heat thanks to Vickie Guerrero. Dolph's mic skills have been ok. Swagger needed the help in the mic dept. Vickie helps there. I've always love the manager concept, and Vickie could quickly become a top 5 all time manager if the WWE keeps up with this concept for her.

The main events have been pretty good. Not great, but watchable at least. I do not like the Triple H and CM Punk as "buddies" idea. This seems forced. Will it make for an entertaining PPV at Vengeance. Yes, but they better have a swerve here to bring it back to the CM Punk Voice of the Voiceless gimmick. I loved that part, and it seems almost scrapped unfortunately.

I don't get to watch Smackdown much since my life happens on Friday. So I may get to catch it on YouTube a week later, but I do have a general assumption of what I enjoy of the bleedover on RAW.

Mark Henry has been a pretty good heel Champion. The Big Show thing looks interesting and makes for a more believable match.

Make Christian a face again. I enjoyed the whiny temper tantrum gimmick when he was with E&C and after they broke into the singles division. It doesn't work now that he is in his mid thirties. I also think he needs to have a longer run with the WHC or WWE championship. The other runs were a joke.

Cody Rhodes. Easily the most interesting thing going on Smackdown. If the WWE keeps this up, than there is nowhere to go but to the top. Using Randy Orton to get him over is the best decision the WWE has made in a while. I hope this feud lasts a while. Also the IC Classic is also a fantastic idea.

I was gonna do a TNA Overview on this, but I'll save it for later.

Keep your comments civil as these are my opinions. I'm not stating anything here for fact. I will respect your opinions if you respect mine.

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  1. Slickman69's Avatar
    "Vickie could quickly become a top 5 all time manager...", steady there lol.
  2. WWE For Life's Avatar
    agree with everything you said cody is gonna be great in the future i would like to see di biasie get a push hes not getting treated right
  3. Amerinaine's Avatar
    @ Slickman: "Vickie COULD quickly become a top 5 all time manager." I chose my wording wisely.
  4. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice read Wrt the divas Beth should have one in her hometown. When the Divas of Doom storyline began I was excited now it has gotten boring with no direction. Don't get me wrong I am glad Beth has the championship but they waited to late to put the title on her making DOD loose much of their credibility. They are the Sisters of Salvation they need to be dominant imo.

    Tag team division need storylines. If Cody can keep this up All Rhodes lead to victory. I also hate the fact SD is on a Friday move it please
  5. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    I hate John Laurinaitis' voice, he sounds like a chick.. and your right he's monotonous and boring.. he's also a a-hole who laugh's at his own jokes.. which is EXACTLY why I hate him.

    No Comment on Diva's Division.

    The tag stuff needs to get going, they might as well bring The Uso's over to RAW, have Dolph drop the US Title to Ryder and package Ziggler and Swagger as a Tag Team, plus bring 2 more from developmental.

    I'd like to see Rhodes drop the IC Title, and Orton regain the World Title, before Orton put's him over.. to make it look credible. Maybe during this feud.. somehow? Maybe turn Christian face and have him beat Rhodes for the IC Title.. and have Orton beat Mark Henry is some fit of rage on Smackdown.

    RAW Main Event Scene = Pointless. I thought they were going somewhere with this walkout.

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